Sony Releases PS4 Black Friday Commercial, Boasts “Best Place to Play”

1h ago | Trailer | Black Friday is coming, and Sony Computer Entertainment released a new ad for the PS4, showing off the game line-up and the $299.99 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection bundle.

The Fan Halo Remake That Looks Fun, But Probably Won't Get Made

18h ago | Trailer | It looks charming as all hell and I’d love to see this kicked much further down the road, but it’...

Transformers: Devastation Gets an Accolades Trailer

5h ago | Trailer | EB: Activision wants gamers to know that Transformers: Devastation is a pretty good game, so a new accolades trailer has been released to show how much praise the game received from the media.

Stealth Title République Gets New Trailer

1d 15h ago | Trailer | NIS America has released a new EU trailer for the upcoming stealth game République, which is set...

Bloodborne “The Old Hunters” Launch Trailer Released

1d 15h ago | Trailer | EB: Bloodborne The Old Hunters is now available...

Destiny The Taken King Legendary Edition Holiday Trailer Released

1d 12h ago | Trailer | Activision have released a Destiny The Taken Ki...

Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets a New Survival Trailer

1d 17h ago | Trailer | Xenoblade Chronicles X is just a few weeks away now and is surely to be in the "RPG of the year"...

Van Halen Shreds Rock Band 4 Tomorrow With New Song Pack

2d ago | Trailer | Rock Band 4 is Runnin’ With The Devil in new Va...

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade ‘Squall Leonhart’ battle trailer

6d ago | Trailer | The next in Square Enix’s series of Dissidia Fi...

Mordheim: City Of The Damned Launches Today, Gets Dark New Trailer

6d ago | Trailer | Mordheim: City of the Damned launches on Steam...

New BlazBlue CentralFiction video shows "Nine" in action

6d ago | Trailer | Keith: Several days after Famitsu confirmed tha...
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