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I've Played Destiny For 950 Hours - And I Hate Myself

2h ago | Opinion piece | Jordan Sims: "We can all see that Destiny shouldn’t be as popular as it is. So how has it enthralled so many of us despite its obvious deficiencies?"

Sony Breathe Sigh of Relief At Gamescom

13h ago | Opinion piece | Katie Joell from Gamerscore Shores writes "but feel somewhat underwhelmed by Microsoft’s conferen...

9 Hilariously Ugly Video Game Babes We All Had Crushes On

5h ago | Opinion piece | Whatever you do, don't revisit Final Fantasy VII. Tifa hasn't aged well.

If PS4 Had Backward Compatibility, Would You Even Care?

10h ago | Opinion piece | Xbox One has this feature and for the first time in several generations, a PlayStation console do...

Will Konami Stop You From Buying MGSV?

5h ago | Opinion piece | Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes: "Konami cannot seem to stay out of the gaming headlines as of late and would look to the average person that most of it is through their own doing....

If Xbox One Doesn't Gain Ground On PS4 This Fall, It Never Will

12h ago | Opinion piece | We’ve still got another month before the annual software slugfest begins in earnest this fall, bu...

PlayStation Not Presenting During Gamescom May Have Given Xbox an Edge

13h ago | Opinion piece | Sony gave a pass on doing a PlayStation briefing at Gamescom, which is something Xbox definitely...

The Xbox One Just Made a Mockery Out Of Nintendo's Virtual Console

11h ago | Opinion piece | Thanks to the release of Rare Replay today, Xbox One owners will now be able to play seven Ninten...

Which First Person Shooter Will Be The Best Of 2015?

5h ago | Opinion piece | This year, and more specifically this fall, we...

5 New Things Xbox One Owners Should Be Excited About

5h ago | Opinion piece | Microsoft just made a bunch of announcements...

Here Are the 7 Best Moments from Xbox’s Gamescom 2015 Briefing

17h ago | Opinion piece | Xbox came to Gamescom 2015 ready to wow, and they did not fail to deliver.

Was the Xbox Gamescom 2015 Briefing a Success?

16h ago | Opinion piece | Xbox is the only member of the Big Three to present during Gamescom 2015. And man, did they bring...

Gamescom 2015: How Was Microsoft’s Conference?

8h ago | Opinion piece | Andrew Gonzalez from Xbox Enthusiast Writes: "Microsoft had a strong E3 filled with announcements...

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the Most Metal Gear We've Seen Lara Croft

8h ago | Opinion piece | GameSpot writes: "This is the most Metal Gear w...

Crackdown 3 Needs These 6 Upgrades to Really Get Us Excited

16h ago | Opinion piece | Crackdown 3 has been shown off to the public an...

The Biggest announcements from the Xbox Gamescom 2015 Briefing

12h ago | Opinion piece | The scene was set Sony were nowhere to be seen...

The Top 5 Rare Replay Games You Should Play First

8h ago | Opinion piece | Rare Replay is a collection of the 30 best games developed by the legendary studio Rare. Her...

5 Xbox Characters That Should Appear in Killer Instinct

8h ago | Opinion piece | Gamerant Fighting games have started a trend...

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Look Different, and That’s Okay

9h ago | Opinion piece | PS4Home: "As a remake, FFVII will undoubtedly l...

Remember Peter Dinklage in Destiny With These Iconic Lines

18h ago | Opinion piece | Destiny may be leaving Peter Dinklage behind, b...

Xbox briefing @ Gamescom 2015 - Was it any good?

16h ago | Opinion piece | Neil writes "Gamescom 2015 kicked off in style with Xbox taking to the stage to bring us the...

Video Games Need More Sex

19h ago | Opinion piece | Matt M. from PC Gaming Enthusiast challenges current representations of sexual content and i...

2 revealing Dark Souls 3 theories from the new Gamescom trailer

19h ago | Opinion piece | GotGame: The new Dark Souls 3 trailer is a litt...
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