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You have NO EXCUSE not to get a Wii U for this ridiculous price

4h ago | Opinion piece | Arguably, the Wii U was touted as the best console of 2014 because of its impressive line up of games. Three of which stood out as a lot of sites game of the year, Mario Kart 8 proved to be possibl...

8 Games of 2015 That Will Delay to Next Year

15h ago | Opinion piece | MultiInformer: Gaming lovers are much exited for games that will release in 2015 these 8 games ar...

Five Games: Don’t Wait for Morpheus

12h ago | Opinion piece | Here are five best games that don't wait for Morpheus to become in action.

Pewdiepie is Pissed at Nintendo, You Won’t Believe Why

23h ago | Opinion piece | Pewdiepie is lashing out at Nintendo for their recent announcement of the Nintendo affiliate program.

Why Does The Order:1886 Have So Much Pre-Launch Hate

8h ago | Opinion piece | Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking why the pending Sony exclusive has so muc...

5 Gaming Franchises That We Desperately Need on PS4

17h ago | Opinion piece | MultiInformer: Some of the great gaming franchises we already have on PS4 like Killzone, Grand Th...

8 Unreleased Video Games That We Actually Miss

14h ago | Opinion piece | It always feels very bad when games get cancelled. There are numerous reasons of it. Most often i...

5 Games You (Probably) Won’t See in 2015

4h ago | Opinion piece | Jordan says, "It’s a well-known fact: games get delayed. If you’ve paid any attention to the last...

Is Evolve a Boring Game?

7h ago | Opinion piece | "There’s a thick cloud of controversy above Evolve’s head, full of whispers that the game is either boring or lacks substance. We’ve heard them, ov...

Petition to EA to finish production of Star Wars 1313

14h ago | Opinion piece | SWTOR strateies: "In 2012, at E3, Lucasarts showed a demo of Star Wars 1313 and everyone was amaz...

Is the Era of Motion-Controlled Gaming Finally Over

11h ago | Opinion piece | TK: "The Wii harkened back to the time when gaming was all about family entertainment. It would r...

Xenoblade Chronicles X Doesn’t Feel Real

16h ago | Opinion piece | GeekParty writes: "When I was a kid, I used to purposely stop playing games just as I reache...

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Life is Strange

12h ago | Opinion piece | VRFocus- Virtual reality has the power to strengthen the relationships that people grow with...

R.I.P, PlayStation Vita

23h ago | Opinion piece | With the news of YouTube support ending, Sony seems to have abandoned its own handheld.

Joystiq is closing and I'll miss them like hell

9h ago | Opinion piece | Polygon: The death of a gaming news website is a terrible thing. It weakens the video ga...

Does Bloodborne's Difficulty Turn You Off?

17h ago | Opinion piece | It could end up being one of the best PlayStation 4 games in existence. But how many PS4 own...

Why Single-Player Gamers Should Consider Evolve

16h ago | Opinion piece | GI Evolve's 4v1 multiplayer is a concept that's resonated with gamers through successful...

Analysis – Nintendo's Tough Hardware Choices May Test Consumer Confidence

10h ago | Opinion piece | GI Bluntly, the Wii U has almost no chance o...

Five Final Fantasy Things To Do In 2015

9h ago | Opinion piece | Eyes on FF: "Even though we're a month into the New Year, it’s still a good time for people...

5 Games to Never Purchase at Full Price

15h ago | Opinion piece | Gaming is an expensive hobby but helps to know that some titles are worth getting on their r...

Why You Should Buy a PlayStation 4 in 2015

19h ago | Opinion piece | Gamespot: The PlayStation 4 has had undeniable market success, so it seems pointless to reg...

Dying Light’s freerunning system is what makes the game compelling

23h ago | Opinion piece | Freerunning is the feature that sets Dying Ligh...

10 Franchises Needing Extensions

23h ago | Opinion piece | So what makes a game worthy of a sequel? Is it the fans nostalgia of the previous title? Is...
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