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Opinion Pieces  

Goodbye Game Trailers – Looking Back At Their Best Shows

58m ago | Opinion piece | writes: ''Game Trailer closure represents the changing face of video game cultural. With the growth of independent sites, Youtubers and Twitch, the old guard have struggled to ad...

Should Sony Stop Developing Portable Game Consoles?

8h ago | Opinion piece | After the poor sales performance of the Playstation Vita , should Sony just skip handhelds all t...

Five Games: Unravel And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

1h ago | Opinion piece | Zombies, paranoid park rangers and little wooll...

Five Big Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Big Game

3h ago | Opinion piece | These games within video games are hugely impor...

3 Months On, Has Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Been A Hit Or Bust?

10h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "At E3 2015, Microsoft dropped the bomb of all bombs when they announced that your old Xbox 360 games are now going to be playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Althou...

Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead?

6h ago | Opinion piece | Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead?

What Could Bethesda Have In Store For E3 2016?

7h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Bethesda’s decision to have their very own presser for the first time surpris...

Red Dead Redemption is begging for a HD remake

15h ago | Opinion piece | George Foster from GamersFTW writes: "With a recent Xbox dashboard glitch, there came the reveal...

Could Dead Rising 4 Be Revealed This Year?

11h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive as well as a laun...

Please Stop Teasing Me With Crash, Sony

15h ago | Opinion piece | Steph from GamersFTW writes: "For those of us who still cling unyieldingly to the hopes of a Cras...

Five Kickstarter Funded Games You Must Play

8h ago | Opinion piece | Moe Long writes: "It probably doesn’t help that sites GOG and Steam are constantly hosting v...

Project Phoenix Could Still Rise From The Ashes

6h ago | Opinion piece | Megan Myrick writes: "The idea behind Project Phoenix is pretty sound. Take experienced deve...

Are FPS Campaigns a Huge Waste of Money?

11h ago | Opinion piece | Is the industry trending away from single player campaigns in competitive FPS games? Cliffy B say...

Why the NX Won’t Repeat the Wii U’s Mistakes

13h ago | Opinion piece | Wherever Square Enix goes, profits are sure to follow.

Black Desert's Arrival to the West Might Not be a Success

6h ago | Opinion piece | As recent announcements revealed the official l...

It’s Time to Trim Assassin’s Creed’s Fat or Take a New Approach

8h ago | Opinion piece | HGC: Ubisoft has announced that they want the...

Firewatch Is A Triumph In Crafting Human Relationships

8h ago | Opinion piece | writes: ''Firewatch succeeds...

FIFA 16 Career Mode: 10 must-buy defenders

8h ago | Opinion piece | Having trouble keeping the ball out of the back of your net? This article takes a look at 10...

Bring Back Another Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Square Enix

11h ago | Opinion piece | Brandon from Gamer Professionals takes a look a...

Is it about time to revive the WW2 shooter?

17h ago | Opinion piece | Apparently so, Battalion 1944. Years ago, World War II shooters were everywhere. Then the bu...

Patches and the dreaded “Day One” – Reasons to Be Cheerful

17h ago | Opinion piece | Lee Garbutt: "It’s Monday, so you probably need...
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Opinion Pieces  
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