An Appeal To Rockstar: Please Stop The Killing Of Prostitutes In GTA V

2h ago | Opinion piece | Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V over 20 million hard working call girls servicing the Los Santos and Blaine County have been victims of senseless hate crimes.

Destiny: All Farming Methods With Tips and Hints

3h ago | Article | Farming items like Glimmer, Spiritbloom, Relic Iron, Gold Chest, Spiritbloom or Engrams in Destin...

My PS4 Gave Me A Serious Scare

4h ago | Opinion piece | EGMR writes: "I was one of those cretins who purchased a PS4 console at launch, just like I did the PS3 console because I’m a Microsoft fanboy. Jok...

Terminally Ill Man Flies by Playing Destiny on PS4; Teaches Us All What it Means to Be a Gamer

5h ago | Article | It all started on the official Bungie Forums. Just before the launch of the game Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers came across the message of a gamer just like you. The only caveat is that Jebi, or...

5 Things Bungie Needs to do to Improve Destiny

4h ago | Opinion piece | Our review for Destiny went live yesterday and while we obviously loved the game we still acknowl...

Destiny's Big Halo Problem

4h ago | Opinion piece | Destiny, Bungie's return to consoles, has faced one big problem since it hit shelves last week: the past.

How to Find Master Chief in Destiny

3h ago | Article | Bungie may have left the Halo series behind, but they certainly haven't forgotten their legacy. A...

You May No Longer Be Able To Monetize Your Minecraft Videos

13h ago | Opinion piece | "Following Microsoft's announcement today that...

Unlock Every Character And Stage in Super Smash Bros 3DS

5h ago | Article | All the known methods to unlock both the Smash...

This May Be The Easiest Way To Earn Gear in Destiny

19h ago | Article | While working on a late mission on Venus, [PowerLeveled] ran into one of the easiest ways to grin...

Indie devs under pressure as Minecraft developer quits "for sanity"

12h ago | Opinion piece | MWEB GameZone writes: "When a developer like Notch says that he is withdrawing from public feedba...

Wii U Is Dead? Not If Nintendo Buys Unity

18h ago | Opinion piece | Could Nintendo attract more developers with a game engine?

Many Advanced Tips You Probably Didn’t Know in Mario Kart 8

6h ago | Article | Many think Mario Kart 8 is a simple fun game th...

Will Ferrell wants to fight cancer by playing video games

6h ago | Article | Would you pay money to watch Will Ferrell play...

Hellblade's female lead - a character of beauty, anger and history

9h ago | Article | MWEB GameZone writes: "It's still a rarity to h...

Three Things To Make Destiny Better

7h ago | Opinion piece | Mikael Von Stroot of Fully 'Avin It writes: To steal that quote from The Dark Knight; “You e...

Microsoft’s Purchase of Minecraft Will Benefit Everyone

18h ago | Opinion piece | Breaking down what Microsoft's 2.5 billion doll...

What’s Happening with EA

13h ago | Opinion piece | 8BitChimp's Matt Mitchell says, "Generally, I like the EA Sports games; I’m a big sports fan...

Cloud Gaming Could Make Consoles Obsolete

13h ago | Opinion piece | MegaJon28 writes "There have been a lot of talks about the cloud and what it will do for gam...

Markus Persson: It’s About the Money

15h ago | Opinion piece | Markus Persson wrote a blog detailing why he wanted to destroy the hopes and dreams of milli...
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