Microsoft Will Reveal a Remodeled Xbox One Soon

3h ago | Opinion piece | Microsoft has done everything possible to win back gamers after their abysmal launch, what's left is a redesigning of the bulky console.

Halo 5: A Dramatic New Direction for the Franchise

3h ago | Opinion piece | Explosion:" After a lot of teases and some viral marketing, Microsoft and 343 Industries finally...

Has Rockstar really downgraded GTA 5?

5h ago | Article | Digital Foundry: Last week, YouTube footage emerged showing that Grand Theft Auto 5's 1.08 patch...

Are You Still Playing Destiny?

35m ago | Opinion piece | Bungie says it's a 10-year project, but with a failing player-base is it realistic?

Without Zelda, What’s Left for the Wii U This Year?

10h ago | Opinion piece | With the next-generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already upon us, Nintendo's console has be...

Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon All Bosses Fight Guide and Tips

20h ago | Article | Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are vast underground ruins deep beneath the city of Yharnam. Chali...

Petition Launched for Socom 2

19h ago | Article | Socom fans speak out on with a petition to bring back Socom II Remastered to PlayStation 4. Will it even make a difference?

The 10 Hardest Trophies On PlayStation 4

12h ago | Opinion piece | Do you consider yourself a trophy hunter on the Playstation 4? If you’re looking for a challenge...

PlayStation vs Nintendo 64 Was the Last Console War That Mattered

8h ago | Opinion piece | Vice: Have you seen the latest advertising for the PlayStation 4? "The world's most powerful con...

New PlayStation Games for 3/31/2015

16h ago | Article | Posted by Ryan Clements on Mar 29, 2015 // Social Media Specialist The Drop: Celebrate the...

Darwin’s Doom: Evolve is Already Dead

20h ago | Opinion piece | CraveOnline: "At the time of writing this, it’s Saturday 7:45 p.m. It’s prime time for gamers. On...

Why Are There No Good New Games for My Wii U?

11h ago | Opinion piece | Vice: The PlayStation 4 will inherit the Earth. Or, according to analysts, continue to domi...

How Is Bloodborne Treating Our Beginners?

16h ago | Opinion piece | PushSquare:"For the few of you that aren't fed up of us bleating on about Bloodborne yet, we've g...

How to skip Bloodborne's first 3 bosses

21h ago | Article | GotGame writes: This trick will surely save you lots of time and frustration!

Now is the time for EA to revisit Fight Night

15h ago | Opinion piece | Ouros magazine explores the reason EA should revive the Fight Night franchise

Exploring DirectX 12: 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test

19h ago | Article | Before jumping into our (Anandtech) results, le...

Batman: Arkham Knight will be Game of the Year

15h ago | Opinion piece | GCO: "Batman: Arkham Knight will be the Game of the Year, and here’s why: Rocksteady's devot...

No ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ Wii U At E3 More Disappointing Than Delay

17h ago | Opinion piece | INQ: Nintendo Producer Eiji Aonuma announced th...

Telling a Tale about TellTale

15h ago | Opinion piece | Everyone's favourite Point and Click adventure game specialist has been around for 3 years n...

New Video Game Releases: What Gamers Want for the Week of 3-30-15

21h ago | Opinion piece | EB: There definitely isn’t a shortage of new vi...
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