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Homefront: The Revolution Beta Impressions - When Does "It's Just A Beta" No Longer Apply?

5h ago | Videocast | Short Pause: "My friend Frankie and I spent some time with the Homefront: The Revolution Beta this weekend on the Xbox One and, while I've always been big fan of the original Homefront, both Franki...

The Division: The Deepest Dive Into The Dark Zone Yet

13h ago | Videocast | IGN: Ubisoft Massive takes us into the furthes...

Hitman 2016 Beta Action Gameplay - How Well Does it Hold Up?

13h ago | Videocast | The Hitman Beta guides players onto a righteous...

Exclusive Quantum Break Gameplay

1d 9h ago | Videocast | Xbox On "We've managed to get our gaming mitts on the upcoming time-bending action-epic Quantum Break."

Watch: Overwatch has changed. What can we learn?

20h ago | Videocast | EG: In this week's Eurogamer show, I sit down with Chris to hear about how one Overwatch's heroe...

ADG Plays Dying Light: The Following "For The First Time"

2d ago | Videocast | Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows from EGMNow & AntDaGamer plays Dying Light: The Following Expansion "Fo...

10 minutes inside Layers of Fear on PS4

1d 9h ago | Videocast | "Playing Layers of Fear at a preview event was a first for me. It was the first time I've outrigh...

Street Fighter V Sexy Gameplay Remains Even With Less Boob Jiggle

2d ago | Videocast | Capcom’s Street Fighter V is poised for release on PS4 and PC next week and maintains that it’s s...

Treyarch Pays Tribute To Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch On His Retirement

1d 12h ago | Videocast | Slight changes on the Combine map honor the retired running back.

The Witness Speedrun Record Includes 56 Minute Break For Food

1d 11h ago | Videocast | GR: A 100 per cent world record dash through Jonathan Blow’s The Witness has been recorded by sp...

Do You Even Want a Dreamcast 2?

2d ago | Videocast | This week, the Twinfinite Video crew discuss how great or terrible another Dreamcast would be.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Brings the Furious Anime Fireworks

1d 13h ago | Videocast | OX: Please enjoy this gameplay from Naruto Shi...

ADG Plays Nitroplus BlasterZ: Heroines Infinite Duel "For The First Time"

5d ago | Videocast | Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows plays Nitroplus Blast...

Bandai Namco Issues Thank You for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

4d ago | Videocast | In the video, the people who worked on the localization give their thanks to fans for allowing th...

Hitman 2016 Beta PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough

2d ago | Videocast | Hitman 2016 has a lot of potential. IO must know this, too, as they've released a beta to pr...

Dark Souls III: 8 Minutes of Gameplay

3d ago | Videocast | Here a gameplay video features a new Skill called War Cry allowing the player to buff the damage...

This Quantum Break Easter Egg completely explains Alan Wake. (Kinda)

3d ago | Videocast | Quantum Break may well have one of the most obv...

Watch This Poor Soul Get Terrorized in Dying Light: The Following

3d ago | Videocast | It’s a new week and another game has released!...

See the first 10 minutes of Final Fantasy IX on mobile

3d ago | Videocast | Because we probably only have moments before Sq...

Game Trailers Closes Down After 13 Years, What They Meant to Me

5d ago | Videocast | A sudden tweet by Game Trailers confirms, the s...

Homefront: The Revolution BETA Gameplay | Xbox One | 1080p Footage

6d ago | Videocast | Josh from SR enters the closed beta for Homefro...
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Hit and Run | World's Hardest Achievements

12h ago | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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