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Was Destiny a $60 experiment?

30m ago - Nerd Reactor on whether Destiny was a $60 experiment. | Xbox 360

Pax South 2016's Top 10 Indie Games That Almost Took My Money

50m ago - Erik from The Gamer's Lounge was lucky enough to attend PAX South 2016. Here are some of the top... | Culture

Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Best PS4 fight pad controllers for Street Fighter V

2h ago - Game Idealist's list of the best fight pads to buy for the upcoming Street Fighter V. | PC

Goodbye Game Trailers – Looking Back At Their Best Shows

5h ago - writes: ''Game Trailer closure represents the changing face of video game cult... | Culture

Five Games: Unravel And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

6h ago - Zombies, paranoid park rangers and little woollen men in this week's eclectic Five Games. | PC

Five Big Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Big Game

7h ago - These games within video games are hugely important in the context of the worlds in which they ex... | PS2

French Instutution Bunches Video Games Together with Cocaine, Ecstasy, Alcohol and More

8h ago - Video games are often portrayed in a very negative way by general media, politicians and even gov... | Industry

Your most loved and hated gaming characters

10h ago - PCgamer: "Last week, we, the PC Gamer team, offered our personal picks for most loved and hate... | Culture

Battalion 1944 Renews Interest in World War 2 Shooters, Now The Wait for a Single Player Game Begins

10h ago - OnlySP: We’ve been wondering when a team of developers would bring World War 2 over to the next-g... | PC

Project Phoenix Could Still Rise From The Ashes

11h ago - Megan Myrick writes: "The idea behind Project Phoenix is pretty sound. Take experienced developer... | PC

Black Desert's Arrival to the West Might Not be a Success

11h ago - As recent announcements revealed the official launch date of Black Desert, it might be the best t... | PC

Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead?

11h ago - Is Atari 2600 Collecting Dead? | Retro

The five best NFL video game franchises of all time

11h ago - It's time for the Big Game as the 2015-16 NFL season winds to a close but for those who want more... | Culture

What Could Bethesda Have In Store For E3 2016?

11h ago - ThisGenGaming says "Bethesda’s decision to have their very own presser for the first time surpris... | Industry

It’s Time to Trim Assassin’s Creed’s Fat or Take a New Approach

12h ago - HGC: Ubisoft has announced that they want the next Assassin’s Creed console installment to be on... | PC

Five Kickstarter Funded Games You Must Play

12h ago - Moe Long writes: "It probably doesn’t help that sites GOG and Steam are constantly hosting variou... | PC

FIFA 16 Career Mode: 10 must-buy defenders

13h ago - Having trouble keeping the ball out of the back of your net? This article takes a look at 10 of t... | PS4

Should Sony Stop Developing Portable Game Consoles?

13h ago - After the poor sales performance of the Playstation Vita , should Sony just skip handhelds all t... | PS Vita

Firewatch Is A Triumph In Crafting Human Relationships

13h ago - writes: ''Firewatch succeeds at many things, but it excels in one area in part... | PC

Darkness has spread and so have the rumours: Here's what we know about Dark Souls III

14h ago - Tobias writes "So the excitement of Christmas has long since passed, and the normal person has we... | PC

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Life is Strange Review

14h ago - Life is Strange is an ambitious title that makes choice and consequence its forte, along with the... | PS4

Is Buying Help with MMO Gaming Right or Wrong

14h ago - A whole another level of the market has opened up as people are willing to pay a higher price to... | Industry

3 Months On, Has Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Been A Hit Or Bust?

14h ago - ThisGenGaming says "At E3 2015, Microsoft dropped the bomb of all bombs when they announced that... | Xbox One

What Gamers Want for the Week of 2-8-16: New Video Game Releases

14h ago - EB: There are a few new releases worth looking into this week for sure, but it’ll depend on your... | PC

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Retrospective Review

15h ago - Blade Shaw at GameCloud writes: "For those who enjoyed The Dark Descent, I thoroughly recommen... | PC
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