PlayStation Vita Sales Top 12 Million Worldwide

17h ago | Rumor | VGChartz's William D'Angelo: "The PlayStation Vita reached the milestone for the week ending June 20. The console sold 36,289 units to bring its worldwide lifetime sales to 12,026,336 units. There...

Halo's Zombies Mode Might Be Coming to Xbox One Master Chief Collection

1d ago | Rumor | The next new game mode for Xbox One's Halo: The Master Chief Collection could be "Infection." In...

Xbox One Sales Top 13 Million Units Worldwide

4d ago | Rumor | VGChartz writes: "Microsoft's eighth generation home console, the Xbox One, has surpassed the 13...

Rumor: Daredevil Video Game According to Marvel

12h ago | Rumor | An anonymous tip may have hinted at an upcoming Daredevil video game. After fans spent many a sleepless night playing the flawless Batman: Arkham Knight game, they are excited to hear that they can...

Major Halo 5 Announcements Coming to Gamescom?

4d ago | Rumor | Eric Wrona a Halo Champion, Pro Player and one of the participants in the just concluded Halo tou...

Rumor: New Smash Bros. stage leaked

5d ago | Rumor | A new Smash Bros. stage appears to have been leaked ahead of an official reveal.

Batman: Arkham Knight Sells 2.1M Units First Week - Sales

4d ago | Rumor | "The latest Batman game - Batman: Arkham Knight - had a strong first week, selling 2.09 million u...

Mafia 3 Could Be Set in the Late Sixties?

6d ago | Rumor | Analysing silhouettes and cars of the latest Mafia 3 official image, can we set the game in the l...

Mario Kart 8 Sales Top 5 Million Units Worldwide, Over 50% Attach Rate

4d ago | Rumor | VGChartz's William D'Angelo: "Nintendo's flagship series, Mario Kart, has continued its success o...
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