How one simple change transformed the tone of The Last of Us's ending

2h ago | Article | A narrative designer on The Last of Us has discussed how a simple gameplay change transformed the tone of the game's ending. As part of his talk at Develop conference in Brighton on 'Giving Back...

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition Achievement List Revealed

2h ago | Article | 43 achievements, mild spoilers.

GT6 Vs FM5 Photomode Comparison

17h ago | Article | GT6 vs FM5 compared in their respective Photomode equivalents! Is a comparison even possible given that it is current Gen vs next Gen, well have a...

System Builder Attempts to Find How Many Players a Single PC Can Handle, Theoretically It's 66

2h ago | Article | Remember that argument that consoles are better than PCs because of local co-op? Well, system builder Puget Systems set out on a mission to find exactly how many players a PC could actually handle....

Stunt school: Watch Dogs

2h ago | Article | The best tricks to pull off with four wheels and a smartphone in future Chicago.

Behind the Tale of Internet Spaceships

2h ago | Article | GR-UK writes: "Here, ahead of the Eve Online documentary's premiere this evening, creator Petter...

Super Smash Bros. Characters React to Brazil Defeat at 2014 World Cup

14h ago | Article | Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Yesterday's World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and German...

Attn Scrubs: Your EVO 2014 Primer is here

18h ago | Article | In a real fisticuffs contest, many of these players and combatants would stand little chance, but...

E3 2014 coverage: Little Orbit Games

14h ago | Article | Jim Avery: "What new licensed titles can we expect from this publisher?"

This Is... - Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

2h ago | Article | Ray and Geoff cover Guacamelee! Super Turbo Cha...

The Lord of the Open Worlds

18h ago | Article | The Lord of the Rings would make a brilliant open world, single-player RPG, filled with loot, lore and stories of the player's adventures!

Unturned Crafting Guide: All the Recipes You Need

19h ago | Article | Here's a handy crafting and recipes guide for Unturned on the PC. You can find combinations for s...

Sonic Jump Fever - Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

10h ago | Article | WP - "Sonic Jump Fever is a new free Doodle Jump-esque affair for the iOS and Android platforms....

Game Theory How Assassin's Creed Predicted the Future of Science

9h ago | Article | Assassin's Creed? Great games. Awesome storylin...

Going solo: When gaming greats strike out alone

19h ago | Article | What happens when gaming auteurs try to make it on their own? As Cliffy B prepares, a new ar...

Sega’s four attempts at making Streets of Rage 4

20h ago | Article | Streets of Rage 4 has almost been developed on four occasions, Sam Hewitt of Level Complete...

Shocking videogame graphics Then and Now

22h ago | Article | A Top 10 countdown comparing the "same" games then and now.

Does 'Battlefield Hardline' draw influence from the Payday series?

22h ago | Article | Some people may question that the concept, even...

Growing up Sega: Sega-CD and 32X

19h ago | Article | From the article, "What really matters is that [Jerimiah Mueller's] Dad couldn’t be left beh...

Robocraft: 4 Tips to Help You Build Your First Robot

19h ago | Article | New to Robocraft? Here's a beginner Q&A guide t...

Gaming As Addictive As Eating Chocolate, Not Using Heroin

21h ago | Article | Following The Sun's report that "gaming as addi...

Unturned Survival Guide: What You Need to Know

11h ago | Article | Learn the basics of surviving in Unturned: defense, how to find items early, food and drink,...

What separates ‘Battlefield Hardline’ from the rest of the series

22h ago | Article | Now, Electronic Arts and DICE are changing the...
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