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The Average Gamer: Microsoft's Play Day at Gamescom

1634d ago - Debbie from The Average Gamer went to Köln for the European games conference, Gamescom. She got a... | Xbox 360

Leggetron preview: Age of Empires Online

1634d ago - This latest iteration disassembles not only the franchise, but the entire real-time strategy genr... | PC

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Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

GND presents – Weekly Release Drop for August 14th-20th featuring No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

1638d ago - GND states-"Welcome one and all once again to our latest edition of our Weekly Release Drop. Toda... | PC

Kotaku: Why You Need to Play Age of Empires Online

1638d ago - Be warned: I am a strident fan of classic computer real-time strategy series Age of Empires and w... | PC

Age of Empires Online Preview (NoobFeed)

1648d ago - You’re on your way to conquering the known world. Test the civilization you’ve built and your abi... | PC

Age of Empires Online preview (PCGAMER)

1682d ago - PCGAMER writes: There’s no arguing that Farmville and friends cast a long shadow over the free-to... | PC

SideQuesting Preview: Age of Empires Online

1727d ago - - Age of Empires Online carries the torch that its predecessors lit, capturing t... | PC

FTG Preview: Age of Empires Online

1734d ago - Age of Empires Online attempts to bring together gameplay elements from real-time strategy, massi... | PC

GMRFM Age of Empires Online beta impressions

1738d ago - GMRFM takes a look at AoE online. | PC

Preview: Hands-On with Age of Empries Online Beta

1745d ago - William Pansky listens the shuffling sounds of people at market, mumbles of their chatter, clanki... | PC

vGamers: Age of Empires Online Preview

1748d ago - vGamers takes a look at the upcoming Age of Empires Online Free to Play follow up to Age of Empir... | PC

G4TV: Age of Empires Online First Look

1782d ago - With Age of Empires Online, Gas Powered Games is taking over the successful RTS franchise, taking... | PC

Eurogamer: Age of Empires Online Preview

1795d ago - There are no idle questions in game design. That's why off-handedly asking one of the developers... | PC

GameSpot: Age of Empires Online Hands-On - Customization

1808d ago - There is so much going on in Age of Empires Online it's hard to know where to begin. Basically, t... | PC

GamesRadar: Age of Empires Online Hands-On

1836d ago - AoEO (you can totally sing that acronym) is almost entirely single-player and co-op instance-focu... | PC

Genre bender: Four ways Age of Empires Online is also an MMO

1838d ago - Age of Empires Online tweaks the formula to create an MMO/RTS hybrid, with something for loot who... | PC

(Pre-Play) Age of Empires: Online, The Spartan Experience

1838d ago - Slated to launch later in 2011, ROQ gives you an overview of the complete experience in the upcom... | PC

IGN: Returning to Age of Empires

1838d ago - IGN: Every once in a while I remember when Ensemble Studios shut down and I feel sad. At the time... | PC

GameSpot: Age of Empires Online First Look

1994d ago - GameSpot writes: "It’s a bold move to take a franchise as known and loved as Age of Empires and g... | PC
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