Watch Final Fantasy XV Uncut Gameplay In Glorious 1080p HD

10h ago | Video | You've probably seen the TGS 2014 livestream of Final Fantasy XV. Now let's watch the gameplay demonstration in glorious 1080p HD.

9 Minutes of Stunning Planetside 2 PS4 Gameplay

25m ago | Video | The developer team in a recent update revealed that the PS4 version will have a lot of new features like a fourth full 64sqkm continent, an advanced achievement system called Directives, player-dri...

TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Footage Arrives (Full 8 mins)

23h ago | Video | GC - "Square Enix has shown some Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage and it shows what you can expe...

Watch John Carmack Speak at Oculus Connect 2014

5h ago | Video | GC -"Who doesn’t love John Carmack and his speeches. He has spoken at Oculus Connect 2014 and say...

Silent Hills: Guillermo del Toro's Thoughts on Hideo Kojima

16h ago | Video | What does the director have to say about Hideo Kojima's directorial ambitions and P.T.?

The Order 1886: And Bloodborne Shirt Images From PAX Prime 2014

7h ago | Image | Those lucky enough to play the games at Sony's...

First footage from United Front Games’ Triad Wars

18h ago | Video | United Front Games has posted the first footage from Triad Wars, their upcoming PC online th...

‘Super Smash Bros.’ 3DS XL Unboxing

13h ago | Video | Analog Addiction's Nintendo Editor Robbie Key unboxes the red Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL syste...

Gamerscore Whores Podcast EP24: Destiny is So Boring!

14h ago | Videocast | In this week's video podcast the Gamerscore Who...

Check out 4 minutes of footage for the Rouge-like class in Bloodborne

16h ago | Video | Today IGN has uploaded a 4 minute video showing...

TGS trailer for Earth Defense Force 2 Portable V2

13h ago | Trailer | A new Tokyo Game Show trailer for Earth Defense Force 2 Portable V2 has been released by D3...

Ask Riley Ep 2: Who Could Beat Up Your Daddy?

15h ago | Video | In the second episode of this series a gamer dad asks his 5 year old daughter a question on...

Game Nights with Denkiphile: Five Nights at Freddy's

13h ago | Video | Kevin from Denkiphile: "Whoever thought this wo...

Popzara Podcast E2.03 One More Level Games Interview for Warlocks

17h ago | Podcast | Indie game guru Cory Galliher goes live with de...

New Persona 4: Dancing All Night Trailer Will Increase Your Heart Rate

19h ago | Trailer | A trailer was released that showcases the main...
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