Actress Felicia Day doxxed after expressing GamerGate concerns

6h ago | Article | The truly honorable intentions of the GamerGate movement gets another black eye. And I use the word "honorable" in a sarcastic manner.

World of Warcraft: Making extra gold with Spirits of Harmony

1h ago | Article | A little guide which helps my daily gold income.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Not Pink, Light Red Easter Egg

3h ago | Article | Kdin and Jeremy show you the hidden "Red Vs Blu...

SWTOR Datamined Abilities [Spreadsheet]

23h ago | Article | If you’re looking for some info about the new SWTOR class abilities, then this data-mine is for you.

This Week's Purchase: Bayonetta 2: First Print Edition

5h ago | Article | DC - "This week I purchased Bayonetta 2: First Print Edition for the Wii U, an item that has gain...

Retro Halloweekend: Maniac Mansion

4h ago | Article | This week's edition of Retro Halloweekend has us look at the classic point-and-click adventu...

You Can Now Get Retro Gaming Socks

7h ago | Article | More gaming merchandise that's a little different from the norm is starting to pop up online...

Rival Stars Basketball - Guide, Cheats and Strategy Tips

5h ago | Article | Rival Stars Basketball Guide Cheats - Card Stra...

The Complete List - November 2014 Releases

22h ago | Article | MWEB GameZone writes: "Most of us are still playing one of the over 40 October releases, and we'r...

Kickstarter Watch: Thea: The Awakening

11h ago | Article | Developers who worked on Grid 2 and the Witcher series come together to create a Don't Starv...

The Wonderful 101 Development History Released

17h ago | Article | Unseen64 has released a big article detailing the entire development history of The Wonderful 101...

Destiny: Should There be End Game Armor for the Crucible?

11h ago | Article | Destiny has had it’s share of controversy and issues since its launch at the start of September....

Dev blog: Rubicon Development on indie games and market visibility

21h ago | Article | Writing for Continue Play, head of Rubicon Development, Paul Johnson, disusses a major problem fa...

How to Fix Civilization: Beyond Earth Crashes, Freezes and Other Problems

21h ago | Article | Vgamerz writes: "There are some people who are...

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel – How to Summon Nel A Dick Boss Guide

22h ago | Article | Need help to find secret boss named Nel in Bord...

BentoByte's 2014 Horror Picks, Video Game Edition (Part 1)

22h ago | Article | To celebrate the Halloween season, BentoByte lists off their favorite horror games.

How Much Will it Cost to Run Assassin's Creed Unity on the PC

22h ago | Article | So out of sheer curiosity I thought I'd put together a list of some of the cheap (Not the rock bo...

5 Lesser Known RPGs You Deserve To Play

18h ago | Article | Justin from Controller Crusade writes: "Like many of you, I love RPGs. Taking a group of mi...

Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get You Started In Bayonetta 2

22h ago | Article | "Bayonetta 2 is out today, and while there are...

Madden 15 Simulation: Week 8 Predictions

20h ago | Article | Madden 15 is back to look at the NFL week 8 schedule and offer its predictions of how each m...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Boss Guide (Including Secret Bosses)

22h ago | Article | Hardcore Gamer: If you’re just picking up Borde...
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