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Here's how Star Wars Battlefront looks on Xbox One | VideoGamer

18d ago - Early impressions point to a 720p resolution and underwhelming image quality amid an otherwise go... | Xbox One

SUPERBEAT: Xonic – First Impression | Gaming Precision

18d ago - Staff writer/game reviewer Kenesu Hojisan gives his first impressions of SUPERBEAT: XONiC | PS Vita

Win the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset!!

Now - Join us on FIlmwatch to find out how you could win the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset on Blu-ray. | Promoted post

Song of Horror alpha demo hands-on impressions - The Gaming Ground

18d ago - Last night, I played Protocol Games survival horror game "Song of Horror" for over two hours. So... | PC

Exclusive Hands-On Impressions Of Quantum Break's Time-Warping Gunplay | Gameinformer

18d ago - Gameinformer: During our trip to Finland to see Quantum Break, Remedy handed us the controlle... | Xbox One

The Grandfather (PC) Preview | Cubed3

18d ago - Cubed: Indiegogo campaign The Grandfather is definitely trying to get by on its unique method of... | PC

PAX AUS 2015 – Paladins Hands-On Preview | Resident Entertainment

18d ago - "Paladins is a class-based multiplayer fantasy first person shooter that sees two teams of champi... | PC

Wargaming Takes On Master Of Orion

18d ago - Wargaming acquired the rights to Total Annihilation and Master of Orion from Atari in an auction | PC

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Preview | Rice Digital

19d ago - "I had the opportunity to play through a demo of Arslan: The Warriors of Legends at London MCM re... | PS3

Hands-On Preview: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival – A Wild Party I DualShockers

19d ago - Nintendo is taking its beloved Animal Crossing series to a whole new style of gameplay with the u... | Wii U

Survival, Death, and More Death in The Flame in the Flood - Cliqist

19d ago - Zack Keosaian writes: "The Flame in the Flood begins with Aesop the dog bringing Scout a bag that... | PC

G4@Syfygames: Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Import Preview

19d ago - An import preview of Nintendo's latest SRPG, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, for the Nintendo 3DS. | 3DS

PAX AUS 2015 – Total War: Warhammer Hands-On Impressions | Resident Entertainment

19d ago - "We were lucky enough to sit down and spend some time with the game at PAX Australia 2015 and cam... | PC

Lazygamer at BlizzCon 2015: hands on with Overwatch’s D.Va, Genji, and Mei

19d ago - Last year at this time, Blizzard unveiled their brand new IP – Overwatch. Since then, the game’s... | PC

hey Only Come Out at Night – Noct Preview | CriticalIndieGamer

20d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) What’s most surprising about Noct is just how foreboding an atmosphere it ca... | PC

Hands-On Impressions With Tekken 7 Arcade - AOTF

20d ago - It’s been several months since Tekken 7 came out in Japanese arcades. With a console version pres... | Arcade

Dungeon Defenders 2 GamersFTW Preview

20d ago - Dungeon Defenders 2, the sequel to the sleeper-hit indie game, Dungeon Defenders, has recently ar... | PS4

GamesBeat: World of Warcraft: Legion’s Demon Hunter class — the complete starting experience

20d ago - At BlizzCon this weekend, GamesBeat arranged a special chance to play through the entire starting... | PC

Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods preview - The Gaming Ground

20d ago - I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) haven´t played all that many Metal shmups over the years. So when... | PC

Twenty Hours With Fallout 4 | Kotaku

20d ago - Kotaku: "I’m 20 hours into Fallout 4, and I still don’t know whether I like it. That’s a testa... | PC

MOBA Monday: Hands-On at BlizzCon - MMOGames

21d ago - Blizzard announced a host of new things for Heroes of the Storm at BlizzCon 2015 and MOBA Monday... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Early Impressions: Fallout 4 | Backlog Adventures

21d ago - Remember Fallout 3 and New Vegas? The buggy, yet expansive, quirky, and dark Bethesda game from y... | PC

Performance Analysis: Fallout 4

21d ago - DF: Four years on from its predecessor, Bethesda emerges from the vault with the hugely anticip... | PC

Fallout 4 First Impressions | VGC Preview

21d ago - VGChartz's Brandon Wysocki: "The only question that remains for me is if it can finish as strong... | Xbox One

BlizzCon 2015: Hands-on with the League of Explorers in Hearthstone | Lazygamer

21d ago - LG: I’ve had a pretty steady love/hate relationship with Hearthstone ever since its beta days. O... | PC

BlizzCon 2015: Hands-on with StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Co-op Missions | Lazygamer

21d ago - LG: On November the 10th, StarCraft II fans worldwide will finally get their hands on the last p... | PC
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