Scanning Amiibo In Pokémon Rumble U Summons Help Into Battle

3m ago - Scanning amiibo for games they're not intended for produces some rather interesting results, as o... | Wii U

CraigheadPro And David Ryatta Discuss Sonic: Boom Cutscene Madness!

23m ago - A discussion podcast around the crazy model jumping and black screens found in Sonic Boom's cutsc... | Wii U

eGamer Podcast 106: Assassin’s Greed Impunity

1h ago - Recorded 18 November 2014, this is episode 106 of the eGamer podcast. Topics discussed this week... | PC

Pressurecast Fifty-Three: Xbox One Sales Quickly Catching Up To PS4

1h ago - With the recent $50 price drop, the Xbox One is on the rise. What does that mean for each company... | Industry

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Batman: Arkham Knight ‘Ace Chemicals Infiltration’ gameplay video

1h ago - Warner Bros. has released the first in a series of three ‘Ace Chemicals Infiltration’ gameplay vi... | PC

Fall asleep to a sea life documentary filmed in Grand Theft Auto V

1h ago - Destructoid writes:"I didn't spend a lot of time underwater in Grand Theft Auto V. There are a lo... | PC

Jill, Chris And Wesker Say Hi In New Resident Evil HD Screens

1h ago - Capcom have shared a few more screenshots of the upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster that’s being... | PC

Adorable Kitten loves her Super Smash Bros.for Wii U

2h ago - Mappy, a 5-week-old kitten, went from playing real life Frogger in a busy intersection, to helpin... | Wii U

Square Enix Releases Brand-New Videos From Paris Games Week

2h ago - Paris Games Week, the second largest gaming convention in Europe after Gamescom in Cologne, Germa... | PS4

N4G Radio 11/24/2014

3h ago - Sexy raptors. This week is all about the massive game releases and game awards. Hosts: Ken M... | PC

Narcosis Dev Shares Fresh Look

3h ago - VRFocus - It’s been a long time since the development team behind upcoming virtual reality (VR) c... | PC

Top 10 Free-To-Play Online Shooting Games 2014

4h ago - With a flurry of free-to-play MMOFPS and MMOTPS games released on a monthly basis, it can sometim... | Industry

Kingdom Under Fire II Video Shows PS4 Controls In Action

6h ago - Hardcore Gamer: RTS series Kingdom Under Fire is set to release its newest game, Kingdom Under Fi... | PC

New Crystal Rift Screenshot Revealed

6h ago - VRFocus - Indie developers Jon Hibbins and Nick Pittom are currently busy pushing to raise funds... | PC

Grand Theft Auto IV - Robocop ED-209 Invades Rockstar's Open World Title

8h ago - DSOGaming writes: "JulioNIB is undoubtedly a really talented modder. This guy has offered us a lo... | PC

Lara Croft Rise of Tomb Raider Amazing Cosplay Gallery

9h ago - Enjoy the cosplay based on the Lara Croft Rise of Tomb Raider game. The cosplay was captured in t... | Culture

Exclusive Destiny Video First Look – Bungie Introduces The Dark Below

9h ago - Gameinformer: Last week brought us a glimpse of the intro cinematic for The Dark Below, Bungie... | Xbox 360

Battlefield Hardline Offscreen Footage

9h ago - A look at the mutliplayer of Battlefield Hardline via offscreen video. | PC

Titanic: Honor and Glory Trailers and Screenshots Show the Titanic Rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4 & More

10h ago - Titanic: Honor and Glory‘s release is still quite far away in the future, but we can catch a glim... | PC

Should You Upgrade to the New 3DS?

11h ago - Peter explores what's new and improved with the New 3DS, and explains why it may be worth the upg... | 3DS

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We played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because we haven't had a good cry in a while

11h ago - Destructoid started playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth because it's a good-ass game. Max has a... | PS4

Is It Time To Buy An Xbox One?

11h ago - The Xbox One has undoubtedly had a rocky start in life, with most commentators agreeing that the... | Xbox One

Urgent Frequency Ep. 101 – Urgent Fury Gets Naughty

14h ago - Urgent Fury announces URGENT FURY: RIOT, and Commander Fury sits down with Naughty Dog Community... | PS4

New Concept Art of Killzone Shadow Fall Is Impressive; Close to Final Product

16h ago - New concept art of Killzone Shadow Fall showing Helghast side of Vekta. | PS4

See How Every Final Smash Stacks Up Against Seven Opponents In Super Smash Bros. Wii U

18h ago - YouTube channel Master0fHyrule has put together a showcase of every Super Smash Bros. character's... | Wii U
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