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  Heat Signature: Sneaking in Space

From Herobyclicking It may seem lonely. A small ship drifting through space. The camera pulls out and the vast nothingness surrounds your meager...

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Working Dreamcast Hard Drive

2h ago - Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Dreamcast is a console that probably has had the most new games,... | Retro

Activision says Destiny had the biggest console beta ever for a new IP, played by 4.6 million

2h ago - Destiny experienced the biggest console beta ever for a new IP, Activision said today. | Xbox 360

Revealed: The 8 shocking truths about your favourite games that you will not believe

2h ago - VideoGamer: "Games are riddled with secrets you know nothing about! Here's a few to make your bra... | Culture

Ubisoft confirms Green Zone for where players start in Tom Clancy's The Division

2h ago - In an exclusive interview with, Fredrik Rundqvist, who is an executive producer on T... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

There’s Got To Be A Catch To EA’s Subscription Service

2h ago - NowGamer: "Call me cynical, if you will, but I just don’t trust EA. EA has announced a new sub... | Industry

Ex-People Can Fly Dev: Bulletstorm in VR Would be 'Awesome'

3h ago - VRFocus - Before it was rebranded as Epic Games Poland, videogame developer People Can Fly create... | PC

Dying Light Preview | CheatCC

3h ago - CCC Says: "Zombies! Zombies everywhere! That was the theme this year at E3 2014 and, to be honest... | PC

Five Games That Deserve HD Remasters (More than The Last of Us)

4h ago - Kevin from Denkiphile: "The bigwigs at Sony sat down last year after the successful release of Th... | GameCube

CEEK Announced for Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift, Halo Designer Contributing

4h ago - VRFocus - It doesn’t take a $2 billion investment from Facebook to see that virtual reality’s (VR... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Delayed to 2016

4h ago - Last week, Battlefield: Hardline was delayed to the first quarter of 2015. This decision showcase... | PC

Deep Down Being Free-to-Play Is A Necessary Risk Says Capcom

4h ago - During a recent shareholders meeting, Capcom were asked to comment on Deep Down and the fact that... | PS3

The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode: How to Take Great Pictures.

4h ago - Today’s release of the Last of Us Remastered comes with a release-day update that unlocks Photo M... | PS4

GTA 5 Zombies DLC; Leaked Single Player DLC Details Surface

4h ago - As usual, nothing confirmed, but who knows? Rockstar might confirm it soon enough. | PC

Digital Journal Review: 'The Last of Us: Remastered' is a classic polished for the PS4

4h ago - It's always a challenge to improve an already perfect work of art but Naughty Dog would not settl... | PS4

Guerrilla Games New PS4 Game to Include Animals/Creatures with “Real-Time Animalistic Movement”

4h ago - Very little is known about the Guerrilla Games' unannounced PS4 game, even if there are widesprea... | PS4

New Screenshots For Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge DLC

5h ago - Respawn Entertainment has released three new screenshots for Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge DLC. The... | PC

Hitbox, the Twitch Replacement for Those Who Hate Lag

5h ago - As the streaming service built by gamers, for gamers, Hitbox.TV is one of the newest streaming pl... | PC

Sony's response : EA Access Doesn't 'Represent Good Value To The PlayStation Gamer'

5h ago - Game Informer: Following EA’s announcement of the company’s new subscription program, Access, we... | PS4

ID@Xbox dev reveals costs of launching Xbox One game

5h ago - Launching an indie game for consoles - even one developed in your bedroom - isn't something you c... | Xbox One

EA Access could be bigger than Steam

5h ago - EA have announced they're launching a game subscription service exclusively available to Xbox One... | Xbox One

Contests For N4G Members

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Let's Play - TowerFall Ascension

6h ago - Join Gavin, Michael, Ray, and Geoff as they play TowerFall Ascension. | Arcade

It’s Time for Gamers to Say No to Crowdfunding

6h ago - As Kickstarter failures continue to pile up, it’s time for gamers to vote with their wallets, and... | Culture

LittleBigPlanet 3: Sackboy is back

6h ago - Sumo Digital's design director Damian Hosen on taking over the reins of a blockbuster franchise f... | PS3

Neverwinter Xbox One version is 90% completed; Game is not a port

6h ago - Perfect World Corporation is preparing a big show at ChinaJoy 2014 for their Xbox One MMO Neverwi... | Xbox One

Virgin Gamer Wins Contest for Date with Jessica Nigri

6h ago - Tucker Thompson from Glassboro, NJ is an unemployed gamer in his early 20s who lives with his mot... | Culture