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5 Ways AAA Games Are Falling into the Same Traps as Big Budget Movies

1h ago - COG writes - AAA games and big budget Hollywood blockbusters have more in common than you might t... | PC

Why I Chose Bloodborne First Over Battlefield Hardline This Payday

2h ago - "It's the end of the month and you know what that means . . . PAY DAY! Now you've paid your co... | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Xbox One's Upcoming Integration With Windows 10 Could Provide the Definitive Experience

2h ago - Xbox One's integration with Windows 10 brings a lot of features to the table, some of which could... | PC

Top 5 Best Board Games Inspired By Video Games

2h ago - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and the mighty PC, powered by Steam, have given players the chance... | Xbox 360

Experiencing ‘Deep’, the Virtual Reality Game That Relieves Anxiety Attacks

3h ago - Vice: I was being irrational, but I couldn't help it. When you suffer from anxiety it's not unco... | PC

How to Avoid Being Sh*t at ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

3h ago - Vice: For many, the lack of tangible ways of playing Xenoblade have been a constant frustration... | Wii

Are You Still Playing Destiny?

3h ago - Bungie says it's a 10-year project, but with a failing player-base is it realistic? | Xbox 360

13 Tips for surviving Bloodborne’s Onslaught

4h ago - Brady Ruiters from ITF Gaming writes: From Software’s Bloodborne is a brutally difficult game tha... | PS4

Diary of a CS:GO player using a controller

4h ago - Getting into CS:GO can be hard if your new, especially if your using a controller. Here's a quick... | PC

Without Zelda, can the Wii U compete in 2015?

4h ago - Dealspwn: "Spoiler alert: don't count Nintendo out just yet." | Wii U

E.X. Troopers review

4h ago - Remember how other shooters felt so slow after playing Platinum's Vanquish? Stripped of your exos... | PS3

The iLLvestigation: Can you game for free without resorting to piracy?

4h ago - "So we wondered, is the supply of free games just enough for someone to be able to game for free... | PC

Was Tecmo’s whitewashing of a Dead or Alive character racist? Probably

4h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "It’s obvious that Lisa was originally African American or Latina and that... | PS4

Kids Playing 18-Rated Games Debate

5h ago - Clipping Error offer their opinion-based debate on the current issue surrounding parents letting... | Culture

Halo 5 & The Death of Master Chief

5h ago - Is Halo 5: Guardians the end of the line for Master Chief? | Xbox

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (PS Vita) Review

5h ago - Cubed: NIS has always had a wonderfully weird and delightfully eccentric catalogue of games, and... | PS Vita

What are the best guns in Battlefield Hardline?

5h ago - PCgamer: "Well, some of Hardline's starting guns aren't great—there are exceptions, such as the... | PC

If Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls is poetry, Bloodborne is opera.

6h ago - Tathagata Ray talks of his experience with Bloodborne. A game he has been looking forward to ever... | PS4

A Short History of Video Gaming’s Most Gratifying Destruction

6h ago - Vice: There are some things we (apparently) can't do without in games, one of the most talked abo... | Culture

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Is Super Mario Meets Superman

6h ago - "It plays like a traditional platformer, but Giana’s unique ability to transform has given the tr... | PS4

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Microsoft Will Reveal a Remodeled Xbox One Soon

6h ago - Microsoft has done everything possible to win back gamers after their abysmal launch, what's left... | Xbox One

5 Changes Necessary for Assassin's Creed Victory

6h ago - After a lackluster showing in 2014, it's necessary for Ubisoft to mkae inroads with its next AC g... | PC

Halo 5: A Dramatic New Direction for the Franchise

7h ago - Explosion:" After a lot of teases and some viral marketing, Microsoft and 343 Industries finally... | Xbox One

Should schools have authority over which video games children play at home?

7h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "A group of schools in the United Kingdom are threatening to report parents... | Culture

My Month-Long ‘Resident Evil’ Binge, and Why Capcom’s Monsters Will Never Change

8h ago - Vice: The other night I saw a weird amorphous shape moving on the ground just in front of my apa... | Retro
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