Developer Rachel Byrk Commits Suicide After Months of Cyber Bullying

6h ago | News | On April 23 prominent game developer Rachel Byrk committed suicide following months of cyber-bullying telling her to jump from a bridge. Byrk, suffered constant abuse for being transgendered from t...

It's Official: Silent Hills Is Cancelled

20h ago | News | Sorry, folks—the recently-announced (and much-anticipated) Silent Hills is not happening. Says Ko...

Batman: Arkham Knight “dual play” mode detailed

19h ago | News | Showcased in the recently released “All Who Follow” trailer, Warner Bros. Interactive have detail...

Spencer talks about Too Human on Xbox One and JRPGs

8h ago | News | Microsoft head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter again to discuss the latest happens at Micros...

Trade In Your Last Gen Console, Get $175 Towards an Xbox One

12h ago | News | Major Nelson tweeted about a nice trade-in deal...

Vita memory cards, hand grips and power charger discounted

9h ago | News | New Vita accessory deals include the 64GB Memor...
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