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Silent Hills was too beautiful to live - but Konami should be terrified - Reactions roundtable

2h ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn: Bad news for horror fans over the weekend as we discover that Silent Hills has been caught in the crossfire between Konami and Kojima. It's a damn shame too, because we (and gamers...

Can Black Ops 3 fix Call Of Duty's biggest flaw?

2h ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn: "Call Of Duty: Black Ops III broke cover over the weekend, as I'm sure you know. The hy...

Top 10 N64 Games We Want to See on the Wii U Virtual Console

3h ago | Opinion piece | COG writes - The N64 has a wealth of games and we take some time to pick the top 10 games that we...

Why P.T. is a bigger loss than Silent Hills

1h ago | Opinion piece | VideoGamer: "Silent Hills getting scrapped is a disappointment, but losing P.T. is a real blow."

Black Ops 3 could be the best Call of Duty yet

5h ago | Opinion piece | Red Bull writes: A new game engine, four-player co-op and much more could make Black Ops 3 amazing.

Silent Hills Cancellation Is An Absolute Travesty

8h ago | Opinion piece | "Last year, following the release of the extraordinary playable teaser for Silent Hills, I wrote...

Taking A Look At – Batman Arkham Knight All Who Follow You Trailer

5h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error take a look at the laterst trail...

5 Sublime Mortal Kombat X Cosplays To Make You Shout “Toasty!”

14h ago | Opinion piece | This listicle features a round up of the best M...

The Games of May 2015

8h ago | Opinion piece | BGU writes "We now approach arguably the biggest month in this first half of 2015. We’ve got a massive May on our hands with a broad range of title...

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Console Beta First Thoughts!

8h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming says "Elder Scrolls combat has always been pretty clunky and not very well refined,...

Top 10 games that Square Enix should announce for the PlayStation 4

13h ago | Opinion piece | Game Idealist's wish list of the top ten new games that Square Enix should announce for the PlayS...

Has Call Of Duty Successfully Reinvented For A New Generation?

14h ago | Opinion piece | Advanced Warfare appeared to take a positive step in the right direction and now Black Ops III ma...

Famitsu’s most wanted games (4/26/15)

10h ago | Opinion piece | It’s time for the latest Famitsu’s most wanted games chart! The main highlight this week is...

The Greatest Game Never Made: A Console War MOBA

10h ago | Opinion piece | A conceptual idea for what could be an incredible game, but will never come to be.

Taking A Look At – Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveal Trailer

12h ago | Opinion piece | Clipping Error take a look at the reveal traile...

Will Zelda's Absence Hurt Nintendo?

8h ago | Opinion piece | The Legend of Zelda is no showing E3? Whats going on?

ESPN Airs Video Games, Twitter Freaks Out

8h ago | Opinion piece | Kotaku:"Tonight on ESPN 2, sports fans across the world were treated not to the NBA playoffs...

New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 4-27-15

21h ago | Opinion piece | EB: It’s a light week in terms of must-play new...

Does it matter if video games are art?

10h ago | Opinion piece | "Why are gamers so intensely concerned, anyway, that games be defined as art? Bobby Fischer,...

5 Reasons Why People Are Hyped for The Witcher 3

10h ago | Opinion piece | ThisGenGaming looks at the 5 reasons why people are hyped for The Witcher 3 which releases n...

The Death of Two Pistols

19h ago | Opinion piece | Pause and Select: "So it’s kind of sad that a game with such scope, such grandeur as Titanfa...
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