GTA 5 Online Patch 1.26 Unlimited Money Glitch Found

3h ago | Article | One Angry Gamer "It never ends. As often as Rockstar goes out of their way to patch and fix the glitches, cheats and exploits that gamers find, someone will spend all day (or maybe two) to find out...

5 Things We Want from Red Dead Redemption 2

2h ago | Article | Here are the most wanted or anticipated things we want from the highly awaited red dead redemption sequel...

New PlayStation Games for 4/28/2015

4h ago | Article | Posted by Ryan Clements on Apr 26, 2015 // Social Media Specialist The Drop: Colorful adventu...

House of Wolves Weapons

19h ago | Article | Gamer.Ninja offers you a comprehensive look into the latest and newest House of Wolves weapons. There are many new weapons being introduced. From A...

How Treyarch evolved its own brand of Call of Duty multiplayer

11h ago | Article | Multiplayer combat in Call of Duty changes with every new release in the first-person shooter ser...

Play GTA V as a Horse, Cat, Broomhandle and Visit North Dakota

4h ago | Article | Another modder has taken the time to let player...

Long live the PS...P?

4h ago | Article | Despite being a little older than 10 years old, PSP can still offer western players new gami...

Idea Factory International’s Inaugural Press Event Recap

4h ago | Article | At a swanky bar in the heart of downtown San Fr...

Grand Theft Auto V mods weekly: FOV and superpowers in slow motion

7h ago | Article | Venturebeat: "You don’t have to live with the G...

10 tips for ambitious mayors in Cities: Skylines

7h ago | Article | If you've been hit by city building fever, here's some tips on building better and smarter t...

Xbox One & Xbox 360 – In Stores This Week 27th April–3rd May 2015

22h ago | Article | A look at the games coming out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this coming week, 27th April–3rd May 2015

Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the PlanetSide 2 beta on PS4

22h ago | Article | Eurogamer: "Overall, while there are still bugs that need eliminating, at this stage our main sti...

How BioWare Built Enough Content to Fill The Old Republic

16h ago | Article | SWTORStrategies: "We know it’s not easy creating and operating a massively multiplayer online gam...

Top 10 Worst Paid Mods for Skyrim on Steam Workshop

13h ago | Article | "A fine selection of the worst paid mods on Steam Workshop for Skyrim."

Bouncy Bits: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

13h ago | Article | Bouncy Bits is a new endless-bouncing game for...

Survival Horror, A Blood Splattered History: Part 1

13h ago | Article | PressA2Join take a look at the history of Survi...

Guide: Best Mario Kart 8 Combinations

21h ago | Article | A comprehensive guide to the best Mario Kart 8 vehicle combinations.

War Dragons - Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

13h ago | Article | War Dragons is a new dragon raising game from P...
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