Destiny: Xur Location and Stock

6h ago | Article | Here is Xur's Location and stock for Jan 30 - Feb1st

Dying Light – How to Get Excalibur, Legendary Sword Location

1h ago | Article | Here is a guide on how to get the legendary sword called excalibur in Dying Light. The EXPcalibur...

GTA 5 Next-Gen Car: Declasse Stallion Detailed Info and Location

4h ago | Article | The Declasse Stallion is a convertible muscle car featured in GTA 5. this car is absent in the Xb...

Is Evolve the game for you?

2h ago | Article | In just under two weeks, Evolve will launch around the world. It’s a game that’s received cr...

How to play console games away from your TV

5h ago | Article | Windows 10's new feature means that all three major home consoles can now be played away from the...

Dying Light Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

3h ago | Article | The following guide contains all the steps towa...

PlayStation Releases for February 2015

10h ago | Article | February tends to have a couple of big game releases each year, but most of the big hitters usual...

This Mobile Game Made $1 Million on Ads Alone; Borrowed from Frogger

9h ago | Article | Solicited as an “endless Frogger”, over $1 million from a free-to-play title has been earned excl...

Upcoming RPGs of 2015: Day Five

12h ago | Article | Today's line-up of RPG Site's coverage of the Upcoming RPGs of 2015 covers one of the most hotly-anticipated games of the year and some very exciting indie projects.

Life Is Strange Trophy List

4h ago | Article | Overall quite a nice looking trophy list. 1 - Platinum 1 - Gold 0 - Silver 59 - Bronze

Dying Light - All Quarantine Zone Locations

5h ago | Article | There are a total of 8 Quarantine Zones in Dying Light. Completing all of them will earn you...

How to take a screenshot on Xbox One: a lesson in frustration

9h ago | Article | Trying to do just one simple thing seems to have 360 steps with Microsoft – why is the Xbox One’s...

Dying Light - Where to find Korek Machete

8h ago | Article | The blueprints for the insanely overpowered Korek Machete can be found on a rooftop in the north...

What's new for the Battlefield franchise with Hardline?

8h ago | Article | MWEB GameZone writes: What's new for the Battlefield franchise with Hardline? Everything. A stron...

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt monster killing in 8 easy steps

9h ago | Article | Gamesradar writes:"Witchers are born and bred t...

Instruction Manuals are Dead, but I’m Sure Going to Miss Them

9h ago | Article | GamesRadar - Before I had a car, a job, or cred...

Indie Games Showcase: Cellar Door Games

10h ago | Article | "PlayStation gamers will know Cellar Door Games by their recent title, Rogue Legacy. We ours...

Zombies – The Facts And The Fascinations

8h ago | Article | Johnny writes - "As I play through the most recent Zombie apocalypse game, Dying Light from...

Dying Light - Where to find EXPCalibur Sword and Blueprint

23h ago | Article | The EXPCalibur is a mighty two-handed sword. It can be found in the bottom right corner of the s...

PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: February 3rd 2015

8h ago | Article | Check out this week's upcoming releases on the PlayStation Store in North America.

Disorder, Mental Illness, and Indie Games

19h ago | Article | Marcus Estrada writes: "Video games have been around for dozens of years and yet we don’t ha...

An in-depth look at the Dutch Game Garden

14h ago | Article | GotGame: We visited the Netherlands to get a first-hand look at what the Dutch Game Garden i...

Dawngate’s Story Was One of the Most Engaging in MOBAs

14h ago | Article | With Dawngate ending, the most beloved and most...
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