First Person Mode in Foot and Car Coming to GTA 5

7h ago | Rumor | GC - "Rockstar Games had recently posted that a first person mod would be coming to GTA 5 but they quickly removed the post."

New Horizon PS4 Story Details Revealed, Third Artwork Leaked

4d ago | Rumor | GC - "We have some new story details from someone who was in the focus group for the game."

Horizon is Guerrilla's new PS4 game

5d ago | Rumor | The code name is horizon, which is a new PS4 title from Guerrilla. These information has been rev...

USA Hardware and Software weekly ending September 13th

2d ago | Rumor | PS4 tops the hardware and destiny PS4 tops software followed by xone. PS4 162,354 XOne 105,437 3DS 21,686 X360 17,821 WiiU 14,897 PS3 12,502 Wii 2,294 PSV 2,011

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales – August 2014 Update

5d ago | Rumor | "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U shows how quickly the PS4 ha...

More Final Fantasy XV demo info leaked: location, characters and length

3d ago | Rumor | New info on the location, characters and length may have been leaked for the Final Fantasy XV dem...

Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite

4d ago | Rumor | Several prominent gaming journalists across America are part of a secret mailing list on which th...

Grand Theft Auto V online heists possibly coming September 23rd

3d ago | Rumor | According to YouTuber DomisLive, the current Gr...

Global Sales Week Ending 9/6/2014 Xbox One Global Rollout Week

4d ago | Rumor | Gen 8 Hardware Totals PS4 133,462.....LTD 10,...

Sony Possibly Testing New PS4 Firmware Features

5d ago | Rumor | It's amazing how job offers on the official PlayStation listing gives us a fair idea on what...

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 30th August 2014

5d ago | Rumor | Hardware: PS4 - 155,247 (+10%) 3DS - 99,578 (0%) XOne - 82,629 (+56%) PS3 - 51,5...

Possible MGSV Release Date 2015?

4d ago | Rumor | Later today, Kojima has teased the fans of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. What we see her...

Resident Evil No Longer Known as ‘Biohazard’ in Japan?

4d ago | Rumor | During Sony’s TGS conference tonight in Tokyo,...

Signs point towards DLC for new Super Smash Bros.

6d ago | Rumor | ROM reports and job postings by Bandai Namco suggest much more content coming for Super Smas...

Japanese Download Card Suggests 1GB Of Smash Bros. 3DS DLC

5d ago | Rumor | Super Smash Bros. 3DS DLC could very well be on...
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