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Arthur Bruno, CEO of Crate Entertainment, talked with Lou “herobyclicking” Adducci in his rural home office about his success with Kickstarter, bei... (1)
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How Star Wars Battlefront is Similar and Not Similar to Battlefield

1h ago - SegmentNext - Our take on Star Wars Battlefront’s demo was filled with nothing but praises, yet... | PC

Show of the Week: Fallout 4 and the 4 Top Fan Theories About Vault 111

1h ago - OX writes: "Fallout 4 could be the game to command more of your time than any other this year, wi... | PC


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Super Mario Sunshine Needs a Remake

3h ago - This GameCube classic needs a modern upgrade | Wii U

The Top 5 Call of Duty Games Ever Made

3h ago - The 5 top Call of Duty games are some of fans favorite games of all time. Counting them down is a... | PC

The best PlayStation Vita games of 2015 so far - this "legacy platform" ain't dead yet

3h ago - Dealspwn: "People keep telling me that the PlayStation Vita is dead. Hell, even Sony referred to... | PS Vita

16 More of the Worst Covers in Video Game History

3h ago - Last week Blow In My Cartridge had a look at a collection of video game cover abominations and, b... | Culture

Attack On: Fire Emblem Gender-politicking

3h ago - "The past couple of days have been a strange time to be a Fire Emblem fan. The latest game in the... | Culture

How does 'Halo 5 Guardians' make up for past mistakes? Just you wait

3h ago - This fall, Halo 5 Guardians presents itself to a waiting fanbase that's ready to tear it down. | Xbox One

Is Halo 5 the nail in the coffin for split-screen gaming?

3h ago - Some of my favourite gaming moments of all time have come from split-screen gaming. The joy of sh... | Xbox

Lost Saga Review

3h ago - Lost Saga review with screenshots and videos. A look at an older free to play brawler game. | PC

Genei Ibun Roku #FE: A Match Made in Crossover Heaven?

3h ago - Here's why a Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover is something fans should look forward to. | Culture

Genei Ibun Roku #FE: A Match Made in Crossover Heaven?

3h ago - Here’s why a Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover is something fans should look forward to. | Wii U

Seven Classic Video Game Cameos in Film

3h ago - Here’s a list of seven classic games that appeared in popular movies for no reason at all! | Culture

What to Love about Batman: Arkham Knight

3h ago - Batman: Arkham Knight has had a rough launch, but it still a game we keep coming back to despite... | PC

Top 7 Classic Games that Deserve a Remake

3h ago - Since FF7 is receiving an all new remake, GamerU has decided to list the seven video games they w... | Culture

Is Naughty Dog Trying to Cover Up The Last of Us 2 Leak?

3h ago - During a Q&A panel this week, Nolan North made a shocking statement that took the Internet by sto... | PS4

The Strategic Advantages of Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

3h ago - Backwards Compatibility had been one of the most requested features that most fans thought would... | Xbox 360

Breakdown - The True RPG Experience

3h ago - Tony Brasel of Gaming Rebellion looks at what the "real" experience of playing an RPG actually is... | Culture

Augmented Play: Could HoloLens Spell the Death of Traditional, Physical-Screen Gaming?

3h ago - After the HoloLens' impressive E3 2015 display, and the coming onslaught of virtual reality hardw... | Industry

Shenmue III's Placeholder Box Art Is Hilarious

3h ago - Skeptical fans already had a few pretty solid reasons to hold on to their money, like Sony’s ambi... | PS4

N4G Radio

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How Mad Should You Get Over Videogames?

5h ago - "There's been a lot of discussion on my channel and not a lot of games, but don't worry, reviews... | PC

The Journey and Future of Kingdom Hearts 3

5h ago - Yahraqad says "Then it ultimately ends with him escaping the treacherous clutches of a swarm of H... | PS4

After The Success of Batman, What Should Rocksteady Do Next?

6h ago - The release of Batman: Arkham Knight has completed Rocksteady’s epic trilogy of the world’s great... | PS4

Top 5 Scenes in Batman Video Games

6h ago - "With the release and epic conclusion of the Rocksteady Studios’ trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight,... | PS4

So What Was the Best of E3 2015?

8h ago - "A personal favorite of our Antwand “BLACKBIBLE” Pearman, this game wowed the crowd when it was s... | PS4
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