Don’t pay for Broken Games, just Review them Highly

10m ago | Article | Playeressence "If its one thing that I have noticed with certain websites that like to clickbait (you guys know who I’m talking about), is they seem to contradict themselves at times in order to ta...

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One - Digital Foundry

12h ago | Article | A lack of gameplay innovation on both systems has eclipsed the graphics differential, says Digital Foundry.

The Necessity of Console Exclusives

7h ago | Article | When I wrote about picking the Wii U over the PS4 and Xbox One, I pointed out that most Third Par...

Let’s talk video game reviews

7h ago | Article | "Here at Game Crusaders we love great video games. We appreciate the fact that either a small or large team of passionate people spent their time,...

The Talos Principle: World C Walkthrough and Puzzle Guide

7h ago | Article | Need some help on that pesky puzzle in World C of The Talos Principle, here you are find out and...

My (unannounced) visit to the FromSoftware office in Japan

13h ago | Article | In the autumn of 2013 Game Crusader Piet travelled through Japan for two weeks. He had various ci...

Final Fantasy XV's Director Talks About The Game

22h ago | Article | Today the director of the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV - Hajime Tabata unveil new info about th...

Photo Mode–The Last of Us Remastered

10h ago | Article | With the advent of the illustrious photo mode this generation, the possibilities of taking a pret...

Elite: Dangerous PC Benchmark Performance

13h ago | Article | Nearly 2 years have gone by from the initial Kickstarter funding of Elite: Dangerous. I coul...

Tekken retrospective: How the 3D brawler rose to power

15h ago | Article | A look back at Tekken, the first PlayStation ti...

What Developers can do about Pirating Games

15h ago | Article | Time to talk about some of the options developers have when it comes to dealing with people...

Halo 5 beta:How to get a code with Xbox preview program

20h ago | Article | Halo 5 Guardians Early Access beta is now under...

Steam Winter Sale Day 3

20h ago | Article | Here GamersFTW are again for our daily deal update. Once more Steam offers a couple of nice deals, we recommend both ‘The Binding of Isaac’ as well...

Looney Tunes Dash: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

22h ago | Article | Looney Tunes Dash is a new level based running...

Restaurant Story 2: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

12h ago | Article | Restaurant Story 2 is the long awaited sequel t...
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