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PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered

2h ago - Vice: Have you seen the latest advertising for the PlayStation 4? "The world's most powerful con... | Retro

Gaming's White Knights

2h ago - Fixthisgame has discussed how a single game can make or break a company. Nevertheless, there is s... | Industry

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Without Zelda, What’s Left for the Wii U This Year?

3h ago - With the next-generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already upon us, Nintendo's console has be... | Wii U

Unauthorized Obscenity: The Mature Internet, DOA 5, and Women in Fighting Games

3h ago - With Dead or Alive 5 coming to the PC, a thrum has erupted in the modding community as many eager... | PC

Why Are There No Good New Games for My Wii U?

5h ago - Vice: The PlayStation 4 will inherit the Earth. Or, according to analysts, continue to dominate... | Wii U

The 10 Hardest Trophies On PlayStation 4

5h ago - Do you consider yourself a trophy hunter on the Playstation 4? If you’re looking for a challenge... | PS4

Why League of Legends is Smart for Staying Away from Consoles

9h ago - There are times when it seems that certain mmo games want to conquer the world. They are released... | PC

Telling a Tale about TellTale

9h ago - Everyone's favourite Point and Click adventure game specialist has been around for 3 years now...... | PC

Now is the time for EA to revisit Fight Night

9h ago - Ouros magazine explores the reason EA should revive the Fight Night franchise | PS4

Video Game Or Interactive Movie: Breaking Down The Order:1886

9h ago - No game in recent memory has caused as much debate as The Order: 1886. As such Skewed and Reviewe... | PS4

Top Gaming Icons Who Would Be Unbearable In Real Life

9h ago - GamingBolt: "We all love our video game characters- for what it’s worth, they are all mostly fan... | Culture

Batman: Arkham Knight will be Game of the Year

9h ago - GCO: "Batman: Arkham Knight will be the Game of the Year, and here’s why: Rocksteady's devotion t... | PC

Faith in gaming: The influence of Christianity in videogames

9h ago - Destructoid: "Religion is not something that is discussed much when talking about videogames, ev... | Culture

The Essentials – Chrono Trigger

9h ago - GI: Welcome to another installment of The Essentials, our weekly feature that showcases the fine... | Retro

‘Deadly Premonition’ Remains the Weirdest Video Game of the Modern Era

9h ago - Vice: Released in February 2010, during the peak of the Xbox 360 era, Deadly Premonition offered... | PC

Nintendo NX: EB Games Accepting Pre-Orders is Premature

9h ago - Explosion:" EB Games Australia recently confirmed announced that the gaming retail store will off... | Next-Gen

Is Nintendo delaying Zelda in order to release it on the NX too?

9h ago - Could the delay mean that Nintendo is planning to release the new Zelda as an NX launch title? | Wii U

Persona 5: 5 things I'd like too see.

9h ago - The highly anticipated Persona 5 has been scheduled for release sometime in 2015 for PS3 and PS4... | PS3

Games In 2015 Do Exist

9h ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Following the news of yet another delay, people again started bemoa... | PC

Persona 4 Golden Retrospective Review | Continue Play

9h ago - "Persona 4 Golden is a game that you can easily sink 100 hours into and actually enjoy most of th... | PS Vita

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What if there were Fatalities in Smash Brothers?

9h ago - Carl Williams writes, "Nintendo has never really been all that keen on the idea of actually killi... | Nintendo DS

‘Silent Hill 2’ Was the Game That Made Me Hate Myself

9h ago - Vice: Silent Hill used to be an idyllic New England tourist trap. Now it's Hell. If you find you... | PS2

How Is Bloodborne Treating Our Beginners?

10h ago - PushSquare:"For the few of you that aren't fed up of us bleating on about Bloodborne yet, we've g... | PS4

No ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Wii U At E3 More Disappointing Than Delay

10h ago - INQ: Nintendo Producer Eiji Aonuma announced the decision Friday that The Legend of Zelda for the... | Wii U

Bloodborne Hates Me, So Why Do I Enjoy It So Much?

10h ago - "Even though Bloodborne offends almost all of my gaming sensibilities and really seems to run lik... | PS4
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