Dev of the Day : Robin Arnott
  At a Glance: Robin Arnott & SoundSelf

Robin Arnott is an audio designer and interactive artist best know for "that creepy gas mask game", Deep Sea and "that chanting game," SoundSelf. H...


"We're going to build the greatest Star Wars game ever created"

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Solarix Dev Talks Inspirations, VR Horror and More

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Ilya Muromets Flight Sim Preview

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Study Game Design at DeVry

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Interview: Skara: The Blade Remains Co-Creator César Ortega — paulsemel

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Sigourney Weaver on Role in Alien: Isolation, “Faithful to the First Film”, New Trailer Released

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Gaijin on bringing War Thunder to Nvidia Shield

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Achievement Hunter: The making of a YouTube legend

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – How New Heroines And Dating Scenes Were Made

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Forza Horizon 2: 5 Reasons We Need It Right Now

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Interview: Cliff Bleszinski on Project BlueStreak, PC gaming, FPS design, moddability

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Koobismo Interview: Game Connoisseur

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Exclusive Interview: Shadowgate Design Director Karl Roelofs

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No Man’s Sky: A Vast Game Crafted by Algorithms

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Learn All About The Oceanhorn Game of the Year Edition

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Purge talks Dota’s revolutionary n00b stream

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A Discussion With Tyto Online's Lindsey Tropf

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First Look at ‘Halo: Nightfall’ Series Hero

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H1Z1 Dev Details Dynamic Environments, Weather

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The Witcher 3 Interview: Sexuality in the Franchise, Developing for PlayStation & More

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Interview: Trion Worlds CEO On The Move To Free - 'There Are So Many Lousy F2P Games Out There'

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Writing A Visual Novel: Interview With Lucky Dog’s Tennenouji

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Wheel emotion: Redefining racing with Driveclub

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nDreams talk VR and The Assembly

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The Crew Interview: Developing the Biggest Open World Racer Ever

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