Yoshida: It's not about individual Vita games any more

1h ago | News | The full quote Yoshida gave Eurogamer is "There are lots of new Vita games, you can go and find little gems and there are lots of exciting games, but it's not about individual Vita games any more....

Destiny PS4 Installation Size Revealed

19h ago | News | One wonders how this will vary from Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sizes.

Sony Reveals Why it Wanted to Announce PS4 Before Xbox One

15h ago | News | Sony's Andrew House has revealed why the company decided to announce the PlayStation 4 before Microsoft could do the same for the Xbox One, and also admitted the decision not to show the box wasn't...

No, Microsoft Didn't Reverse Course On Xbox One Dev Kits

10h ago | News | No, Microsoft didn't pull another 180, despite...

Far Cry 4 - World Size Detailed, Possible Hardcore Survival Mode and More

6h ago | News | OnlySP: An all important question was answered...

Half-Life 3 Kickstarter Launched. Cancelled.

13h ago | News | Greg Micek writes: "Wednesdays are usually the day of the week that we see biggest Kickstart...

Gearbox 'scared' by Borderlands 3

19h ago | News | The idea of Borderlands 3 'scares' Gearbox president Randy Pitchford, who believes that the game would have to be "so crazy and so big" that he's n...

Bayonetta 2 director wants to partner with Nintendo again

9h ago | News | Platinum Games' Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto has spoken positively about the studio's pa...

Call of Cthulhu PS4 teased in spooky new art work

14h ago | News | PSU writes: "The developer behind the new Call of Cthulhu title has unveiled a new asset...

Play as Sigourney Weaver in the Alien: Isolation DLC

14h ago | News | GameSpace: "As it has been announced today, the...

Xbox One Achievement App’s Hidden Feature: “Snap And Play”

17h ago | News | The Xbox One has received a new app for trackin...

No Man's Sky To Have "More Traditional Multiplayer" After All

16h ago | News | Hello Games confirmed to be working on a plan f...
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