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From coolbeans I’m the type of fella that often sticks with playing games in or past their official 1.0 form. In the case of assessing that kin... (4)
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How Acquire re-created Japan’s Akihabara district in Akiba’s Trip

324d ago - Acquire has re-created Japan’s geek-centric “Electric Town” from the street layout on up, with a... | PS3

PS4: Here’s What 13 Japanese Developers Think, as They Also Tease Unannounced Games and More

519d ago - Sony’s PS4 is about to be released in Japan and local gamers aren’t the only ones excited about i... | PS4

IrrationalPassions: rain Review

605d ago - Jarrett from IP writes: "rain succeeds in various ways, but fails in the most important ones. It’... | PS3

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Review | TVL

713d ago - As a reviewer often the hardest reviews to write are those for average games. It’s easy to critis... | PS Vita

I Actually Played This – Way Of The Samurai 3

720d ago - The author intentionally plays bad games for your twisted amusement. Tonight's episode: Way of... | Xbox 360

MIND≒0 Summons An Oni

724d ago - MIND≒0 from Class of Heroes developer Zero Div follows a group of high-schoolers that can summon... | PS Vita

Acquire teases PS Vita reveal, looks like The Last Guy follow-up

841d ago - "The Last Guy could be getting a spin-off, sequel or new PS Vita build, following a tease from de... | Dev

Acquire teasing new PS Vita project

842d ago - The Japanese developer has gone up with a teaser site, available at the, showing four c... | PS Vita

Patchwork Heroes: A Retrospective

926d ago - Patchwork heroes was released on the psp nearly two years ago.Made by the creators of the Badman... | PSP

GungHo’s President Talks About Vita And The Future Of Ragnarok

974d ago - While you may not recognize GungHo Online Entertainment as a company, you probably have played on... | PSP

A Series in Decline: Tenchu

1059d ago - In this article from GamingUnwrapped, the author will be taking a look back at a stealth series t... | PS2

Orgarhythm’s developer finds success through failure

1122d ago - Orgarhythm developer Acquire talks about seeking help from Neilo to merge two genres. | PS Vita

Xseed Will Announce Another Game From Sumioni Developer Acquire

1247d ago - Siliconera writes, "Sumioni: Demon Arts won’t be the only Acquire game from Xseed this year eithe... | PSP

Sumioni plans for DLC

1265d ago - Junichiro Tamura, producer for the game, said the development team will continuing working on Sum... | PS Vita

Sumioni Gets A New Character As Well As Multiple Endings

1271d ago - AnalogHype brings you the low down on Sumioni's new character and more! | PS Vita

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen (English Trailer)

1288d ago - Get a closer look at the action and deception in this Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen trailer. | PS Vita

SumiOni Developer Acquire Talks About Working With PlayStation Vita Hardware

1310d ago - Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! studio Acquire has been working extensively with the PlayStatio... | PS Vita

New Screenshots and Details Revealed about Clan of Champions

1375d ago - Today Acquire revealed some interesting new details about Gladiator VS, that will be published in... | PC

Shinobido 2 Trailer and Screens

1395d ago - Acquire and Spike released the latest media for Shinobido 2 today. Check out the goodies below, a... | PS Vita

PS Vita Dream Club, New Fate/Extra, and FFXIII-2 Time Travel Details in This Week's Dengeki

1397d ago - Famitsu promised nine new PlayStation Vita games for its upcoming issue, which hits shops on Thur... | PSP

N4G Radio

Now - N4G Radio | Promoted post

Acquire Working on NGP Game; Tenchu in the Works?

1579d ago - GameDynamo - "According to the JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organization) website, Acquire, the... | PSP2

'Tenchu' and 'Way of the Samurai' developer joins interactive entertainment agency

1593d ago - ISM today announced the addition of Acquire Corp. to its global portfolio of top-tier developers.... | Industry

Eight Percent Of Fans Want Acquire to Make Way of the Zombie

1674d ago - Andriasang: Publisher reveals results of recent user poll. | Culture

Want Another Samurai Western Or Should Acquire Make A Zombie Game?

1686d ago - Siliconera: Acquire, the original developers of Tenchu and the Badman series, want you to tell th... | Industry

GameTrailers: Gladiator Begins - Debut Trailer

1768d ago - Become a Gladiator on the go with this brawler on the Sony PSP! | PSP
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