Japan getting a Frozen-themed PS4 next week

3h ago | News | Sony has announced a new limited edition PlayStation 4 console for Japan.

Xbox One sales pick up after Kinect-free option launch

7h ago | News | Xbox One sales have apparently picked up following the launch of the Kinect-free version in June.

PlayStation May Get an Early Access-Style Program in the Future, Sony Says

2h ago | News | In an interview with Gamasutra, Sony Computer Entertainment America vice president Adam Boyes stated that the company is looking into allowing developers to release in-progress versions of their ga...

Ninja Theory Tease The Reveal of Their Newest Project - Heavenly Sword 2?

19h ago | News | AMHNetwork has spotted a sneaky tweet from Heavenly Sword & DmC developer Ninja Theory and theori...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Suggests the Future of Xbox Could Be Mobile

13h ago | News | Microsoft's CEO responds to concerns he might spin off the company's games division, doubling dow...

Microsoft CEO readies big shakeup, drops devices and services focus

14h ago | News | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a broad email to all employees today outlining the company’s amb...

New Mega Evolutions Revealed for Pokémon Remakes

7h ago | News | Max Level: To be featured in the new pokémon remakes right alongside Primal Reversions, are Mega...

Minecraft Xbox One & PS4: Player Limit Announced and Fans Aren't Happy

14h ago | News | There will be no increase in the number of play...

PS4's Easy Architecture Allowed Drifter To Be Ported In A Matter of Days

7h ago | News | Prior to the PlayStation 4 launch, there were t...

Watch Dogs sales reach 8 million

13h ago | News | Watch Dogs has sold in over 8 million units, Ubisoft has announced. The numbers represent un...

DICE Announces “Battlefest,” A Month-Long Battlefield 4 Festival

17h ago | News | Developer DICE has announced Battlefest, a mont...

FIFA 15 ESRB Rating Reveals Modes and Features

12h ago | News | FIFA 15 is still a couple months away, with the release date pegged for September 23rd, but...

Bungie details inventory and planet layout for upcoming shooter ‘Destiny’

14h ago | News | Destiny Character, Cinematic and Technical Art...

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella commits to Xbox

16h ago | News | Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has committed to Xbox and pledged to grow the gaming brand's fa...

What happens when you plug in 13 Sonic & Knuckles cartridges?

20h ago | News | "Why must we play God? Brandon Sheffield, Ga...
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