Earthlight Interview

6d ago - 123KINECT interview with Opaque Multimedia's Norman Wang, Project Lead and Art Director, along wi... | PC

Team EnVy’s NBK on their Gfinity win and NiP Magic

6d ago - EnVyUs snatched another CS:GO title from Ninjas in Pyjamas this weekend at London’s new Gfinity A... | PC

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Crowfall Interview - MMORPG + Strategy | Worlds Factory

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Retro VGS Interview with Mike Kennedy -

6d ago - Mom's Minute welcomed Mike Kennedy to talk about the new Retro VGS game system on her latest podc... | Tech

"Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes" EP Discusses Adding Falcon & Loki, Balancing Good Vs. Evil

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Phil Robb, Co-Founder Turtle Rock Studios: Front Towards Gamer Radio 263

6d ago - Shanghai Six sits down with Phil Robb, the co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead, Evolve... | PC

Adam Orth Talked About ADR1FT, annoying breathing, oxygen & team

6d ago - Today, in this exclusive interview Adam told us where he was inspired, why he chose woman as prot... | PC

'We treat our community the way we'd want to be treated' – War For The Overworld Interview

6d ago - Playfire: 'Without Kickstarter, we wouldn't have started. Without Early Access, we wouldn't have... | PC

Can the man who made Bloodborne actually finish his own game?

6d ago - Official PlayStation Magazine: Not to spoil the (semi) surprise, but we’re a mite fond of Hideta... | PS4

Sci-Fi? Back To The Future? Danganronpa Writer’s Ideas For Danganronpa 3

6d ago - Siliconera sat down with Danganronpa series writer Kodaka Kazutaka to talk about the future of Sp... | PS3

“I’m sick of doing the scripted moments” – Cliff Bleszinski

6d ago - Cliff Bleszinski took two years out of game development. Now, just before his new studio BossKey... | Industry

Q&A: Young Horses Inc discuss Octodad: Dadliest Catch for Xbox One

6d ago - caught up with Philip Tibitoski of Young Horses Inc. to discuss Octodad for Xb... | PC

White Night Interview: And Then The (1930’s Drenched) Darkness

6d ago - They just don’t make them like White Night any more. If you’ve seen any trailer for OSome Studio’... | PC

Life Is Strange Developers Dontnod Entertainment | AUTOMATON Interview

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Halo: Reach Dev Talks Developer Bonuses, Legislation And Creative Censorship

7d ago - One Angry Gamer "Christian Allen has been making his name a bit more pronounced lately after divi... | PC

Interview with Handsome Jack

7d ago - There's nothing like getting inside the head of a psychopath. Today, we have an interview with Ha... | PS4

GamerU: Game Promotion With Tips And Tricks Videos.

7d ago - In a recent interview, the video game industry website 80 Level had a chance to talk with the CEO... | Culture

Interview With Tanguy Dewavrin of Atom Republic on Atom Universe

7d ago - With PlayStation Home closing in just over a week, Atom Republic are hard at work bringing their... | PC

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Community Developer Spotlight #1 Miles Tost - Level Designer

7d ago - Witcher 3 Forum Admin Kinley: "Hello everyone. So the dev spotlight is finally here! "Took you lo... | PC

Indie Talk: Poppermost Productions

7d ago - Alexander Bergendahl - CEO/Game Director at Poppermost Productions speaks with the Post it gamer... | PC

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The Inside Story of The Last of Us, Direct from Naughty Dog

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Playtonic: 'We know what Rare is working on. We may even collaborate'

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Mirrors twist the world in Retsnom, Steam Greenlight’s weirdest addition- Haogamers

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A 10-year-old designs Gunman Taco Truck with help from legendary gaming parents (interview)

7d ago - Brenda and John Romero are helping their son Donovan publish his first video game. | iPhone

Pixel Dynamo: Because lasers: Gratuitous Space Battles 2

7d ago - GSB and GSB II are real-time strategy games that you don’t play in real-time. That is to say, all... | PC