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Microsoft Confirms that Quantum Break Footage Shown in Previews was all Captured on Xbox One

4h ago | News | Aaron Greenberg "I can confirm the stunning @QuantumBreak footage you are seeing from previews like this was captured on #XboxOne "

Second ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One Update Brings Split-Screen, Beer

3h ago | News | Studio Wildcard has just released its second Xbox One update for the online dinosaur experience,...

Cliff Bleszinski declined Kojima request to help on Silent Hills, "I woulda ****** up SH"

22h ago | News | P.T. was a first person survival horror game based upon the Silent Hill series. It was directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, but as we all know, it didn't work out and due to a falling o...

New update available on Feb 13th for Preview Members

6h ago | News | You might have noticed a update on your Xbox One console. Well if you’re a preview member an upda...

DOOM - Duration of the campaign

14h ago | News | Everyone finally knows how long the campaign of the upcoming DOOM will be.

Here’s How To Access HITMAN’s Beta On PS4 Without Paying Anything

23h ago | News | GS: "Many of you want to take part in this closed beta, but you can’t as the beta requires a key...

Customize Your Xbox Elite Controller

15h ago | News | Microsoft’s Elite Controller set out to be the best available, with so many option to change on i...

Dark Horse Announces The Witcher Items

14h ago | News | Dark Horse has announced a new line of items based on The Witcher at Toy Fair. The figures will b...

For Honor Will Target the “Core Gamers”, Ubisoft Says

22h ago | News | For Honor Will Target the “Core Gamers”, Ubisoft Says

‘GTA V’ Adds New Online Couples Mode In Time For This Holiday Weekend

14h ago | News | After releasing this year’s Valentine’s Day upd...

Hitman Dev Hopes Many Games Will Follow Similar Approach

23h ago | News | Studio head Hans Seifert believes the game shou...

Grand Theft Auto V’s Brand New Til Death Do Us Part Mode Unveiled

15h ago | News | CRAVE: "Grand Theft Auto V has received a bran...

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round DLC: Valentine's Day Set

19h ago | News | Available for PS4, Xbox One and Steam. This...
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