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Aion Review | MMOGameCentral

808d ago - Aion brings a plethora of innovative features to the MMORPG table including flight combat, in-dep... | PC

Aion Online 2.7 Now Live, Adds New PvP Arena

1059d ago - MMORPG Aion Online has received a new content update, available now automatically for subs to dow... | PC

GameFlow: Aion Review

1102d ago - Aion online is an MMORPG from NCsoft. In Aion you take the role of a Elyos or Asmodian in their s... | PC

GameSpot: We Just Played Aion's Updated Content

1291d ago - 2009's Aion was one of many massively multiplayer games to make the jump from its original home i... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

NCsoft patches Aion 2.1 with Part 2

1329d ago - New Game Network: "NCsoft today released the latest patch update to the popular MMO Aion. Buildin... | PC

NCSoft Readies Big Aion Update

1404d ago - NCsoft are getting ready to deploy their biggest Aion update. Arriving on the PTS today and on th... | PC

When Aion Meets Wonder Girls.

1487d ago - NCsoft and JYP announced the creative collaboration at NCsoft R&D center on Aug. 19. | Industry

Next Train Is… Aion Express.

1496d ago - A train of line number 2 metro in Seoul became an 3D PC express. | PC Aion Addresses Server Merges and Imbalances

1507d ago - Earlier this weekend, Lance Stites, Executive Vice President of Game Operations and Production at... | PC

Aion: Assault on Balaurea Dated for September

1523d ago - GamerZines writes: NCSoft has just sent word that the next expansion for Aion, titled Assault... | PC

Massively Interview: Elysean Council Captures Divine Fortress

1528d ago - At the end of June, Daevas were introduced to the Elysean Council during an interview with NCsoft... | PC

More double XP On Tap for Aion

1559d ago - Remember how NCsoft said prior to the 1.9 patch that there wouldn't be any more of their patented... | PC

Aion 1.9 Full Install Client Now Available

1560d ago - Thinking of returning to Aion to check out the 1.9 patch? You're not alone, as folks are beginnin... | PC

Wings Over Atreia: 1.9 Impressions

1561d ago - So, the big day has come and gone, and Aion's North American players are now basking in the post-... | PC

Aion Update 1.9 Live

1566d ago - NCSoft has announced the launch of the highly anticipated 1.9 update for their MMORPG Aion, now a... | PC

Aion Plans Eight-Hour Downtime for 1.9 Patch

1567d ago - Aion's 1.9 patch has gotten a lot of press recently, and rightfully so, given the game-changing u... | PC

Wings Over Atreia: Community Roundup

1568d ago - There's been a lot happening around the Aionosphere this past month, with the announcement of nex... | PC

Aion's 1.9 Patch to Right XP Wrongs

1580d ago - Everybody loves double-experience weekends, right? For a while now, they've been shoring up the X... | PC

Wings Over Atreia: The Xeno Experience

1583d ago - What is the Xeno quest, you're probably wondering? Well if you're a middle-aged (i.e. over 40) El... | PC

D2D Spring Sale Slashes 50% Off Mass Effect 2 Bundle, Aion, Fallout 3

1594d ago - Direct2Drive has kicked off its fourth and final Spring Sale week, offering discounts ranging fro... | PC

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post

Aion 1.9 Q&A Released

1602d ago - NCSoft has released a new Aion Q&A for the MMORPG's upcoming 1.9 update. | 12

Aion Public Test Servers Hit Thursday

1604d ago - NCSoft has revealed details on a pair of public test servers arriving for its MMORPG Aion for bot... | 12

Aion Test Servers to Open for NA and EU

1607d ago - This is a test of upcoming content, this is only a test... server, that is. Aion's quality assura... | 12

The "Dangers" of Buying MMORPG Powerleveling

1608d ago - The developers of Aion, NCsoft have teamed up with Rooster Teeth to educate MMORPG players about... | 11,12,13

Aion: New 1.9 Details Overview

1609d ago - IncGamers goes over the latest details to be revealed about Aion's upcoming patch 1.9, which incl... | 12
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Aion: Tower of Eternity

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
EU 25 September 2009
AU 23 September 2009
US 21 September 2009
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