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When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?

16h ago - “It’s both possible, and even necessary, to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical... | Culture

Is Evolve a Boring Game?

18h ago - "There’s a thick cloud of controversy above Evolve’s head, full of whispers that the game is eith... | PC

Why Does The Order:1886 Have So Much Pre-Launch Hate

18h ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking why the pending Sony exclusive has so muc... | PS4

Devolver Digital shows Nintendo how it's done with YouTube monetization statement

18h ago - Polygon: Devolver Digital is the publisher of many interesting and often smaller games, and they... | Industry

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Top 5 Zombie MMO & Online Games 2015

19h ago - The explosive launch of the original DayZ mod spurred a massive urge within the industry, reignit... | PC

Fanatical Five I PS4 Exclusives We're Looking Forward to in 2015

19h ago - 2014 saw a year of fairly mediocre PS4 exclusive games. Be that as it may, the list of 2015 PS4 e... | PS4

Five Final Fantasy Things To Do In 2015

19h ago - Eyes on FF: "Even though we're a month into the New Year, it’s still a good time for people to th... | PS2

8 Ways to Go to Hell According to Videogames

20h ago - Outsidexbox: We thought you got to hell by doing bad things such as murder or walking slowly wi... | PC

Joystiq is closing and I'll miss them like hell

20h ago - Polygon: The death of a gaming news website is a terrible thing. It weakens the video game in... | Industry

16 Best Video Game Trilogies Of All Time

20h ago - WC So, what makes a downright brilliant trilogy in gaming? Is it sticking to a well-worn fo... | Culture

VGU Talks: Bro Team Pill vs Angry Joe

21h ago - Bringing up the discussion on Fair Use once again, Angry Joe on YouTube has had a video of his ta... | Culture

Analysis – Nintendo's Tough Hardware Choices May Test Consumer Confidence

21h ago - GI Bluntly, the Wii U has almost no chance of recapturing third party support. The company has... | Wii U

FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades Prediction – Players Shortlist

21h ago - Everyone wants to know which players will be improved in FIFA 15. You will find a majority of the... | PC

PlayBack: Knack

21h ago - PSGamer: Knack has plenty of flaws which become quickly apparent to experienced gamers – but Knac... | PS4

Why Boredom in Games is a Good Thing

21h ago - Have you ever been playing a game and have been bored during the game? Well this is actually a go... | PC

Until Dawn & Silent Hills - PS4 Dominates Horror Genre

21h ago - Horror games are an unusual commodity in modern gaming, a lot of publications seem to shy away fr... | PS4

4 Things We Would Love From Kojima

21h ago - FixThisGame focus on their wish-list for things (they think) we would love Kojima to bring us in... | Culture

Resident Evil: Revelations Brings Me Back to Survival Horror

21h ago - Sure, I'm about 3 years too late, but with Resident Evil: Revelations 2 around the corner, I thou... | 3DS

Why Project CARS' realism actually makes it more fun

21h ago - Gamesradar writes:"A strange thing happened to me while I was playing a nearly-finished version o... | PC

Memorable Music in Gaming #3

22h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: It has been a while since I took a look at some of my favorite sou... | Culture

Contests For N4G Members

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The Top 10 Stealth Games of All Time

22h ago - In video games, it’s not always wise to go into a room full of bad guys with guns blazing. That c... | Culture

Top 5 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Should Have Co-Op Multiplayer

22h ago - "Five good reasons why Fallout 4 would do well to have co-op multiplayer." | PC

Will The PS4 Be The FGC's Main Console?

22h ago - Considering the exclusivity of SFV and the lineup of multiplatform titles too, the PS4 might be m... | PS4

Mortal Kombat: Ranking All the Characters

22h ago - From the icons like Scorpion and Raiden to the obscure and forgotten like Drahmin and Jarek, here... | PS2

Destiny’s Evolution with House of Wolves DLC

22h ago - PS4Home: "The second DLC patch, House of Wolves, is purportedly set to release in March, and Bung... | PS4