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The PS4 Doesn’t Need A Reputation System, Just Features New and Old

41m ago | Opinion piece | GOS: "Firmware 1.7 is coming soon for PS4 owners with features including the ability to turn off the HDCP and export captured video to USB devices. While Sony is doing a great job so far of maintai...

The PlayStation Network Needs to Get Its Act Together.

5h ago | Opinion piece | Another Holiday Period and More Downtime! It’s been Five months since the PS4 launched and the...

Are Turn-Based RPGs on Consoles Making a Comeback?

3h ago | Opinion piece | "What happened then, once the PS2 was put to rest, that caused such a dramatic shift away from tu...

The Evil Within: 5 Reasons Why This Game Can’t Scare Anyone (with GIFs)

15h ago | Opinion piece | The recently launched trailer at PAX East indicates that more than failing at horror, this game doesn’t seem to scare anyone at all.

8 Things We'd Like to See From a Tomb Raider Sequel

2h ago | Opinion piece | J Station X writes "Around these parts, we’re just a bit fond of Tomb Raider, the origins stor...

Ubisoft Bribes Journalists and Journalists Let It Happen

5h ago | Opinion piece | Ubisoft shouldn't bribe gaming journalists and here's why.

It’s Time Video Game Music Got The Recognition It Deserves

5h ago | Opinion piece | Gaming has produced some of the greatest classical and electronic compositions of the last 20 yea...

The Weapons of the Next-Gen Star Wars Battlefront

3h ago | Opinion piece | Star Wars HQ writes: We takes a look at the top 5 weapons and gadgets we would like to see in the...

When Will The PS Vita Start Being Good

16h ago | Opinion piece | The PS Vita promised so much but has yet to deliver, what went wrong? is it actually that bad? an...

I'm Sorry, Ms. Raymond, But I Don't Want to Play as An Old Lady

10h ago | Opinion piece | The author believes that not all protagonists would make good protagonists in the world of video...

2014 is The Year Of The Vita

13h ago | Opinion piece | Dealspwn writes: "The PlayStation Vita received short shrift last year, especially here in Europe. A tiny handful of big hitters aside, Sony's hand...

SWTOR Housing Speculation- What Can We Expect?

13h ago | Opinion piece | Some of us have been looking forward to SWTOR player housing since we first heard about SWTO...

Top 10 Soundtracks From Video Games of all time

20h ago | Opinion piece | It is really hard to select some nice epic soundtracks from the millions of games out there...

Extra Punctuation The Totally Hipster Elements in inFamous: Second Son

10h ago | Opinion piece | On the outset, the concept of the inFamous game...

10 Years Later - Burnout 3: Takedown

14h ago | Opinion piece | Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, relays an important...

The PlayStation 4 Review - The Best Generation | Gaming Precision

14h ago | Opinion piece | The PlayStation 4 has been out for some time an...

Should FIFA World Cup Have Been Released In US First

9h ago | Opinion piece | Irony is poignant on occasions and today we see...

Fan Speculation Suggests Mass Effect 4 Could Be Set After Main Trilogy

18h ago | Opinion piece | Some fans believe that the next Mass Effect gam...

10 Years Later: Killzone

17h ago | Opinion piece | Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, takes you back to t...

Visit these real cities by playing a video game

15h ago | Opinion piece | Video games often show bloody scenes of rampant carnage, speeding racecars on professional t...

Xbox One vs PS4 - Discrepancies between resolutions and FPS

18h ago | Opinion piece | In the on-going Xbox One vs PS4 war, Microsoft...

Top 10 Positive Role Models In Videogames

17h ago | Opinion piece | While the ‘sick filth’ that comprises our pastime was never actually banned, not for want of...

Life and Death in Pixels -- Checkpoint Games

16h ago | Opinion piece | There is a opinion about weapons that many people love to throw around which is this, never...
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