Is this the Final Cover Art for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PS4?

1h ago | Rumor | Sony Computer Entertainment Europa just released a batch of screenshots and artwork of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end, and it included a rather interesting detail. One of the pieces of artwork’s file...

Rumor: Thief Coming To PlayStation Plus Next Month?

1d ago | Rumor | GearNuke writes: We still haven’t heard about the games that are coming to PlayStation Plus in Fe...

Xbox One 2014 Sales Overview - 7.68M Units Sold, 39.64M Games Sold

1d ago | Rumor | VGChartz Writes: "Let’s take a look at the hardware sales of the Xbox One. Microsoft’s 8th genera...

Microsoft Possibly Developing Next Gen Tech For Xbox, Calls It 'Magical, Delightful'

5h ago | Rumor | We've heard about Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, one of the creators for Kinect, and the new project he's working on. However Microsoft might be working on some new tech for the Xbox One.

The Resistance Franchise May Soon Make Its Return On The PS4

2d ago | Rumor | Sony May Be Bringing The Back The Resistance Franchise to the PS4 after developer Insomniac Games...

Samsung Developing New Version of Gear VR for Galaxy S6

8h ago | Rumor | VRFocus - Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) has...

UK Weekly Charts, 10th January 2015

22h ago | Rumor | UK Hardware by platform: XOne 17,567 (-35%) 1,495,898 PS4 14,219 (-55%) 1,858,246 3DS 6,5...

USA Weekly Charts, 10th January 2015

1d 2h ago | Rumor | USA Hardware by platform: XOne 51,889 (-53%) 6,307,129 PS4 50,380 (-54%) 6,889,636 3DS 29...

Guerrilla Games Could Have More than One Game in Development

2d ago | Rumor | Many have been wondering about Guerrilla Games’ mysterious new PS4 game, which is rumored to be a...

Sources: Joystiq Is Shutting Down

1d 19h ago | Rumor | In a rather bizarre turn of events, popular gaming blog Joystiq has today reported on rumours of its own impending shutdown by parent company, AOL.

Ubisoft kills third party Far Cry 4 copies

3d ago | Rumor | MWEB GameZone writes: "Ubisoft might have just killed third party copies of Far Cry 4 , as the di...

PlayStation 4 2014 Sales Overview - 13.65M Units Sold, 73.28M Games Sold

2d ago | Rumor | VGChartz Writes: "Let’s first take a look at th...

No Call of Duty World at War 2 This Year, Insider Hints at Black Ops 3

5d ago | Rumor | OnlySP: There’s been an image going around that...

Rumor: Mass Effect 4 Should be at E3 2015, Planned to Release in 2016

2d ago | Rumor | OnlySP: We know that a new Mass Effect is in de...

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain To Have Zombies?

4d ago | Rumor | Zombies or just status ids for NPCs?

Final Fantasy XV to Feature Health Regen

4d ago | Rumor | TheArabGame writes: "It seems Final Fantasy XV is going to become more casual than we think....

Will Wii U Games be Streamed to the New Nintendo 3DS in the Future?

3d ago | Rumor | This story is from NovusPerfectus. (Thanks)

Is Sony Bringing Starr Mazer to PS4?

4d ago | Rumor | Hardcore Gamer: Even though the highly-lauded Kickstarter for Star Mazer launched just days...

Ubisoft reportedly removing Uplay keys bought from unauthorised retailers

4d ago | Rumor | Have Ubisoft begun taking action against the 'g...

Xbox Italy presents a Batman-themed Xbox One Controller

6d ago | Rumor | Xbox Italy shows a custom versions of an Xbox O...

Mortal Kombat X: Mileena and Shang Tsung Leaked in Advertisement?

5d ago | Rumor | Junkie Monkeys: A recent advertisement for Mort...
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