Looking Back at Nintendo's 125 Year Legacy

38m ago | Article | To celebrate Nintendo's 125th Anniversary today, Gamer Headlines takes a look back at the company...

A Brief History of Sega, Part 2

2h ago | Article | Power Up Gaming writes: "Having just experienced the largest period of growth in the company...

Warp Zoned’s Fall 2014 Preview Presents the Video Game Fantasy League

6h ago | Article | Warp Zoned writes: "With its spreadsheets, m...

The Future of Final Fantasy on Vita Depends on Fan Demand

4h ago | Article | Final Fantasy could come to Vita, if players are vocal enough, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata told IGN. If it were in his hands, a portable Final Fantasy game would be all about multiplayer.

Destiny’s “Loot Cave” Has One More Secret That You Likely Don’t Know About

13h ago | Article | It’s been written about by nearly every major publication on the internet, and while [PowerLeveled] left Destiny’s “Loot Cave” out of the conversation here on PowerLeveled in exchange for our own m...

Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons

13h ago | Article | The coveted Exotic weapons in Destiny. Everyone is clambering to get their hands on the hottest items in Destiny but not every Exotic weapon is sui...

How to Rank up Fast in Destiny

8h ago | Article | Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Ranking up in Destiny is often difficult, but it's one of the primary concepts in the game. If your character's level is...

The End of 2014 is Going to Bankrupt You

12h ago | Article | It’s famine followed by feast in the gaming world – we’ve spent the last few months with very lit...

Destiny: 5 Best Methods to Farm Legendary Engrams

16h ago | Article | 8CN: With two weeks of Destiny under our belts, most of us are finding ourselves stuck in the 20s...

Defining A Generation - Red Ring of Death

22h ago | Article | Looking back at the 360/PS3 generation, there are a great many things that stand out as definitiv...

$430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC That Plays It All

6h ago | Article | GamersNexus: "This budget gaming PC build takes the DIY approach to building a custom computer fo...

Destiny tips: Gearing up with legendary’s and exotics

15h ago | Article | GamersFTW will be going over how to gear up once you’ve reached level cap (20) in Destiny. Leg...

Destiny: How to Get Super Good Advice - Machine Gun Weapon Guide

21h ago | Article | Super Good Advice is an Exotic Heavy Machine Gun is another Exotic weapon which you can found in...

How to Make Coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Using the Web App

6h ago | Article | FIFPlay: Using FUT Web App you can play with FI...

Taking A Look At - Assassin's Creed Unity Season Pass

6h ago | Article | Clipping Error checks out exactly what you get...

Free iOS Games September 2014 Week 4

11h ago | Article | App Store Updates : The latest free iOS games for the 4th week of September 2014

Developer's View on DirectX 12 Alongside Maxwell Launch

9h ago | Article | Microsoft and NVIDIA has decided to release som...

Ever wondered what Destiny’s Rasputin is saying?

10h ago | Article | Destiny features an AI Warmind called Rasputin, which plays a key but mysterious role in the...

Free Android Games September 2014 Week 4

11h ago | Article | Free Play Weekly: The latest free android games for the 4th week of September 2014

The biggest upsets at Red Bull Battlegrounds

9h ago | Article | Favourites fall to the upstarts as Bomber goes on a spree in DC. Here are our picks of the w...

Celebrate 125 Years Of Nintendo With These Nintendo Inspired Drinks

14h ago | Article | Nintendo247 author writes - A little known fact...

Taking A Look At - Resident Evil Revelations 2 TGS 2014 Gameplay Demo

21h ago | Article | Clipping Error takes a look at the latest gamep...

Activision's Total Disregard for Quality is Why Gamers Hate Them

21h ago | Article | Like fellow corporate leviathon EA, Activision receives a lot of criticism for the way it operate...

The Gears Game That Never Was

21h ago | Article | Readers Gambit has a brief look at the gears game that never quite came to fruition.
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