Windows 10 Mock-Up Shows How Xbox One's Interface Could Look in 2015

7h ago | Rumor | Today Microsoft announced Windows 10, creating just another running joke in the industry by skipping Windows 9 altogether. Besides the gaming implications of the new operating system, which are cur...

Does Shadow of Mordor Run at 720p/30fps on Xbox One?

2d ago | Rumor | One thing that's been concerning is the fact that Warner Bros. and Monolith have been a mum on th...

Xbox One sales push past PS4 in UK after FIFA 15 and price cut sales spike

1d 13h ago | Rumor | Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One edged past PS4 this week as the machine enjoyed a massive sales spi...

Players May be able To Switch Party Members in Final Fantasy XV

5h ago | Rumor | Final Fantasy XV received plenty of coverage recently when it took the center stage at this year’s TGS with its road trip trailer. The game was missing for more than a year without any proper foota...

Destiny’s content has drastically changed within the last year

1d 8h ago | Rumor | Apparently, a considerable amount of content has been altered or cut from Destiny over the course...

Destiny DLC Content on Disc? New Strikes and Raids revealed due to Glitch

2d ago | Rumor | GC - "Destiny’s future content has been leaked due to a glitch a player encountered and some of t...

VGChartz: Global Weekly, 13th September 2014

5d ago | Rumor | Hardware: PS4 - 472,885 (+255%) XOne - 171,486 (+37%) 3DS - 102,275 (+17%) PS3 - 58,212...

Wii U version of Watch Dogs heads to Japan on December 4

10h ago | Rumor | NE: "Ubisoft announced earlier this month that...

GTA 5 leaked Xbox Marketplace coding points to possible new DLC

4d ago | Rumor | Leaked Xbox Marketplace coding has been discove...

Rumor: Steam GTA V achievement Opened

1d 13h ago | Rumor | Steam PC endless rumors news continues full speed. In recent weeks

Germany Weekly Chart 13th september

6d ago | Rumor | PS4 28,126 (+281%) 658,926 3DS 5,234 (-5%) 2,048,134 PS3 3,248 (+38%) 4,344,892 XOne 3,127 (+1...

The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition may be coming soon

5d ago | Rumor | Based on a listing, The Last of Us: Game of the...

Rumor: Benchmarks And Specs Leak For GeForce GTX 980M

2d ago | Rumor | "Take these with a pinch of salt but the first...

Report: why the Xbox One was delayed in China

6d ago | Rumor | The China release of the Xbox One was weirdly delayed by a week at the last second. What giv...

Fatal Frame 5 – Official Stream Hints a Localisation for the West

4d ago | Rumor | Nico Nico is doing a live-stream of Fatal Frame...

Driveclub - Upgrading Price from the PS Plus edition Reduced in the UK

6d ago | Rumor | It seems that PlayStation has reduced the price...

Sources: NHL 15 team lost developers

4d ago | Rumor | When EA Sports announced that its NHL franchise was going to wait an extra year to make it’s...

Constructor HD coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC in November, says retailer

6d ago | Rumor | A next-gen remake of classic 1998 RTS/construct...

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti / GTX Titan X ‘GM200′ Specs Allegedly Leaked

5d ago | Rumor | Specifications of the Big Daddy Maxwell aka GM2...
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