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Top Xbox One Features Microsoft Desperately Needs To Add And Fix

17m ago - Xbox One is a solid gaming console but Microsoft could very well add new and fix existing feature... | Xbox One

Comparing PS4 and Xbox One Exclusives Releasing in March

1h ago - It's common knowledge that 2015 will be a big year for the console market, with games such as Unc... | PC

Can We Learn More About Games By How We Play Them?

3h ago - If you use house rules, the meaning of the game changes. Here's how. | Culture

Toejam and Earl Should Remain Memories

3h ago - The original ToeJam & Earl was great, but that doesn't mean it needs to make a comeback. | Culture

SMITE World Championships LIVE January 9th to 11th

Now - You can watch the games and enter giveaways over at http://beta.cursevoice.com/smite-worlds | Promoted post

Can Mobile Games Be Good?

3h ago - Will we ever see a AAA game on the iPhone? | Culture

This Is What A Terrible Kickstarter Pitch Looks Like

3h ago - GI I’ve written a bit about the successes and failures of Kickstarter as a platform and the pr... | Dev

Armikrog Shows how Important Style is in Gaming

3h ago - It’s no secret that a lot goes into the process of making a game. This industry is built on the p... | Culture

Taking Xbox One Screenshots – The Positives And Negatives

3h ago - IM PLAYIN discuss the positives and negatives of the new screenshot feature on the Xbox One.... | Xbox One

Best Gaming Easter Eggs – Part II | Analog Addiction

3h ago - Analog Addiction: "Analog Addiction’s crew has decided to take its time and come up with as many... | Industry

What would Nintendo games look like if they were made for mobile?

3h ago - It's impossible to ignore just how successful a mobile game can be in this day and age - look at... | iPhone

The Big Three- Who Will Win 2015?

4h ago - I take some of the most anticipated hits from games announced so far from each of the top 3 publi... | Culture

The Top Ten Throws

4h ago - GI Throwing characters and objects in games is immensely entertaining. Throws can be humorous,... | Culture

What exactly is a below average metacritic score?

4h ago - A question that is often discussed in the gaming community, particular when a game seems to be ov... | PS4

Editorial: Do Critics Favor Harder Games?

4h ago - If you look at the reviewing trend today, it seems as if most game critics are very much against... | Culture

Are PlayStation Trophies Hurting Our Ability to Enjoy Games?

4h ago - Are PlayStation Trophies Hurting Our Ability to Enjoy Games? | PS3

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Penal Colony Impressions: It's a Trap

6h ago - Resident Evil Revelations 2 debuted its first episode this week. We play through to see if it's c... | PC

The Problem With Changing Release Dates

8h ago - Time may not be kind sometimes. | Culture

The Hunt for Meaningful DLC in Horror Games

8h ago - Bad DLC isn't exclusive to any one genre, but it seems especially bad for horror games. Bloody Di... | PC

PlayStation Vita: Where Does Sony's Handheld Stand 3 Years Later

8h ago - One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming decided to look back on three years of the PS Vita... | PSP

The Destiny Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle Review

13h ago - A review of the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny. | Xbox 360

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Exclusive: Critics Admit to Lowering Scores for Attention

13h ago - Several of our critics are perfectly willing to admit: There’s a nasty little secret circulating... | Culture

The Destiny Vex Mythoclast: A Review of this Exotic Fusion Rifle

14h ago - Power On Pub reviews the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle in Destiny. | Xbox 360

Godus Isn’t The Only Kickstarter Disappointment, Here Are A Few More

14h ago - An article via EGMR that lists some of the more disappointing or controversial Kickstarters in re... | PC

Top five PS4 exclusive games to look forward to following the release of The Order 1886

14h ago - The top five of our most anticipated PS4 exclusive games to look forward to following the release... | PS4

Want A Good Zelda Netflix Adaptation? Leave Link Out

14h ago - If Netflix really wants their Legend of Zelda series to succeed then they should consider a show... | Culture
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