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Aliens: Colonial Marines Review - Attacking the Backlog and Regretting It | PlayerEssence

105d ago - Sometimes, you go back to your backlog and think, "yea, I should really play this". And other... | PC

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

HonestGamers Review // Aliens Colonial Marines

863d ago - Gary Hartley Writes: A brutal patchwork of exaggerations, underachieving and wasted potential. | PC

Console Monster - Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

877d ago - Console Monster - Oh dear, another one. This was probably the reaction of most when a new Alien g... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Review | Shane The Gamer

889d ago - Aliens: Colonial Marines is SEGA’s follow up to 2010’s Aliens vs. Predator. To say the game has b... | PC

Squandary Review - Aliens: Colonial Marines Official Strategy Guide

890d ago - The Aliens: Colonial Marines game was a let-down and mediocre at best. The Official Strategy Guid... | Xbox 360

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review I VideoGamesUncovered

891d ago - The Aliens franchise has been steadily terrifying its way through generations of fans since 1986,... | Xbox 360
60° Redbox Rental Review - Alien Colonial Marines

893d ago - A review based on the rental of Alien Colonial Marines | PC

Sega Addicts Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines (360)

893d ago - Sega Addict Josh Newey reviews the XBox 360 version of Sega and Gearbox's Aliens FPS. | Xbox 360

MP1st | Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug Hunt DLC Review

894d ago - MP1st - "I had many issues with Alien: Colonial Marines, from buggy and stupid AI, to common text... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review | Game Podunk

895d ago - GP writer Brittany Vincent reviews Aliens: Colonial Marines on Xbox 360. | PC

Alien Colonial Marines : Co op Review Pure|News

897d ago - When they first announced aliens colonial marines, man my reaction was… yeah, I didn’t really car... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review | PixelPerfectGaming

897d ago - Considered a true sequel by 20th Century Fox, Aliens Colonial Marines occurs just seventeen weeks... | PS3

Aliens: Colonial Marines Third Opinion - Reviews on the Run

901d ago - Victor and Scott offer up their take on the controversial Aliens: Colonial Marines. | PC

PixlBit's Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

902d ago - PixlBit | "Unlike most reviewers, I feel like I had a unique perspective going into Gearbox’s Ali... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review - Zero1Gaming

903d ago - Joseph Butler-Hartley reviews the much-maligned 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' and tries hard to find... | PC

Review: Aliens Colonial Marines (This Is My Joystick)

904d ago - You’d think that a license as iconic as Aliens would have resulted in some phenomenal games over... | Xbox 360

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review |

904d ago - "this game would be enjoyed by sci-fi fans but a kick in the teeth to hardcore fans of the franch... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review | Post Arcade

905d ago - Post Arcade: "Despite the source material, Aliens: Colonial Marines is as bad as an acid-soaked d... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review - Eskimo Press

905d ago - Aliens: Colonial Marine’s long hard journey through development hell is finally at an end. For ye... | PC

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Aliens: Colonial Marines “Game Over, Man!” - AlterGamer

907d ago - We heard and saw it all before. Aliens: Colonial Marines is not moving any hearts, in a good way.... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review - Gamer Euphoria

909d ago - Gamer Euphoria writes: ''Aliens: Colonial Marines is an odd beast. It’s a game that tries so h... | PC

Review Aliens: Colonial Marines |

909d ago - written: The terror from outer space lands on our consoles Xbox 360 version tested.... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review - TGH

912d ago - Vaughn from TheGamersHub writes: "It’s hard to deny it, Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t the greate... | PC

Aliens Colonial Marines is still better than DNF (Goozernation)

912d ago - Is Aliens Colonial Marines better than Duke Nukem Forever? Don’t always believe everything the ga... | PC
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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