Will GTA V For PC Be ‘Cancelled’?

10h ago | Rumor | Take this one with a massive pinch of salt, but there are rumours the PC version of GTAV has been canned.

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 16th August 2014

20h ago | Rumor | Hardware: PS4 145,972 (+6%) 3DS 125,420 (+12%) WiiU 64,260 (+12%) XOne 48,259 (-4%)...

Rumor - Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U leaks came from within NoA

3d ago | Rumor | The person linked to today's Smash 4 leaks has been found by Nintendo according to rumors.

Beyond Two Souls PS4 version is Real

19h ago | Rumor | SegmentNext - "The popular PS3 title Beyond Two Souls is going to join The Last of Us and Journey on PlayStation 4."

Lizard Squad may not be the ones responsible for PSN DDoS attack

4d ago | Rumor | GameZone: "When it was reported earlier today that Sony's PlayStation Network was down due to a D...

Is GTA V Delayed to 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

1d 16h ago | Rumor | As gamers get concerned over Rockstar's silence about the game's release, fresh new rumblings out...

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Possible Leak on 4chan

2d ago | Rumor | "Back in July we posted some details that were sent to our YouTube channel, while we were creatin...

Apparently There Are Dragons In Destiny...And We All Missed It

6d ago | Rumor | Apparently there are dragons in Destiny thanks to the latest launch trailer and we all missed it....

Rockstar's PS3 Exclusive Agent's Cancellation Reported by GameFly

5d ago | Rumor | After the confirmation in 2010 that Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive Agent was still in development, not...

GTA Online Heists Thermite Bomb Leaked

19h ago | Rumor | Many have speculated that the GTA Online Heist DLC is coming soon and youtube user DomIsLive...

Valve Explains Why Its Latest Steam Controller Has an Analog Stick

4d ago | Rumor | Steam Controller testers are having trouble mak...

Pre-Load Destiny on Xbox One, Reads Store Game Description

1d 16h ago | Rumor | MP1st - According to the console’s online store, Xbox One users may be able to pre-purchase and p...

Silent Hills to be a Project Morpheus exclusive?

3d ago | Rumor | Rumours and theories are starting to swirl around gamers excited for the Kojima/Del Toro mash-up...

Zombie DLC coming to GTA V?

5d ago | Rumor | The Official PlayStation Magazine just released a preview of next weeks edition featuring a...

Sony Files Mysterious “Sangeki no Sanso” Trademark in Japan

2d ago | Rumor | Sony Computer Entertainment filed for a rather...

GTA V DLC Rumor: Zombies In Los Santos?

3d ago | Rumor | Is Rockstar going the Red Dead route for some GTA V DLC?

PS4-PSVita Bundle already available in stores?

2d ago | Rumor | Apparently the famous bundle PS4-called PSVita Player Ultimate Edition, never officially ann...

Bungie's Destiny to Feature Raid on The Moon

2d ago | Rumor | Bungie has talked a lot about the content in Destiny but it's the Raid content that has most...

Are TurboGrafx-16 Games Coming to North America’s Wii U eShop?

5d ago | Rumor | New clues emerge that show that Turbografx-16 g...

Solid Snake might just be coming back to Smash Bros

6d ago | Rumor | There's a few familiar Smash Brothers character...
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