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  SteamWorld Dig: “From a man in the mines”

By Herobyclicking I felt naked without a duster, hat and cigarello as the title screen flashed and the theme music haunted my ears. SteamWorld D...


For Your Amusement: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

1h ago - Colm Ahern: "Recently, the video gaming public were up in arms over Kim Kardashian’s entry into t... | iPhone

Let’s Play The Red Solstice Alpha

1h ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "We were graciously given access to The Red Solstice Alpha on Steam, so... | PC

Touching Final Fantasy X cover on the violin takes you “To Zanarkand”

1h ago - Rocketnews24: If you love classical music, and you love Australia, then the name Ayako Ishikawa,... | PS2

The Crew opening 30 minutes

2h ago - A video which looks at the opening moments of Ubisoft's impressive open world driving game, The c... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Sunset Overdrive: It's your apocalypse, be who you want to be

2h ago - Live out your end-of-times fantasies and be who YOU want to be. You're the hero after all, right?... | Xbox One

Japanese Singer GACKT Takes On The Soviet Union In Super Dodgeball

3h ago - Japanese rock star GACKT and Nestlé (yes, the food and beverage company) have released another "... | Wii

See How Halo 2: Anniversary's Cinematics for Xbox One Stack Up Against The Original-Video Comparison

3h ago - The original Halo 2 released on the Xbox and PC on November 9th, 2004. Obviously with any 10 year... | Xbox

Assassin’s Creed Unity Presents: Rob Zombie’s French Revolution

3h ago - Hardcore Gamer: An odd new collaboration has just come to exist with Asassin's Creed Unity teamin... | PC

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor Comic Con Trailer Reveals Wraith Companion As Crafter Of One Ring

4h ago - Everything we know about Celebrimbor, the crafter of the rings of power. | PC

Great Games to Greenlight - Drive To Hell

5h ago - Ghost Crab Games' "Drive To Hell" lets you kill the monsters who destroy your favorite bar. It is... | PC

Let's watch Japanese singer GACKT play video games: More Super Dodgeball

6h ago - Continuing their strange collaboration, Japanese singer GACKT and Nestlé have released another "G... | Wii

The Crew Map Size - LA to New York in real time video

7h ago - A video which shows off The Crew map size in real time by driving from west coast LA to New York... | PC

Lovely Planet: The First 30 Minutes

8h ago - First-person shooting and Katamari Damacy? What have you done QUICKTEQUILA and tinyBuild Games!?... | PC

Amazing Assassin’s Creed Unity Obstacle Course & Leap of Faith Rig at SDCC 2014

11h ago - Twinfinite: If you're at SDCC, you're in for a treat as Ubisoft has set up an obstacle course and... | Culture

Stunt School: Sleeping Dogs

11h ago - The best tricks you can pull off in Square-Enix' open world adventure game. | PC

Geordie Space Program - Episode One

12h ago - There are many Let’s Play videos of Kerbal Space Program out there, in which great players build... | PC

Final Fantasy Explorers Receives New Boss Battle Music Preview

12h ago - A new Final Fantasy Explorers soundtrack preview has been made available today. | 3DS

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson New Gameplay Video Showcases Murasame

12h ago - A new gameplay video is now available for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, showcasing the playable... | 3DS

Watch Us Kill Hitler Repeatedly In Sniper Elite 3

12h ago - Game Informer: Sniper Elite III is a disappointing game, but my work isn't over just because I've... | PC

New Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Videos - Raven, Flynn & Rita

12h ago - AbyssalChronicles: "New character videos for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia are up. These videos... | 3DS

Follow N4G on Twitter

Now - Follow N4G on twitter and get the hottest news of the day as well as early contest announcements. | Promoted post

Fondling - Destiny Beta

12h ago - Moon wizard-less. Ken, Drew, and Justin check out Bungie’s latest. Our Fondling video series... | PS4

Video recreates FIFA in real life

12h ago - "Employee of EA Sports shows us the 'future' of the series." | PC

Crimes & Punishments gets a gameplay trailer

13h ago - Focus Interactive have just released a 23 minute long trailer focussing on the gameplay within Cr... | PC

Bayonetta 2 - Chapter 2 Gameplay - Comic Con 2014

14h ago - IGN - We take a trip through a brand-new level in Platinum's insane action sequel. | Wii U

Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax Receives New Marie Screenshots, Character Video

15h ago - Some new screenshots and a character video are now available for Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, showca... | Xbox 360
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