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Battling the Hype Monster: 5 Things We’d Change About Evolve

2m ago - OXCGN: Evolve is a game that needs no introduction, from the trailers at every gaming media event... | PC

Should There Be Significant Racism in a Zelda Game?

4m ago - ZD: The Zelda series is no stranger to having several interesting, and often recurring, races of... | Culture

Top 5 – Legend of Zelda Enemy Designs

4m ago - ZD: "It’s clear that a lot of work goes into creating the settings of every Zelda game, but some... | Culture

The Boss Man: 3 Things that are Frustrating About Nintendo in Early 2015

11m ago - The Boss Man: "Nintendo has done a lot of great things for me as a fan of their games and hardwar... | Wii U

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

10 Nintendo 64 Platformers You Should Revisit

12m ago - Josh From Controller Crusade discusses 10 great platformers on the N64 that you should go back an... | Retro

“Wait a Minute Mister Postman”: The Problem of Majora's Mask's Termina in a Single Man

15m ago - ZD: "Today on With a Terrible Fate, I offer an analysis of a man who is both doomed and redeemed... | 3DS

Which of Link’s Transformations in The Legend of Zelda Was the Best?

16m ago - ZD: "Link has transformed into several different forms over the whole series, and people often ha... | GameCube

Oracle of Ages or Seasons, Which One’s Better?

23m ago - ZI: "Today marks the 14th birthday of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons! These games were Nint... | Retro

Which Zelda Character Do You Hate the Most?

42m ago - ZI: "The Zelda series has quite a selection of likable characters; players don't have to search f... | Culture

Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in March 2015

43m ago - Fin writes "We are now three months into the year and the Xbox games keep on coming. Free up your... | Xbox 360

SNES A Day 182: Toys

1h ago - The cavalcade of sub par licensed games continues with Toys. | Retro

7th Dragon Import Review (DS)

1h ago - JayJay reviews classic DS RPG 7th Dragon | Nintendo DS

What MMOs Learn From Non-MMOs Part 2: A Different Kind of Massive

1h ago - There are some nice progress in the MMO world these days, which is why a MMOGames' writer felt th... | PC

This is what's actually literally killing gaming

1h ago - And by actually, I mean “in my opinion.” And by literally, I mean “figuratively” | PC

Will we ever see a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda?

2h ago - NE: With the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, it makes me wonder: will w... | Wii U

Why We Game

3h ago - Writing for Zero1Gaming, Sebastian Young takes a look at how the Mass Effect Trilogy delivers an... | PC

Dead Or Alive’s New Gen Debut Is A Blast

3h ago - “It’s all about the boobs, ’bout the boobs – no fighting. Sorry. Meghan Trainer isn’t featured in... | PS4

How Will PS4 Remote Play Affect Mobile Games?

3h ago - AACG: Sony is one of the most well rounded companies in the world. With stakes in film, music, ph... | PS4

Top 10 Final Fantasy Weapon Designs

4h ago - Leviathyn: The weapons are just as memorable as our most favourite Final Fantasy characters. It’s... | Culture

The Essentials – Super Mario 64

5h ago - GI: Welcome to our third entry of The Essentials, our weekly feature looking at the games every... | Retro

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post

gamrReview Japan: A Night at Namco Land

5h ago - gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "Video arcades peaked in popularity in the West in the 80s and wer... | Culture

The Great Trailer For Mortal Kombat X

5h ago - There has been much anticipation created for this game; and, with what we can tell from the trail... | PS4

The Destiny Ice Breaker: A Review of This Exotic Sniper Rifle

5h ago - A review of the Ice Breaker Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny. | Xbox 360

Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Play on the New Nintendo 3DS and XL

5h ago - NLife: Just recently we published a list of five Nintendo 64 games we'd love to play on 3DS, ins... | 3DS

What I'm looking forward: PAX East 2015

5h ago - The Outerhaven writes: No stranger to PAX East, this year marks my 4th journey to the North Am... | Industry
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