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  SteamWorld Dig: “From a man in the mines”

By Herobyclicking I felt naked without a duster, hat and cigarello as the title screen flashed and the theme music haunted my ears. SteamWorld D...


Did You Notice The Crew and Watch_Dogs Striking Similarities?

1h ago - The Crew Beta testing was demo'd a few days ago via TwitchTV 's channel, where noticed som... | PC

A Conversation About Upgrading Older Games

1h ago - With the new trend of upgrading last-gen titles, many of them less than a year old, for next-gen... | PS3

5 Most Underrated League of Legends Skins

1h ago - Claudia writes, "With every champion in the game having at least one skin, there are a few skins... | PC

Why Humans Will Always Defeat Terminators at Magic: The Gathering

1h ago - The lead designer of Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers talks about designing an AI to play... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

What Happened to Kane & Lynch?

1h ago - Kane and Lynch has had a rough history; from getting a professional journalist fired to controver... | PC

EA Sports UFC: 10 Tips To Always Win

2h ago - What Culture: EA Sports UFC has been out for over a month and the online community of players on... | PS4

The Daily Five: Great Video Game Remakes

3h ago - "While gamers will always desire new and innovative game franchises, sometimes we just have to re... | Culture

The Importance of Ambience in MMOs

3h ago - Whenever a new online rpg is being touted by its developers, they always talk about how immersive... | Industry

Bayonetta 2 Is Insane, And I Love It For That

3h ago - IGN - Platinum's sequel is unapologetically over-the-top, and I wouldn't have it any other way.... | Wii U

Top 5 Lord Of The Rings Video Games Retrospective

3h ago - With the impending release of Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor, the next great video game set in th... | PS2

A Tournament For The Future: What TI4 Meant For eSports

3h ago - An opinion piece on the events of the DOTA2 TI4 tournament and what it meant for the development... | PC

Destiny Logo Explained

3h ago - As the Destiny beta ventures on, have you found yourself pondering on the three-pronged emblem th... | Xbox 360

Star Wars: The old Republic datamined - Gameupdate 2.9 PTS

3h ago - Game update 2.9 will be playable on the public test servers this weekend, but the patch is alread... | PC

Proof '90s kids playing video games are cooler than kids today

3h ago - Polygon: We asked for gaming photos from your childhood. The response was more adorable, touching... | Retro

Who said it: Metal Gear Solid or 50 Shades of Grey?

4h ago - So, I thought it'd be fun to take 10 quotes from both the MGS games and 50 Shades, mix them up, a... | Culture

Reasons Why the PS4 Will Continue to Outsell the Xbox One

4h ago - PS4Home: "These are the main reasons why the PS4 will continue to outsell the Xbox One in the com... | PS4

The Swapper On Wii U Is Getting Graphics Features The PS3 Couldn’t Handle

5h ago - One Angry Gamer "That's got to be depressing for the PS3 owners... not only is the game not runni... | PS3

Is the Tetsuya Nomura Batman Bahamut?

5h ago - From the article, "Is it just [Jenni Lada], or does that Tetsuya Nomura Batman look a lot like Ba... | Culture

Why Would I Want to Play as Myself in a Game When I Can Play as Someone Cool Instead?

6h ago - DualShockers' Tony Polanco writes: "Games are also something that people take very personally,... | PC

Earn Loads of Glimmer in Destiny with this Treasure Loop

7h ago - If you’re looking to pick up a ton of Glimmer in Destiny, then use that Glimmer to buy all the lo... | Xbox 360

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10 Video Games You Didn’t Realise Are 10 Years Old

8h ago - It's a stark contrast to this year just how phenomenal 2004 was for gaming. | Culture

Pre-Orders and Missing the Point

8h ago - Buying a new game, especially a AAA title, can be a pretty harrowing experience. Once upon a time... | Culture

Nintendo Believes in Local Multiplayer. Do you?

9h ago - From GamesReviews: "Earlier this year I snagged a copy of Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfar... | Xbox 360

Uncharted Movie To Start Filming In 2015. Here's What We Want To See...

9h ago - Let's hope that someone has Nathan Fillion's number, because according to the latest reports, the... | Culture

Raising awareness in the competitive gaming community – two female perspectives

9h ago - Rocketnews24: "Join us as we take a deeper look at the world of gaming from a female perspective,... | Culture
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