Best real time strategy games came in 2014 and will come 2015

2h ago | Article | In Etherium, three domains are involved with a merciless fight to control a handful of planets th...

Battlefield Hardline - developer understands criticism

2h ago | Article | Who the comments and comments from the communit...

From Cartoon to Game #1: Jem and the Holograms

5h ago | Article | Carl Williams writes, "The premise is simple here, folks. We are going to look at a series o...

The future of Destiny: Bungie talks contracts, sequels, side projects and Halo

4h ago | Article | The prophesied "best-selling new IP in history". A new take on the idea of persistent online. The largest multiplayer console beta ever. An estimated 10 years of work, including post-launch support...

Miyamoto says the passive attitude of casual gamers is pathetic

20h ago | Article | Earlier this week we told you that Edge Magazine would have a big feature on Miyamoto in next month’s issue, discussing several of the franchises he helped create, as well as his opinions on the cu...

This week's new UK releases

4h ago | Article | GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including Metro Redux, Madden 15, inFamous: First Light, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Ep. 5, No Going Bac...

A Gloriously Stupid History Of Sex In Video Games

5h ago | Article | VICE takes a look at the history of sex in video games.

4 Play Scheme To Help You Dominate Madden 15

7h ago | Article | Madden-School writes, "You will need a good offense in Madden 15 if you want a chance of competin...

5 tips for getting your deck over in WWE SuperCard

7h ago | Article | From the article, "So, [Lucas White] won King o...

Amazon: The Next Big Gaming Powerhouse

12h ago | Article | Amazon are now making their presence felt in another market – gaming. Though still a work-in...

Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 Walkthrough

5h ago | Article | "Our Build-a-Lot Mysteries 2 Walkthrough features thorough written instructions as well as c...

Jet Set Radio Future Retro Reflection

6h ago | Article | Rhys from Awesome Games writes: 'It’s a sad fact that many of the games we loved playing gro...

Free iOS Games August 2014 Week 4

16h ago | Article | App Store Updates : The latest free iOS games for the 4th week of August 2014

Mario Kart 8 DLC Breakdown

16h ago | Article | Excerpt from article "News emerged last night of Mario Kart 8 having additional downloadable content aside from the Mercedes Benz vehicle pack whic...

Metro 2033 Redux - Quick Draw & Generous Guides

16h ago | Article | Ray and Michael show you how to get the "Quick Draw" & "Generous" achievements in Metro 2033...

6 Tips to Help You Light Up inFAMOUS First Light's Scoreboard

16h ago | Article | Twinfinite provides 6 tips for inFamous First Lights challenge arenas to help you get those high...

From Liquid to Solid: a Metal Gear retrospective

16h ago | Article | Snake's had a long, complicated past. Learn about it here.

Alien: Isolation - Intimate, Intelligent, and Excruciatingly Intense

22h ago | Article | By this point, we all know that Alien: Isolatio...

Quick Start: Mario Kart 8 Add-on Content Packs

22h ago | Article | Brand new add-on content is coming to Mario Kart 8 - here's everything you need to know.

Extra Life begins turning the gears for this year’s marathon

21h ago | Article | Extra Life is back, and has begun building up h...
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