15 Worst Video Game Deaths. I Can't Unsee These

2h ago | Article | "You’ll have trouble keeping your food down given the viscerality and gruesomeness of the videos within."

5 Xbox exclusives you need to play in 2014

2h ago | Opinion piece | ArabicGamers writes: 2014 is going to be a good year for videogames. We might be going through...

Why Does Sony Keep Outselling Microsoft?

19h ago | Opinion piece | How much is social media marketing contributing to the success of eight-generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? More than you think, say experts, along with competitive pricing.

The PlayStation 3 Offerings: Surprised And Delighted

4h ago | Article | The first week of every month, Short Pause breaks down the games offered to PlayStation Plus subs...

14 features the Xbox One needs to be a kick-ass console

4h ago | Opinion piece | Microsoft has, to its credit, listened to fan feedback and rolled out a wealth of system updates...

Dear Internet: It’s Finally Time to Stop Hating Microsoft

4h ago | Opinion piece | Alex from Gamer Headlines writes: "Dear Internet, I know it’s been a while since we spoke, but I...

10 Video Games With Unexpected Nudity

16h ago | Opinion piece | What Culture: As the industry has gotten bigger, video games have begun to widely feature more ma...

Wii U ‘s Hidden Power Figured Out By Shin’en

9h ago | Opinion piece | N247 Writes: I recently had the chance to check out a Wii U eShop title by the name of Nano Assau...

How to build a cheap gaming PC for under $1,000

6h ago | Article | Do yourself a favor and check out all the upcoming PC games headed your way in October. Then take...

So, Why Did You Buy The PS4?

11h ago | Opinion piece | A PlayStation 4 sits in your entertainment center at home, and there were reasons why you made the purchase. Here's your chance to tell everyone.

GameStop is About to Make Our Lives Miserable

9h ago | Opinion piece | CCC Says: "This retailer is like a gremlin; don’t water it, don’t feed it after midnight and...

Is Bethesda's latest reboot Doomed to failure?

7h ago | Opinion piece | VideoGamer: "Bethesda's Pete Hines has said that Doom fans won't just assume the latest inst...

Graphics are Overrated

9h ago | Opinion piece | CCC Says: "No doubt I’ll receive at least some amount of flack for even bring up the subject matter, but I do honestly think that the focus video g...

The Wii U is set to impress

10h ago | Opinion piece | The Wii U is the much maligned successor to the Wii and a console that was written off as de...

Video Games and Marijuana Use: Does One Encourage the Other?

18h ago | Article | With the recent release of the next-gen platfor...

Rebuttal: Why Remastered Re-Releases Are Great

13h ago | Opinion piece | gamrReview's Jake Weston: "A few days ago, my colleague Stephen wrote an article stating why...

Destiny Can’t Afford Not To Be 2014s Biggest Game

13h ago | Opinion piece | Pixel Gate writes: ''With a number of big name franchises, and a few new IPs, slipping i...

Why Next-Gen Consoles Will Feel Underpowered in a Few Years

16h ago | Opinion piece | The author cites the increased accessibility of...

Three Months From Release And Still No Word On NBA 2K15

15h ago | Opinion piece | Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:...

Best thumb grip covers for PS4

22h ago | Opinion piece | Have you experienced wear and tear with your DualShock 4 thumb sticks? Are you looking for b...

The Evolution of DLC – How Much Are We Willing to Pay?

17h ago | Opinion piece | We’ve come a long way from horse armor but with...

Why Street Fighter X Tekken failed.

17h ago | Opinion piece | With Capcom’s two big-name franchises headlining EVO 2014 aka the world’s biggest and most p...
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