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Sony’s Backwards Compatibility is a Non-Issue

2h ago | Opinion piece | This year’s E3 had some tremendously big announcements. One of those was the reveal that XBOX One would be embracing the world of backwards compatibility, which sent the world of console wars into...

Hideo Teases New Phantom Pain Gameplay, MGO Still MIA

3h ago | Opinion piece | Hideo Kojima has been teasing some new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage, but we haven...

This is what a Batman: Arkham-style Superman game could look like

6h ago | Opinion piece | GotGame writes: This is what we want in a Batman: Arkham-style Superman game.

Will We Ever See A Next-Gen Portable Console?

3m ago | Opinion piece | Has mobile gaming ruined chances for a more sophisticated portable experience?

Batman: Arkham Knight is an absolutely terrible Batman game

8h ago | Opinion piece | Batman: Arkham Knight completely misunderstood what it needed to be and is a far worse game bec...

Top 5 Games I’m Glad I Didn’t Buy Immediately

6h ago | Opinion piece | EB: Sometimes you see a game being announced and you just know immediately, “I have to buy that,...

The Last of Us 2: Is This Good or Bad News?

6h ago | Opinion piece | With Nolan North’s slip of the tongue, the internet exploded, as he seemingly revealed that Naugh...

The Best PlayStation Game Deals of The Week 07/06

7h ago | Opinion piece | PSInsider: Happy Monday everyone! We hope that everyone had a great weekend. We know it’s su...

Xbox One: The Fourth Word on VR

8h ago | Opinion piece | VRFocus delivers an opinion on the position Microsoft have found themselves in for VR, and w...

10 Games You Need to Play to Celebrate Gay Pride

7h ago | Opinion piece | If you're still feeling a strong attachment to rainbows, well, who can blame you? Here are 10 tit...

Xbox One Needs Complete Rebranding

22h ago | Opinion piece | Currently the Xbox One has taken a backseat to the PS4 ins terms of sales and popularity. This is not just in the USA but in the UK and anywhere el...

Arkham Knight Ruptures a Huge Divide Between Console and PC Gamers

8h ago | Opinion piece | The problems with the PC version of Arkham Kn...

The best games of 2015 so far (January-June)

7h ago | Opinion piece | Gameskinny: "2015 has been a great year for gaming so far, and here is a list of the best...

Is The Sheer Number Of PSN Outages Becoming Ridiculous?

20h ago | Opinion piece | PSN Outages are essentially still a large problem for many gamers all over the world; this might...

7 Funniest Films And TV Shows Recreated In Grand Theft Auto

12h ago | Opinion piece | Thanks to the release of the special Rockstar E...

5 Misguided Villains in Video Games

16h ago | Opinion piece | Gamesmoke: Here are some of the villains that I believe are misconstrued by most gamers. On...

We Really Need Game Manuals To Make A Comeback

13h ago | Opinion piece | Mark Butler: "I still have fond and vivid memories of the fun, informative game manual that...

What makes Shenmue 2's open world so special?

16h ago | Opinion piece | Martin Robinson writes "There's so much of it, it feels impenetrable. Shenmue 2's Hong Kong...

Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games

12h ago | Opinion piece | WatchMojo: "We are looking at the best gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender charters in vid...

10 Games That Will Be Massive on the PS4

14h ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GameZone writes: "Console exclusives are one of the main reasons players choose a speci...

Let’s Talk About Gjallahorn

16h ago | Opinion piece | Oh everyone remembers the childish screams of joy they let out the first time the Gjallahorn...
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