Will 'Destiny' Survive 'Call Of Duty,' 'Halo,' And 'Far Cry?'

1h ago | Opinion piece | Two months in, Destiny is still a big deal. Engagement numbers are impressive, plenty of people are playing the Vault of Glass, and by and large, the ultra-successful launch has maintained momentum...

What 20th Century TV Show Would you Like to be Made Into a Modern Game?

17m ago | Opinion piece | Most of you grew up watching and loving TV show...

The Top 5: Gruesome Deaths in Horror Games

1h ago | Opinion piece | 7 more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween 7 more days till Halloween, at We the Nerdy...

Bayonetta 2 Reviews: The Best Wii U Game Of 2014?

3h ago | Article | "Bayonetta 2 arrived in North America and Europe on Friday. The reviews suggest that Wii U gamers...

PlayStation Releases for November 2014

7h ago | Article | We’ve had some great games in October due to the rush to release games for the holiday season, but November is when the big games tend to be released each year. There’s the usual staples we’ve come...

5 Nintendo Games You Can Beat in Minutes Because of Glitches

6h ago | Article | Video games are big things with lots of code. T...

The Best PS2 Horror Game Classics For This Halloween

10h ago | Opinion piece | PS2Home: "If you’re looking for some great reco...

Top 10 Games That Put Me in the Halloween Spirit

10h ago | Opinion piece | A quick top ten list of some games that aren't necessarily Halloween or horror but work great at...

#GamerGate, everyone is affected and why everyone should care

6h ago | Opinion piece | One particular writer from The Outerhaven has h...

The Evolution of Naughty Dog, Part 1 (1984-2000)

10h ago | Article | As the iconic Sony subsidiary celebrates its 30th birthday, Power Up Gaming takes an in-dept...

5 terrifying videogame opponents

17h ago | Opinion piece | They are the one's that make you shiffer, the one's that drive you crazy and maybe make you crap your pants. Five terrifying opponents in games.

Offensive representations of male characters in video games

13h ago | Opinion piece | The ubiquity of stereotyped portrayals of men in a wide range of games should be critically exami...

Sunset Overdrive is exactly what the Xbox One needs

14h ago | Opinion piece | Gamers don't necessarily want or need another generic, cookie-cutter third-person shooter ala Gea...

Hatred: Violence and Pure Porn

19h ago | Opinion piece | "Meet Patrick. Young and exceptionally handsome. Patrick takes pride in being the best he can be mentally and physically. Educated, intellectual, a...

Bayonetta 2 Is The 2014 Highest Rated Non-Rehash Console Game Thus Far

22h ago | Opinion piece | N247: Although it might have seemed as if Bayonetta 2 had been out for over a week now thanks to...

Almost 9 Years Later, Kingdom Hearts II Brought Me Back

11h ago | Opinion piece | A look at Kingdom Hearts II (and Final Mix), an...

If you can beat these top 9 toughest bosses, you deserve a medal

20h ago | Article | Everyone loves a good boss battle, and PlayStat...

Some of the Top Games to Look Forward to in 2015

21h ago | Article | A hand full of the top games that we can look forward to in the new year.

Replay – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Spectacular

13h ago | Opinion piece | Gameinformer: "We're just an hour away from this year's Extra Life livestream marathon, and...

Pro Evo 2015 owns FIFA 15

22h ago | Opinion piece | FIFA’s more elaborate package and far superior presentation will inevitably see it win out,...

What Happened to EA?

19h ago | Opinion piece | I’m a 35 year old gamer, and that means several things;I owned singles on records and casset...

Monster Strike - Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

21h ago | Article | Monster Strike is known in Japan as "the game t...
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