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The Next Step for MMOs Is VR

2m ago - CCC Says: "Anime fans will be familiar with the concept of virtual reality MMOs. Series like hack... | Industry

What To Do With Destiny Reviews

5m ago - OnlySP: At the moment Destiny holds a metascore of 75. The reviews that have come in and aren’t,... | Xbox 360

How The Legendary Golems Can Change Pokemon Meta Game

22m ago - With permanent weather effects a thing again, how Regice, Registeel and Regirock can change the P... | 3DS

2014: The Most Over-Hyped, Disappointing Year on Record

32m ago - Heading into this year, expectations were through the roof, and it's fair to say that the games h... | Culture

Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Devil May Cry 5 to be shown at TGS this year?

40m ago - Captain Cortez from We Know Gamers speculates on whether a new entry into the original Devil May... | PS4

The Perils of Critical Thinking

47m ago - On Destiny, GamerGate, and the idea that "academic criticism" is bad. | PS4

SNES A Day 113: Prince of Persia

48m ago - The controls in Prince of Persia are infuriating. | Retro

Wargaming Sets New Standard With World of Warships

49m ago - First there was World of Tanks, then we got World of Warplanes, and now we’re getting World of Wa... | PC

Gamer Mondays: The Pitfalls of Destiny

50m ago - "Bungie released its newest IP this past week in Destiny. It not only was the largest new IP laun... | Xbox 360

Can Minecraft Help Microsoft Win the Console War

59m ago - A $2.5 billion acquisition was made for the Swedish company Mojang. Makers of the wildly popular... | Xbox One

What's the right racing game for you this year?

1h ago - IGN: When Activision shuttered Bizarre Creations back in 2011 the publisher attributed the dec... | PS4

GTA 5 Mods We’d Love to See

1h ago - GTA V is coming to PC, but will that mean lots of awesome mods for the PC version of GTA 5 too? G... | PC

Destiny: The Road to Level 20 - Disposable content and deferred gratification

1h ago - Destiny: "Bungie have set themselves up well for content delivery over the next few months, but i... | Xbox 360

Shrewd Business or the End of Days? - Twitter Reacts as Microsoft buy Minecraft for $2.5 billion

1h ago - Dealspwn: "As Notch wrote in his farewell blog post, Minecraft belongs to its millions of fans as... | PC

Fallout 1 Review

2h ago - Fallout is an open world role-playing video game developed and published by Interplay Entertain... | PC

Minecraft MOD CivCraft goes standalone - The Microsoft effect

2h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The popular MOD CivCraft is going standalone in the form of Praxis. This m... | Industry

Developers believe publicity is as important as making a good game

2h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "A recent survey done by GDC shows that developers believe making a good ga... | Industry

Meat The Flockers This 9/23/2014

3h ago - Time To Meat Your Maker Mother Flockers Fans of the hit classic puzzle game lemmings should... | PC

Top 5 Most Ludicrous Falls in Gaming

3h ago - Hardcore Gamer: Game developers love to lead their characters on a high ascent just to watch them... | PC

Destiny shows review scores can be harmful. And why they need to go.

4h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "We've always maintained that review scores are something that we don't nee... | Industry

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Extra Punctuation Should Every Game Allow You to Choose Your Gender?

6h ago - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: Lichdom: Battlemage (ugh, still so awkward even in writing I can feel t... | Culture

Local Multiplayer Is Still Relevant

6h ago - N247 Writes: Multiplayer is one of the biggest features in video games these days. There has neve... | Wii U

September Sakura: Street Fighter Sakura Ganbaru! Volume 1 Review

7h ago - A review of the first volume of Masahiko Nakahira two volume series Sakura Ganbaru published and... | Culture

Diablo Owes Destiny a Huge Thank You

7h ago - Twinfinite writes "For the latter half of August and the first half of September, 8th generation... | Xbox 360

If You like These 5 Games You Will Definitely Like Destiny

8h ago - Ed from Twinfinite writes: Destiny is a buffet of all different ideas rolled into one epic title.... | Xbox 360
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