Dark Souls 2 Is Still A Deeply Flawed Masterpiece

47m ago - Ruben Circelli: "I love Dark Souls.  Praise the sun.  I love FromSoftware, really I do.  Don’t le... | PS4

Grand Theft Auto v pc port report

1h ago - Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V took about 19 months since its original September 2013 release on the... | PC

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

#StarWarsDay: Our Favourite Gaming Moments

1h ago - It’s Star Wars Day! To celebrate, some of the HSR Staff have been reminiscing on their favourite... | Culture

Five Games: ‘Wolfenstein: The Old Blood’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

1h ago - Wolfenstein returns and the makers of 'OlliOlli' get violent in this week's Five Games. | PC

How Old Do Retro Game Characters Look?

2h ago - How old do your favorite retro game characters look? Defunct Games posed that question to Microso... | Culture

How Sony (SNE) Changed The Game

2h ago - Back in 1994, no one ever imagined Sony to become a force to reckon with in the gaming world. Whe... | PS2

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles Could Give Total War A Run For Its Money

2h ago - One Angry Gamer "A new strategy game featuring kingdom management, strategic army battles, great... | PC

Shacknews - 5 Games that Expanded the Star Wars Universe

2h ago - Though Disney has essentially killed off the Expanded Universe to make room for its new trilogy,... | Culture

Inside the Season Pass: 12 PS4 Releases Examined

2h ago - PSLS took a look at 12 different PS4 games with DLC Season Passes and examined whether or not it... | PS4

Could Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game Feature a Smuggler & Be Like Uncharted in the Star Wars Universe?

3h ago - Uncharted's former director is working on a new Star Wars game, and Giuseppe Nelva from DualShock... | PC

Why I am nervous for Star Wars: Battlefront

4h ago - In honor of Star Wars Day, Gamespresso wanted to write about Star Wars: Battlefront a little bit... | PC

Is Microsoft’s Call of Duty co-marketing over?

4h ago - Every year, when a new Call of Duty is announced, it’s inevitably plastered with Xbox branding, o... | Industry

Was Force Unleashed Better for Star Wars Lore?

4h ago - In celebration of Star Wars Day, we take a look back at The Force Unleashed, which promised to in... | PC

Skyrim Mods Are Free Again – What Better Time to Mod Your Game? Part 1

5h ago - COG writes: Three and half years after release, Skyrim's community has produced some of the most... | PC

Daredevil Needs a Video Game – Here’s What It Needs to Be a Success

6h ago - Daredevil has become the new Marvel hotness, and a video game should follow. If it happens, here'... | Culture

Wolfenstein To The Old Blood: The Game Series That Just Keeps Going And Getting Better

6h ago - With the pending release of the latest game in the series, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Skewed and... | PC

Development Studios You Should Watch Out for In 2015

6h ago - OnlySP: The games industry is one that’s in a constant state of flux – studios come and go all th... | PC

Batgirl: Could a Standalone Batgirl Game Be Next?

6h ago - With the announcement of the Batgirl DLC for 'Arkham Knight.' Nerd Much discusses if a standalone... | Culture

5 announcements the Wii U could do with at E3

7h ago - Serious Sammy writes - Nintendo could do with having a big E3 this year highly focused on the Wii... | Wii U

Kickstarter Videogame Reward Tiers That Make Us Salivate

7h ago - Serena Nelson writes: "Kickstarter is well-known for being a platform to get ideas funded by fans... | PC

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Halo Fans, Are You Worried About Halo 5: Guardians?

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Could Yooka-Laylee be a Fighter in Super Smash Bros.?

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The 100 Best Open-World Games

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The Age of the Remaster (or How to Create the Illusion of Choice)

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Microsoft Needs To Hire Kojima If It Ever Hopes to Gain Ground In Japan

8h ago - ThisGenGaming says "Anyone who keeps up with video game news knows that Hideo Kojima is no longer... | Industry
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