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Girl vs Game – Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (PS4)

24m ago - J Station X writes "Like an ever faithful steam engine, good ol’ PlayStation Plus keeps chuggi... | PS4

How the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn stacks up to the PC, PS3 versions

31m ago - Square Enix has now released Final Fantasy XIV on its newest console, the PlayStation 4. Should P... | PC

What’s your favorite video game weapon?

37m ago - Games in Asia: "Games allow us to wield all kinds of weapons we never could in real life, either... | Culture

"Adventure Mode" Trailer For SoulCalibur: Unbreakable Soul Is Possibly The Worst Trailer Ever

1h ago - Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "Behold the next contender for worst video game trailer of all time... | Xbox 360

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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25 best original Game Boy games

1h ago - Nintendo's original Game Boy portable gaming system turned 25 this week. Since its release, th... | Retro

10 Years Later - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

2h ago - Pixel Critique's month-long look back at the 30 games that defined 2004, continues with...SNAKE E... | PS2

Ezio Auditore, This is Your Game.

3h ago - Trevor kicks off his, 'This Is Your Game' series with a quite confused Ezio Auditore from Assassi... | Culture

The five games I’m most looking forward too.

3h ago - Danny shares his thoughts on the top 5 games he wants to play this year, and why. | Culture

Open World Games Need to Ditch Story Quests

3h ago - From the article, "Open world games are a big part of AAA development at this point. The Assassin... | PC

NES Remix 2's Wario's Woods Challenges Make Kittens Cry

3h ago - CCC Says: "You all may remember about four months ago I played NES Remix and, well, it might not... | Wii U

A New Farmville and It's On Mobile = End of World

3h ago - CCC Says: "Social gaming is very slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Most AAA game publishers h... | Mobile

I hate Hearthstone and I can’t stop playing it

3h ago - An editorial that takes a look at some of the more frustrating aspects of Hearthstone, while ackn... | PC

A Straight Path to Success - The Brilliance of Linear Gaming

3h ago - GameGrin's Ryan Davies writes: "How many times have you heard someone reject Call of Duty due to... | PC

You need to be playing Hearthstone

3h ago - ArabicGamers writes: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was somehow passing me by. The desktop ve... | PC

5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Order Blackwell Epiphany

3h ago - Olivia discusses her top five reasons why pre-ordering Wadjet Eye's upcoming game Blackwell Epiph... | PC

Here’s how the Xbox One can Catch up to the PS4 – Price, Price, Price

4h ago - Game Druid: It’s not exactly new news that the PS4 is really doing a number on the Xbox One in... | PS4

Octodad vs. Heavy Rain: What's the Best Dad Simulator on Playstation?

4h ago - Hardcore Gamer: Octodad: Dadliest Catch hit PS4 yesterday, and it's exactly the same funny, weird... | PS3

PlayStation Beats Xbox on Quantity AND Quality, Although it's Gamers That Win

4h ago - From GamesReviews: "When Neogaf user DeadPixel made a list of all the games released on Xbox O... | PS4

Is a Silent Protagonist a Better Protagonist?

4h ago - Hardcore Gamer: Storytelling in games has come a long way since the archaic text adventures of ye... | Xbox 360

Call of Duty Picture Proves Just How Behind Franchise Is

4h ago - Eskimo Press: Sledgehammer have given us a glimpse of what we are to expect from the graphics eng... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

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My PS4, Xbox One and Wii U are Gathering Dust, But I Don’t Care

5h ago - CraveOnline: "The ongoing "plight" of the early adopters of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U continues... | PS4

H1Z1 vs. DayZ - Which Will Survive

6h ago - Marc Colhoun of RealSG writes, "So then the question becomes: "Can H1Z1 be a DayZ killer?" Well... | PC

Analog Analysis: Breaking Down Titanfall Part 2

6h ago - In part 2 of the in-depth analysis of Titanfall, editors from Analog Addiction discuss their opin... | Xbox One

Could the Next Call of Duty Game be a Reboot of Modern Warfare 2?

6h ago - The next Call of Duty may be a Modern Warfare 2 reboot after all. | PC

BioWare has a lot to prove with Dragon Age: Inquisition

6h ago - Dealpwn: "The company's website tagline is "Rich stories, unforgettable characters, vast worlds".... | PC
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