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Jimquisition Five Scary Games For Halloween Probably

309d ago - A list video? Here? Dr. Jonathan Crane has gone too far this year. | Culture

Games of the Alien series, Part 2: The ‘must play’ edition

327d ago - Who says there are no good Alien(s) games? These are the 13 must play titles of the franchise. | Arcade

Check What Xbox One Games are Coming Out in August

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Alien Evolution - From Atari 2600 to PlayStation 4

374d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): October 7 marks the release of Sega’s Alien: Isolation, a surviv... | PC

5 Most Fun Representations of Survival in Games

910d ago - A list of five games that defined the most fun representations of survival in gaming. From games... | PS2

5 Aliens Games Actually Worth Your Time

913d ago - GP Editor Marcus Estrada lists five good games in the history of Aliens-based titles. | Arcade

Fantastic Neighborhood 54: Concentrated Acid for Tears

914d ago - How did you feel about the Gearbox betrayal? The Fantastic Neighborhood crew took it really hard... | Nintendo DS

Aliens: Infestation – not just another bug hunt

928d ago - GamesAsylum takes a look back at 2011's Aliens Infestation for the Nintendo DS. | Nintendo DS

Fantastic Neighborhood 52: Happy Birthday to Us

928d ago - Fifty-two weeks, without missing a ingle show. The Fantastic Neighborhood crew celebrates by drin... | PC

'Late To The Party Review' - Aliens: Infestation - Twinfinite

1010d ago - It will come as no surprise that 2011′s Aliens: Infestation has a heavy Metroid feel. In fact, it... | Nintendo DS

Aliens: Infestation Review |

1308d ago - Aliens: Infestation is a 2D Platformer that fits comfortably into the “Metroidvania” subgenre. It... | Nintendo DS

Aliens: Infestation Review | Critical Hit!

1325d ago - Critical Hit!: "It’s no secret to Metroid fans that the series was inspired in part by the Alien... | Nintendo DS
20° Aliens: Infestation - DS Review

1328d ago - "Developer WayForward has created numerous fantastic experiences on the DS, with one of their mos... | Nintendo DS

Aliens: Infestation Review | Trendy Gamers

1341d ago - Trendy Gamers: Aliens: Infestation takes place between the second and third film, following the e... | Nintendo DS

Doopcloud: Aliens Infestation (DS) Review

1356d ago - "WayForward have bought the Aliens franchise to DS with Aliens: Infestation is an incredibly pret... | Nintendo DS

Aliens: Infestation Nintendo DS Review (2D-X)

1368d ago - Aliens: Infestation has a fair share of faults. That doesn’t stop it from being a pretty good ode... | Nintendo DS

Game Guys review - Aliens Infestation

1371d ago - Sega is at it again -- adding a new entry to the Aliens series that exists in their cataloge. Wit... | Nintendo DS

5 Great Games from 2011 You (Probably) Haven’t Played

1371d ago - It happens every year. Beyond Good and Evil. Rez. Psychonauts. Tomba. Suikoden II. Ico. Great ga... | Wii

GameSpot: Aliens: Infestation Review

1378d ago - GameSpot: Aliens: Infestation is an unforgiving and exciting retro romp. | 3DS

Dust off the DS for Aliens: Infestation - Unwinnable

1383d ago - Aliens: Infestation from Sega gives you a great 2D action, from this map sprawling hand-held. T... | Nintendo DS

ZTGD | Aliens: Infestation Review

1383d ago - Ken McKown writes: The Aliens license has seen its ups and downs in the video game world. Sega an... | Nintendo DS


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Aliens Infestation Review GamerFitNation

1387d ago - GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte reviews Aliens Infestation for the Nintendo DS. "Aliens Infestat... | Nintendo DS

Review: Aliens Infestation (This Is My Joystick)

1391d ago - The story picks up shortly after the end of the third Alien movie (directed by the now very succe... | 3DS

Aliens: Infestation Review (

1397d ago - GB: "A stylised handheld extension of the classic Aliens movies, Infestation offers an enjoyable... | 3DS

Aliens: Infestation review "A scary version of Metroid" (SEGAbits)

1398d ago - SEGAbits: "Aliens: Infestation is one of the games that almost got canceled, along with Aliens: C... | Nintendo DS

GameShark: Aliens: Infestation Review

1399d ago - GameShark: When was the last time you thought about lives in a video game? Be honest. I’m not tal... | Nintendo DS
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