Star Ocean 5 for PS4/PS3 Gets Absolutely Beautiful Direct Feed Screenshots and Detailed Information

1h ago | Screenshot | Square Enix finally released the first large batch of direct feed screenshots of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, showcasing characters, environment and combat, also revealing a large dea...

Star Wars Battlefront (3) Exclusive Gameplay Breakdown & Narration

7h ago | Video | This video spoils the contents of the Star Wars Battlefront 3 trailer, and includes details from...

New Free Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui PS3/Vita themes released

2h ago | Image | Kaga Create have released new custom Higurashi...

Resident Evil 4 HD Project - New Comparison Screenshots Show the Dedication of This Modding Team

3h ago | Screenshot | Chris and Albert – the amazing duo behind Resident Evil 4 HD Project – have released some new comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded versions of RE4.

The Order 1886 Photo Mode Proves It´s Worth Your Time Again

5h ago | Screenshot | Pick of 29 screenshots taken using new photo-mode shows amazing details and body destruction.

15 Images - Rise of Mana Brings Classic RPG Series to Vita

12h ago | Image | New screenshots and artwork for Square Enix's next Vita RPG (also appearing on mobile devices), d...

Lovely x Cation Goes to Vita in May, New Trailer

4h ago | Trailer | Lovely x Cation 1&2 will soon be ported to PlayStation Vita in Japan. 5pb. Mages has release...

What We Want From the Uncharted Trilogy Remaster

16h ago | Videocast | The Beyond crew discusses the rumored collection, whether it'll come with a Uncharted 4 beta, and...

Casual iOS Playthrough Power Rangers Dash

6h ago | Videocast | Next up on Casual iOS Playthrough your host, Killatia, plays Power Ranger Dash, a recently r...

Video: Skullgirls - Beowulf story gameplay

12h ago | Video | The guys of GamingBoulevard got their hands on the new DLC character Beowulf for the Skullgirls g...

Here’s the Highlights from the Mortal Kombat X Celebrity Launch Tournament

16h ago | Video | To celebrate the launch of Mortal Kombat X, the teams over at Microsoft and NetherRealm hosted a...

Mortal Kombat X: Rain Mod Gameplay - IGN Plays

11h ago | Videocast | IGN - Destin and Ben check out Rain, one of the modded characters that have been made playab...

Toukiden Kiwami Gameplay - One of Omega Force's Best Games

16h ago | Videocast | Toukiden Kiwami releases on PS4, PS Vita and pr...

Joystickin’ With Jorge: Westerado: Double Barreled

14h ago | Videocast | DualShockers' Jorge Jimenez looks for vengeance...

New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Screenshots Shows The Game's Medieval Beauty

15h ago | Screenshot | With a pre-alpha teaser late last year we got i...

Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4

16h ago | Videocast | IGN: "Our Unlocked crew breaks down the pros and cons of each new music game. "
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