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1UP: A Vampyre Story Review

2181d ago - 1UP writes: "Man, it's really hard to make a good adventure game. It's so hard to make one,... | 12

Resolution: A Vampyre Story review

2181d ago - "A Vampyre Story comes across as a collection of brilliant ideas, executed in a disappointin... | 12

GameZone: A Vampyre Story Review

2181d ago - GameZone writes: "The biggest culprit that holds A Vampyre Story from being even more e... | 12

TGR: A Vampyre Story review

2182d ago - TGR Writes: "At a bargain price of $29.99, A Vampyre Story is great for players seeking... | 12

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WorthPlaying Review: A Vampyre Story

2183d ago - WorthPlaying writes: "During the heyday of PC adventure gaming, LucasArts was one of the pre... | 12

Unigamesity: A Vampyre Story Review

2189d ago - Point and click adventure fans are waiting for A Vampyre Story since 2004 when the game was first... | 12

Hooked Gamers: A Vampyre Story Review

2194d ago - A Vampyre Story falls short in the humour department – the very department that made the Monkey I... | 12

TGR Review: A Vampyre Story

2197d ago - TGR writes: "When a person sits down with an adventure game, the most important tasks that t... | 12

Unigamesity: A Vampyre Story Review

2197d ago - As a point and click adventure game Autumn Moon's title is solid, entertaining, complete and comp... | 12

TPCG: A Vampyre Story Review

2197d ago - This has been underpinned with a strong and inspired adventure game, every bit as well designed a... | 12

A Vampyre Story Review at CheatCC

2199d ago - CheatCC says: "As far as adventure games go, A Vampyre Story is interesting and quirky enoug... | 12

RPGFan: A Vampyre Story Review

2199d ago - A Vampyre Story is a fantastic graphic adventure that evokes the spirit of those bygone LucasArts... | 12

GamesRadar: A Vampyre Story Review

2202d ago - A Vampyre Story has been in development for so long and through a development process so torturou... | 12

GameSpot: A Vampyre Story Review

2205d ago - Even though A Vampyre Story may be too corny for its own good at times, it packs enough character... | 12

IGN: A Vampyre Story Review

2205d ago - Chapter 2 in the series will be on its way, but have IGN even really recommended Chapter 1? It do... | 12

GameOver: A Vampyre Story Review

2206d ago - GameOver writes: An enjoyable adventure by artists of the Curse of the Monkey Island. F... | 11,12

Honest Gamers Review: A Vampyre Story

2207d ago - Honest Gamers: "Oh, A Vampyre Story. Let me love you. Why won't you let me love you? A... | 12

Diehard GameFAN: A Vampyre Story Review

2207d ago - If A Vampyre Story had been a finished game, it would have been one of the best Adventure games o... | 12

Game Vortex: A Vampyre Story Review

2209d ago - Game Vortex writes: "I have said it once, and I will say it again, I love this resurgence of... | 12

Strategy Informer Review: A Vampyre Story

2210d ago - A Vampyre Story takes place in your stereotypical 1880's European castle. Think Count Duckula's h... | 12

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Bit-tech: A Vampyre Story Review

2212d ago - Unfortunately though, A Vampyre Story isn't one of those exceptions and the combination of gratin... | 12

A Vampyre Story Gets Tweaked with a Patch

2212d ago - Crimson Cow and Autumn Moon have released a patch for A Vampyre Story. This patch can be used for... | 12

A Vampyre Story Has Shipped to Retail Stores

2215d ago - GamingShogun writes, "The new point and click adventure game, in the style of the old LucasA... | 12

ACG: A Vampyre Story Review

2215d ago - ACG writes: "Once upon a time, a young talented French opera singer named Mona De Lafitte ha... | 12

Jolt Review: A Vampyre Story

2217d ago - Jolt: "A Vampyre Story is clearly a labour of love, although whether that's a love lost on y... | 12

A Vampyre Story

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Release Dates
PC Release Dates
US 02 December 2008
EU 21 November 2008