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AVWW 1.2 Nears and New Coverage Arrives

1314d ago - Arcen Games: "Only a few new beta updates for A Valley Without Wind this week, but they add and/o... | PC

AVWW 1.1, IndieCade E3 Showcase Press Coverage

1317d ago - Arcen Games: "A Valley Without Wind 1.1 is officially out (along with an official hotfix) and we'... | PC

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

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Games You Might Not Have Tried #4

1320d ago - This week, Extra Credits recommend some more interesting, "under the radar" games. | PC

Review: A Valley Without Wind (PC) | Digitally Downloaded

1324d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "The problem I have with this game is that the major ideas (an enorm... | PC

A Valley Without Wind Gets Massive Content Update, Now Live On Steam

1326d ago - reports: "Is an infinitely big procedurally-generated world just not big enough for... | PC

Reflections On A Valley Without Wind's Transformation From 1.0 to 1.1

1327d ago - Arcen Games: "Whew! It's been a busy month and a half since A Valley Without Wind 1.0 launched.... | PC

E3 2012: A Valley Without Wind interview

1330d ago - GGTL says: "We've had the pleasure of covering A Valley Without Wind under various conditions and... | E3

Review of Arcen Games: A Valley Without Wind

1337d ago - AhmadSA our Middle East correspondent has been busy working away in our Saudi office playing Arce... | PC

A Valley Without Wind review | Select Start Media

1337d ago - "AVWW continues this trend of ”let’s f**k with what the gamer knows and create something totally... | PC

GamerNode | A Valley Without Wind Review

1342d ago - GamerNode Managing Editor Dan Crabtree writes: "A game tells a story with its lighting, its artis... | PC

A Valley Without Wind Showing At E3, 1.1 Update Arrives Next Week

1343d ago - Arcen Games: "Indie developer Arcen Games is excited to announce the inclusion of A Valley Withou... | PC

IGN, GameSpot, Eurogamer unjustly damage Arcen Game's latest title

1345d ago - GGTL says: "As a member of the gaming press, it's our responsibility to convey information and fa... | PC

Review: A Valley Without Wind | GGTL

1358d ago - GGTL says: "Besides containing one of the best titles in recent memory, Arcen Game's A Valley Wit... | PC

SBG Review | A Valley Without Wind: A world of fighting and foraging

1361d ago - A Valley Without Wind is a unique game and is almost entirely procedurally generated, which means... | PC

A Valley Without Wind review - The Indie Mine

1366d ago - The Indie Mine reviews the PC platformer/roguelike hybrid A Valley Without Wind from Arcen Games. | PC

A Valley Without Wind Review | Player Affinity

1367d ago - Every once in a while a game comes along that makes you scratch your head while you dabble in the... | PC

A Valley Without Wind Review |

1369d ago - A Valley Without Wind is an action platformer with an emphasis on exploration and collection that... | PC

A Valley Without Wind review - GameZone

1369d ago - GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "If you dig deep enough, A Valley Without Wind presents you with... | PC

IGN: A Valley Without Wind Review

1372d ago - IGN's Leif Johnson writes:"As someone who cut his gaming teeth on 2D platformers like Manic Miner... | PC

Downloadable games growing beyond their bytes

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A Valley Without Wind Review: Brave New World [Dealspwn]

1372d ago - writes: "A Valley Without Wind is unprecedented. Unbelievable. Inexplicable, even. W... | PC

A Valley Without Wind – Reviewed (JPS)

1373d ago - Jeff of Just Press Start writes: "I challenged Xes recently to write a review for a game he lo... | PC

GAMES ONLY PODCAST 36 – Elder Scrolls Online, Dayz, A Valley Without Wind

1373d ago - This week, the Games Only Podcast crew gives you the lowdown on the Elder Scrolls Online, the Mas... | PC

Wot I Think: A Valley Without Wind | Rock Paper Shotgun

1374d ago - Jim Rossignol of Rock Paper Shotgun reviews the indie procedurally-generated open-world explorati... | PC

Reaction Time - A Valley Without Wind Review

1374d ago - A Valley Without Wind is a strange little game. It puts you in a different mood, for better or fo... | PC

A Valley Without Wind

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