GH Exclusive Interview With Thunder Lotus' Will Dubé on Jotun

1h ago | Interview | Travis Shuman of Gamer Headlines interviews Will Dubé on his Kick starter hit Jotun.

PC is decimating console, just through price, says Romero

16h ago | Interview | Doom creator talks free-to-play, VR and more as his old Apple II is added to The Strong museum.

Assassin's Creed exclusive: Inside Unity's setting, parkour, size, co-op & more

9h ago | Interview | Sipping delicious wine, $50, touring monstrous cathedrals, $20, slurping hot French Soup, $8, a brand-new assassin and seeing the Eiffel Tower, priceless.

Video Games: The Movie – The Jeremy Snead Interview

20h ago | Interview | "A few days ago I published my review for the new film Video Games: The Movie, put together by do...

The Creativity Behind Armillo, Interview with Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

17h ago | Interview | Nintendo Enthusiast has had a lot of content dropping on their site lately covering Armillo inclu...

LittleBigPlanet 3 Interview: Sackboy Is Back But This Time He Is Not Alone

17h ago | Interview | Senior Producer Daimion Pinnock on how LittleBigPlanet 3 will innovate the series but at the same...

The mind behind Ar nosurge

22h ago | Interview | Digitally Downloaded interviews the producer of Ar nosurge... who calls out all the critics and gamers who attack the "Ar" series for being "perver...

The Men Behind the Beards: A Talk With Acid Wizard Studio | IRB GAMER

21h ago | Interview | IRB Gamer: "As any other game enthusiast, I occasionally browse the games on Greenlight and look...
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