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Kojima Parting Ways with Konami: A Dark Cloud with a Silver Lining

2h ago | Opinion piece | Davis from Denkiphile: "With the recent and regretable departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami, there will be big changes felt throughout Konami, if not the entire game industry. There’s a reason all...

Will You Buy Dark Souls II After Bloodborne?

3h ago | Opinion piece | With the amazing launch of Bloodborne, many players have occupied themselves within the nigh...

PS4 Firmware 2.50 - The Pros and Cons of "Yukimura"

13h ago | Opinion piece | Gamer's Palace: "PS4 Firmware 2.50 "Yukimura" has released without songs of praise before its arr...

Double Take: Zelda Wii U Was Delayed, And That’s Awesome

4h ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo has recently announced that the upcomi...

Bloodborne’s Long Load Times Could Teach Us a Valuable Lesson Before They Go

11h ago | Opinion piece | Bloodborne has long loading times. Here's why you should embrace that...

Could Zelda Wii U Delay Make the Game a NX Launch Title?

13h ago | Opinion piece | With the game slipping into at least 2016 and the NX just around the corner, it begs the question...

5 Insane GTA V Weapon Mods We’re All Secretly Praying For

11h ago | Opinion piece | GTA V on PC is almost upon us, and that means the modders out there are getting ready to fill our...

Timed Exclusives Won't Help Microsoft

18h ago | Opinion piece | Stop the money hats!

Looking Back At Hideo Kojima’s Illustrious Career

3h ago | Opinion piece | Over the last week, it has been unclear what will happen to Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima...

Earthbound: For the First Time

13h ago | Opinion piece | Brasel The Gamer of Gaming Rebellion writes: "I finally played through Earthbound, and I was...

Please Stop Remastering Video Games

16h ago | Opinion piece | They may be harming our industry more than helping it.

Is MLB 15: The Show 10th Anniversary Edition for PS4 worth buying?

9h ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not MLB 15: The Show 10th Anniversary Edition is wort...

What I Learned During My Completion of Bloodborne

20h ago | Opinion piece | CraveOnline: "Having completed Bloodborne on Monday, I was one of the first people in the world t...

Final Fantasy XV: Tabata Doesn’t Get How Fictional Characters Work

13h ago | Opinion piece | Final Fantasy XV’s characters’ behavior is whatever the developers want it to be. Including women...

On the Logic and Sense of PC ports

18h ago | Opinion piece | TwoDashStash: "Online petitions, be they meaningless exercises in sycophancy and the most uninvolved means of activism imaginable or a powerful and...

Is The PlayStation TV’s Price Drop Enough?

17h ago | Opinion piece | Thomas Ellis of Attack of the Fanboy wonders if the recent PlayStation TV's price cut is eno...

WrestleMania 31 Weekend - The Best Wrestling Games of All Time

9h ago | Opinion piece | Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Like WrestleMania...

How a single killer app could sell me on Nintendo's mobile movement

11h ago | Opinion piece | Zak from Save/Continue says, "The gaming congr...

What's Your Favorite Free-to-Play Game?

8h ago | Opinion piece | USgamer:"This week we're asking about the much-maligned free-to-play game. Often loaded with...

Why the Hype for Mortal Kombat X?

15h ago | Opinion piece | Kuma wrote: Opinion piece on the upcoming Mortal Kombat X and why you should be Hyped!

If They Ever Made A Movie: Life Is Strange Dream Casting Wishlist

19h ago | Opinion piece | Dontnod's storytelling game Life Is Strange is...

Dragon Age Inquisition DLC: what about Multiplayer?

22h ago | Opinion piece | Dragon Age: Inquisition was one of the best gam...
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