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Final Fantasy XV Trailer is Pretty, But I Just Don't Care

53m ago | Opinion piece | Pretty pictures only go so far; for loyal long-time fans, they're still seeing an action game and not a role-playing game.

5 Games That Will Blow Minds in 2015, 5 Games That Will Just Blow

2h ago | Opinion piece | You don’t know what a great game is unless you have a crappy game to compare it to. We take a loo...

NBA 2K15 MyGM: Building a Dynasty in the Southeast Division

53m ago | Opinion piece | GoodGameBro writes, "Another week, and more tea...

Why do we (gamers) find it so hard to embrace disagreement?

7h ago | Opinion piece | It seems that attacks on the likes of Anita Sar...

Have Rage Quit Issues? Stay Away from These 5 Games

35m ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite writes "Have you ever had your anger transcend from your gaming console to your body? How about thrown your remote? Then these are 5 games you MUST NOT PLAY."

5 Reasons the Silent Hills TGS Trailer is Extremely Promising

1h ago | Opinion piece | CraveOnline: "To kick off this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima and gang have revealed a neve...

The PS4 Is King Of The Japanese 3rd Party Console Exclusive

2h ago | Opinion piece | It seems like the age of the big third party exclusive is as dead as the dinosaur. Shock, anger a...

Bungie is Personally Challenging Destiny Players, but Only on PS4

15h ago | Opinion piece | When Bungie and Activision announced that the PlayStation 4 is Destiny‘s primary platform, that r...

Be a “player of games” rather than a “gamer”, no thank you!

6h ago | Opinion piece | Amber writes: "#GamerGate. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this by now and if you haven’t, you’re...

The Hype Has Got To Stop

6h ago | Opinion piece | Destiny is the second high-profile release of the year to disappoint many players, while simultaneously breaking sales records. Mark Butler arg...

Bloodborne: The Hunt Begins In Tokyo Game Show

5h ago | Opinion piece | Bloodborne is a fast action packed hacknslash from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and FromSoft...

5 Things That Annoy Us About Destiny, And 5 Things We Love About It

5h ago | Opinion piece | Nerdacy: "Let's be honest here, we were all downright excited for Destiny. I am thoroughly enjoyi...

Horizon: Being the next big thing could be terrible for the game

9h ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GameZone Writes: "The first details on Horizon, Guerrilla Games’, new exclusive game for the...

The best free games on the PS4

8h ago | Opinion piece | A few weeks ago, we went through and picked out twenty of the best free and free-to-play PC...

Destiny - Why You Shouldn't Trust Any Reviews

10h ago | Opinion piece | Nicholas Greene of MMOATK writes: I've been fairly stoked for Destiny for quite some time...

Destiny: Why the Critics Got This One Wrong

20h ago | Opinion piece | One of our vets explains why many critics didn’t handle the Destiny review properly, and say...

Why GTA V Costing $60 on PS4/Xbox One Makes Absolute Perfect Sense

14h ago | Opinion piece | Claudia writes, "With Rockstar having announced...

Why Destiny’s Critical “Failure” Could be Great for Games

15h ago | Opinion piece | Twinfinite: This past week, Destiny gave us a r...

Why is Destiny Selling so Well and Known so Little?

16h ago | Opinion piece | Destiny is not memorable.

Wait a Minute, is Destiny Just an Inferior Version of Diablo III?

21h ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: Wait just a second here. Is Des...

Initial Reactions: FIFA 15 feels like an arcade game sent from the future

22h ago | Opinion piece | When you release the same, nearly perfect game...

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and XV Could Change the Face of the Franchise

22h ago | Opinion piece | Recent comments from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD di...

Notch is Just Done, Man. He's Done

22h ago | Opinion piece | MiddleEasy's Dave Walsh takes a look at Notch's decision to step away from the spotlight and...
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