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PlayStation Now Open Beta goes live, all 123 games listed

55m ago | News | PlayStation Now's open Beta has begun, here's the full list of available titles.

Incredible Things People Have Done With The Last Of Us' Photo Mode

2h ago | Screenshot | NowGamer: "The Last of Us Remastered's photo mode has allowed players to create some wonderful im...

The Xbox One will cost $600 in China and the internet explodes

2h ago | Article | Chinese gamers aren’t impressed by that price at all. A reader poll conducted on Netease Games found that of the nearly 10,000 respondents, only 2.4% could accept the device being priced so high. A...

Dev Defends Against Claims That PS4 Is More of An Indie Console Now

3h ago | News | "Given the lack of AAA games and the abundance of indie games on the PlayStation 4, certain playe...

Sony has already managed to cut the costs of PS4 hardware production

8h ago | News | Sony has already managed to reduce the manufacturing costs associated with PS4 hardware, the comp...

Microsoft interested in using eye-tracking VR headset for Xbox One

2h ago | News | VRFocus - Last week FOVE, a head-mounted eye-tracking display, was linked to Microsoft as the tec...

Xbox LIVE down again, social and gaming services 'limited'

4h ago | News | GameZone: "For the second time this month, Xbox LIVE is experiencing problems. This time, it isn'...

PlayStation App Updated

6h ago | News | Regular users of the Official PlayStation App will be happy to know that it has received a brand new update on both iOS and Android. Although the u...

Why EA Access is a step forward for console gaming

6h ago | Opinion piece | Console Monster writes: "The likes of Netflix,...

Sony Was Right To Turn Down EA's Video Game Subscription Plan

21h ago | Opinion piece | Soon, Xbox One gamers will be able to pay $5 a month for a Netflix -like subscription to EA games...

Sony Declines EA Access Program and Misses Big Opportunity

13h ago | Opinion piece | SheAttack: Sony says "No" to EA Access program. Xbox One benefits! Erica of SheAttack discusses w...

First F1 2014 screenshots revealed

10h ago | News | has acquired the first screenshots of F1 2014, offering the first glimpse at...

MY APOLOGIES Naughty Dog It’s Not You It’s Me

18h ago | Opinion piece | SchollA from CCU writes: I feel the need to retract from a article that was done by myself...

New PS4 Model CUH-1100A Certified in Japan; More Information Published

21h ago | News | A while ago the certification of a new PS4 mode...

20 games that will convince you to buy a PS Vita

17h ago | Opinion piece | PSGamer: The PlayStation Vita has had a hard time since it released back in 2012. Sony’s “li...

Sony still working to bring subscription option to PS Now

23h ago | News | The PlayStation Now open beta begins tomorrow f...

PlayStation Now Open Beta – Our Journey Begins

20h ago | News | Jack Buser // Senior Director, PlayStation Now writes: With a strong and stable broadband...

Madden NFL 15 Ratings: Cornerbacks

21h ago | News | GoodGameBro writes, "EA SPORTS continues their Madden NFL 15 ratings reveal by announcing th...

Xbox Games For Gold (August 2014)

20h ago | Opinion piece | Today, Microsoft announced their Games for Gold for August 2014! Four great games that have...

Are PSN Cards Worth Buying?

20h ago | Opinion piece | Are the PSN Cards worth purchasing instead of using the credit card on the Playstation Store?
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