In before "I'm canceling my pre-order" over Destiny's late reviews

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Dragon Quest Heroes Foreshadows Bright Future For PS4

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Portal is the Definitive Franchise of the Last Generation

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Will the Next Gears of War live upto its Hype? Where is it Headed?

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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

We’re All Gamers. All Of Us

40m ago - #GamerGate has sure got us all down. But let's remember one thing: we're all gamers. And that doe... | Industry

I Keep Starting New Games In Skyrim

1h ago - From the article, "Skyrim is such an amazing, open ended game that you have a huge variety of way... | PC

10 Most Embarrassing Ways To Die In Gaming

1h ago - This list takes a look at the 10 most embarrassing ways to die in gaming. Whether it’s in an onli... | Culture

The history of MOBAS: From mod to sensation

1h ago - Here’s how a StarCraft mod helped to shape the future of gaming. | PC

Xenoblade on Nintendo’s New 3DS is a good first step

1h ago - From the article, "[Lucas White] find myself on board with this, in an unusual display of optimis... | 3DS

Top 5 Next Gen Survival Horror Games

1h ago - Apixelatedview takes a look at 5 big named upcoming survival horror games for the Xbox One and th... | PS4

Sony’s Instant Games Collection will always trump Games with Gold

1h ago - GameZone's Jake Valentine: "Instead, I’m going to focus on something that Games with Gold just fl... | Xbox 360

Destiny May Not Require a 40GB Install

1h ago - You might have seen those blurry images of the Destiny game box floating around, along with word... | Xbox 360

The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be A Glimpse At The Wii U’s Future

2h ago - Could a New Wii U follow closely behind the New 3DS? | Wii U

10 Things You Need To Know About The #GamerGate Scandal

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How To Game After Becoming A New Parent

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Persona 5′s Main Character Has Me Intrigued

2h ago - GeekParty writes: "Persona 5 had me had at Persona. Dungeon-crawling and social links are more th... | PS3

Gaming culture takes a hit as Sony demos its virtual reality headset with schoolgirl leering sim

3h ago - RN24: If, like me, you’ve dreamed of the day when the world comes to realise that video games are... | PS4

PAX Prime Images: Set One

3h ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted their first set of random images from PAX Prime 2014. The images... | Culture

PS4 vs Xbox One: Who Will Win 2014 Holiday Season?

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Gamers Come Under Attack for All the Wrong Reasons

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Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

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5 Most Anticipated RPGs of 2015

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The Walking Dead Season 2 - Why I Made the Tough Choice at the End

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Extra Punctuation: The Theory That Will Tie All Video Game Stories Together

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Kôna Needs to Be Kickstarted, Because It Looks Fantastic

4h ago - GeekParty's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Kôna looks like the exact kind of game I’d fall in love with.... | PC

Opinion: Despite Everything, I'm Still a Gamer | GodisaGeek

5h ago - Mick Fraser: "I am, and always will be, a gamer – no matter which way the industry goes, or how s... | PC
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