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Should Sony Stop Developing Portable Game Consoles?

2h ago | Opinion piece | After the poor sales performance of the Playstation Vita , should Sony just skip handhelds all together? There's no doubt that the Playstation Portable was a stellar handheld system with some real...

The Division Beta Files Include Brooklyn Folder, Might Be Starting Area

1h ago | News | WCCFt: Ever since the game’s reveal, we have known that The Division, the soon to be released thi...

PlayStation 5 will let developers build 'far more dynamic, interactive worlds'

5h ago | News | The next generation of consoles will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and "believable" worlds than the PS4 and Xbox One currently allow for, according to Criterion's former te...

Firewatch Review - IGN

3h ago | Review | Firewatch is among the best of the so-called "walking simulators" thanks to impeccable writing, gorgeous art direction, and stellar voice acting.

Intel are hitting back at gamers who overclock their CPUs

7h ago | Article | Intel are hitting back at gamers and enthusiasts that have overclocked non K line CPUs. However,...

Could Dead Rising 4 Be Revealed This Year?

4h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a laun...

It looks like Street Fighter V whitewashed Sean

4h ago | News | Though we likely won't know for sure until the full game is released on February 16th, right now...

Are FPS Campaigns a Huge Waste of Money?

4h ago | Opinion piece | Is the industry trending away from single player campaigns in competitive FPS games? Cliffy...

[NSFW] Mithos56 is Creating Meridiana’s Magical Investigations

5h ago | News | Mithos56, a small indie developer, is creating...

Sony further extends PS4’s console sales lead over the 2015 holidays

22h ago | Opinion piece | "The last time we checked in on the sales battle between the big name video game consoles, Micros...

Red Dead Redemption is begging for a HD remake

9h ago | Opinion piece | George Foster from GamersFTW writes: "With a recent Xbox dashboard glitch, there came the reveal...

Please Stop Teasing Me With Crash, Sony

9h ago | Opinion piece | Steph from GamersFTW writes: "For those of us who still cling unyieldingly to the hopes of a...

Firewatch review - a small game with a big story | The Guardian

8h ago | Review | Set amid the wilderness of Yellowstone National...

What Next For Rockstar Games?

20h ago | Opinion piece | Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'The continued success of Grand Theft Auto V gives Rockstar the...

Rise of the Tomb Raider - DirectX 12 Option Appears On The Game's Launcher

12h ago | News | It appears that Nixxes is currently working on...

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 ‘Helena’ character trailer

10h ago | Trailer | The latest in Koei Tecmo’s series of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 character trailers introduces He...

Homefront: The Revolution BETA Gameplay | Xbox One | 1080p Footage

11h ago | Videocast | Josh from SR enters the closed beta for Homefro...
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