Migrating Xbox Gamertags is a mess, and a problem for Windows 10

15m ago - Microsoft wants to create a seamless ecosystem with all of their devices with Windows 10. A few i... | PC

Gamescom is Microsoft’s time to shine in crucial Europe battleground

3h ago - MMGN writes: Despite attracting 300,000 people from more than 80 countries, Germany’s Gamescom is... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Windows 10 gaming and you – A comprehensive guide

3h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Here is a guide to everything you need to know about gaming on Windows 10,... | PC

Is Sprked the Solution to Valve's Paid Mods Scandal?

3h ago - Grab It examines why the new Sprked crowdfunding platform could be the solution for the issue of... | PC

Ujoy Merc Storia: Choosing Runes for Your Melee Characters

6h ago - Ujoy’s Japanese style mobile strategy RPG Merc Storia has been release in Southeast Asia for more... | iPhone

Meet Culture Select, The New Japanese Localisation Team Behind Wish

6h ago - "Culture Select is an up and coming company that we have high hopes for, as it seems that they’re... | PC

10 Ridiculous Action Heroes To Take On The Terminator In WWE 2K16

7h ago - GI As with most sports series, the annual installments of WWE 2K can start to feel all too sim... | Xbox 360

The Top 5 Upcoming PS Vita Games You Forgot About

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Top 8 Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games

7h ago - GI An apocalypse might not be great for the denizens of Earth, but it’s an awesome backdrop to... | Culture

Windows 10 and Xbox One Gaming

8h ago - If you are thinking of taking advantage of the new feature of playing Xbox One games on your Wind... | PC

Inside EVO 2015: Street Fighter V, Crushing Defeats and $15 Hot Dogs

8h ago - Hardcore Gamer: The hype surrounds you. The BO of someone who forgot to apply today’s deodorant,... | Culture

And Now, Our All-Time Favorite Sports Video Games

8h ago - Deadspin Staff: Listen, it’s the dead of summer, only boring sports are happening, and nobody muc... | Culture

Did Capcom Just Scam Their Fans?

8h ago - It might be time for some gamers to learn the difference between "beta" and "free demo." | Culture

Beauty Deconstructed: The State Of Gears Of War

8h ago - Polygons Arthur Gies takes a look at the past and future of the studio formerly known as Black Tu... | Xbox One

It's Kinda Like The Wind Waker, But With Flying

8h ago - Kotaku: "Clouds Below is a very pretty (and free) game about flying. Well OK, there are other thi... | PC

Underrated Games of the Generation Volume 2: Horror games

8h ago - Andrew Gonzalez from Xbox Enthusiast writes: "Welcome to the second installment of my Underrated... | Xbox 360

I Will Never Play Journey Again

8h ago - Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes: "Going into Journey I had no preconceived notio... | PS4

Why Waiting for the NX Will Benefit Next Zelda Game

8h ago - With Zelda Wii U being pushed back until 2016, why not wait a little longer and have a strong, fa... | Wii U

Gaming To Go: The Top 5 Crowdfunded Mobile Games

8h ago - Moe Long writes: "We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re stuck on the bus or subway. You might be at... | PC

3 Things You Could Do To Kill the Time Until Fallout 4 Comes Out

12h ago - BagoGames Fallout 4 is easily among the most anticipated games ever to be released for the cur... | Culture


Now - The largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. | Promoted post

Pay Attention to Gamescom

12h ago - Don't succumb to con fatigue just yet! Pay attention to Gamescom! | Culture

Kojima Teams Up With Nintendo — What If?

12h ago - What if Hideo Kojima – the biggest ‘free agent’ in gaming today – teamed up with Nintendo? The re... | Wii U

Is Microsoft Afraid of New IP

17h ago - Max Level:I have been a huge Microsoft/Xbox fan for years now. The Xbox 360 had arguably the best... | Xbox One

Comparing digital card games: Hearthstone vs. Magic Duels vs. SolForge vs. EarthCore

17h ago - GamesBeat: Digital card games are becoming a big industry trend, and players have plenty of optio... | PC

3 fantastic Life Is Strange Ep. 4 moments that are as good as The Walking Dead Season 1

17h ago - GotGame: The latest episode of Life Is Strange reaches the highs of the best moments in The Walki... | PC
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