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Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview | Gaming Capacity

1020d ago - GC: “I’ve been stealing from Aliens my whole career” has been Gearbox’s President Randy Pitchf... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview |

1035d ago - Zac Davis takes a look at the upcoming Gearbox Games release, Aliens: Colonial Marines. | PC

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview | Velocity Gamer

1041d ago - I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise, so much so that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the “prequel”... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines: is authenticity enough? | EDGE

1043d ago - EDGE: "In a way, it’s an unfair question: the licence dictates everything, including weapon balan... | PC

GameStyle - Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

1044d ago - GameStyle - After a long ten years, and more delays than the London Underground in winter, the la... | PC

NWR: Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

1044d ago - NWR: Aliens: Colonial Marines has been around for a long time. Back in 2001, a now-defunct Check... | Wii U

PS3Home: Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

1050d ago - PS3Home: "Prepare to battle Xenomorphs in stunning resolutions alongside your PSN friends; Aliens... | Xbox 360

Aliens: Colonial Marines preview – the atmosphere’s great, now fix the alien animation

1054d ago - OPM: Gearbox’s ET-blaster has been pinging on Motion Trackers for years without ever seeming to s... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview | Golden4games

1066d ago - The story is told through the eyes of Corporal Christopher Winter, a Colonial Marine who is part... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On Preview - Chet & Jon

1071d ago - A hands-on preview of SEGA and Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines. The Finite Playlist = 20 games... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview | GameRevolution

1072d ago - GR: SEGA and Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines follows in the wake and enthusiasm of WayForward'... | PC

OXM - Colonial Marines online: not the Left 4 Dead clone you're waiting for

1075d ago - OXM - The terror potential of an Alien lies not in its unearthly speed, strength or razor-sharp a... | Xbox 360

Aliens Colonial Marines Preview: Embrace the Terror | Digital Spy

1076d ago - Digital Spy: "Aliens Colonial Marines is potentially a lip-smacking prospect for fans of the scie... | PC

Games of 2013 Preview at Skewed and Reviewed

1077d ago - Skewed and Reviewed have posted their preview of the top games to look for in early 2013. | PC

X360A - Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On Preview - Another Day in the Corps

1077d ago - X360M - Hadley’s Hope isn’t the most welcoming of places. Located on the barren, stormy surface o... | Xbox 360

Hands-on with Aliens: Colonial Marines | Destructoid

1077d ago - Destructoid: "After getting some hands-on time with Aliens: Colonial Marines, I feel more than a... | PC

GameInformer-Our Hands-On Time With Aliens: Colonial Marines

1077d ago - GI:After a long development cycle, Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to launch on February 12th, 20... | PC

Revision3-Aliens Colonial Marines New Gameplay Preview

1077d ago - Revision3:Max Scoville got a chance to chat with Aliens Colonial Marines' Design Director John Mu... | PC

VG247: Aliens Colonial Marines: assholes and elbows

1077d ago - Aliens: Colonial Marines is the canonical sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 movie. VG247′s Dave Cook... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines hands-on - an action-packed hour in Hadley's Hope | OXM UK

1078d ago - OXM UK: "Hands-on time reveals a shooter that knows when to hold back, allowing the sweat to accu... | Xbox 360

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Aliens: Colonial Marines hands-on Preview - MMGN

1078d ago - MMGN: It may not revolutionise much, but it’s a breath of fresh air in the shooter crowd regardle... | PC

GamerZines - Aliens: Colonial Marines | Campaign Hands-On

1078d ago - GamerZines writes: This December marks the sixth year that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been i... | PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview: the Aliens game you've been waiting for? | EuroGamer

1078d ago - EuroGamer: "Aliens: Colonial Marines is an elaborate stage, constructed from props borrowed from... | PC

Surviving the Xenomorph offensive in Aliens: Colonial Marines | Joystiq

1078d ago - Joystiq: "Gearbox Software is a studio of many talents, but the developer's biggest success on Al... | PC

Kotaku - Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Make You Jump at Every Freakin’ Shadow You See

1078d ago - Kotaku - The challenge Gearbox faces in making Aliens: Colonial Marines is twofold. First, since... | PC
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Aliens: Colonial Marines

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