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Rumor: Halo 5 May Come To The PC, Halo 5 MP Beta Hints At 'Other Platforms'

55m ago | Rumor | It appears that Halo 5 may be coming to the PC at a later date. That, or Microsoft is preparing an X360 version of it (that sounds unlikely but hey… it’s MS we’re talking about here).

Start the New Year Off with Some Sweet (Free) Games with Gold

2h ago | News | Xbox Wire: Three fantastic games across Xbox One and Xbox 360 will make sure you start your Ne...

Ed Boon Again Hints at Long-Forgotten Character for Mortal Kombat X

47m ago | News | Posing a simple question to Ed Boon does not often yield a simple answer, and today was no exception. Asking “will there be a new ninja in MKX?”, one Twitter user got a very telling answer.

Finally Playing The Last Of Us – Opinions Of An Xbox Gamer

5h ago | Opinion piece | One of IM PLAYIN's writers has put down his Xbox One controller to give The Last of Us Remastered...

Now It's Almost Confirmed, What Do You Want In The Last Of Us 2?

5h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error talks about the potential confirmation of The Last Of Us 2, then asks people what...

Sony Will Fix PS4 Messages in Future Firmware Update

3h ago | News | Carrier pigeons would be quicker than the PlayStation 4’s messaging utility. Those of you that re...

The Xbox One: Still a Champion

5h ago | Opinion piece | The console wars have been raging since the days of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Lines were drawn… Friends were divided… Allegiances wer...

PS4 vs Xbox One – VGChartz Gap Charts – November 2014 Update

23h ago | Rumor | Welcome to the VGChartz Gap charts. The charts will be updated monthly and each article will focu...

9 Gaming Moments In 2014 That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

7h ago | Opinion piece | This list takes a look at 9 gaming moments from this year that made everyone uncomfortable. From...

Nintendo claims more great games than both the Xbox One and PS4 combined

21h ago | News | The Eccentric Gamer Writes: "Nintendo has been...

Does Former Naughty Dog Developer's Profile Confirm The Last of Us 2?

21h ago | Rumor | Although a sequel for Naughty Dog's massively s...

Why Gamers Should Be Skeptical of The Order: 1886

12h ago | Opinion piece | While the excitement for some of the titles releasing next year are understandable, a few ga...

7 Reasons Why the PS4 Will Dominate in 2015

20h ago | Opinion piece | PS4Home: "In light of this, we thought it only prudent to provide you with some specific rea...

The worst PlayStation 4 games in the console’s first year

20h ago | Opinion piece | The worst PlayStation 4 games released during t...

Don’t pay for Broken Games, just Review them Highly

20h ago | Article | Playeressence "If its one thing that I have not...
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