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I Love My Dogs (3DS eShop) Review - Nintendo Life

3h ago - Nintendo Life: Pet simulators have certainly come a long way since the days of Tamagotchi. Where... | 3DS

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Review (Invision Game Community)

9h ago - Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 enjoys an extensive character creation and edit mode, which allows... | 3DS

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Review | GameSpew

1d 13h ago - The original Dr. Mario title was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1... | 3DS

SuperPhillip Central: Mercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle (3DS eShop) Review

1d 21h ago - SPC writes, "One of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics for the original PlayS... | 3DS

Review: Comic Workshop 2 (3DS) | SA Gamer

1d 21h ago - SA Gamer: The 3DS has an impressive amount of software catered towards artists. A cursory browse... | 3DS

Review: Lego Jurassic World (Wii U/3DS) « Nintendojo

1d 21h ago - Nintendojo: I can still remember my parents taking me to see the original Jurassic Park. While Ju... | 3DS

Nintendo Life: Fantasy Pirates (3DS eShop) Review

1d 21h ago - Nintendo Life: Let's welcome Fantasy Pirates to the Nintendo eShop – yet another pick-up-and-play... | 3DS

GBAtemp Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3

1d 21h ago - GBAtemp: Sometimes, a gamer just has to grow up. And this time, I felt it more than ever with Sam... | 3DS

Smurfs 3DS Review - Impulse Gamer

3d ago - Impulse Gamer: Firstly this game is for kids but more importantly it is based on the original com... | 3DS

3D Streets of Rage 2 Review - Nintendo World Report

3d ago - Nintendo World Report: When we discuss games from the 16-bit era, "atmosphere" is typically not a... | 3DS

Nintendo Life: 3D Streets of Rage 2 Review

3d ago - Nintendo Life: There was a time when playground arguments didn't revolve around resolutions, fram... | 3DS

Nintendo Life: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS) Review

3d ago - Nintendo Life: In case you've been living under a rock or have been crystallized in amber for mil... | 3DS

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Review [Capsule Computers]

3d ago - Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes: "There was a time that Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven... | 3DS

Review: Navy Commander (3DS eShop) | 8 Bit Forward

4d ago - Battleship is a game that is nearly 50 years old and has remained a staple among board games for... | 3DS

[VC] Blaster Master - A tale of a boy and his radioactive frog

4d ago - Long before Metroidvania was a common term, Blaster Master helped define the genre. It remains on... | Wii

Mercenaries Saga 2 Review | 8WN

5d ago - Circle Ent. does it again and brings the 3DS a new game to the eShop that was previously only ava... | 3DS

Ant Man Pinball is Big Fun on a Small Table | CriticalIndieGamer

6d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) OK, I’ve reviewed a number of Zen’s virtual pinball tables and each review h... | Xbox One

Better Late Than Never – Metroid II: Return Of Samus

6d ago - Marcus' latest nostalgic feature takes a look at Metroid II. | Retro

Swords and Darkness Review - Nintendo World Report

8d ago - Nintendo World Report: Arc System Works’ side scrolling brawler, Swords and Darkness, casts the p... | 3DS

Brash Games: Karous – The Beast of Re:Eden Review

8d ago - Karous – The Beast of Re:Eden is a fundamentally sound shooter with solid core mechanics and plen... | 3DS


Now - The largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. | Promoted post

The Paranoid Gamer - Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Review

10d ago - The Paranoid Gamer takes a look at a game you might have missed this year with the 3DS game Code... | 3DS

Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven (3DS) Review - Nintendo Life

10d ago - Nintendo Life: When Rune Factory developer Neverland sadly shut up shop in 2013, there was still... | 3DS

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Review (Nintendo 3DS) - G4@Syfygames

13d ago - Jason Fanelli of G4@Syfygames reviews Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 on the 3DS, and it's no diffe... | 3DS

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Review (Invision Game Community)

13d ago - At its core, Lord of Magna is a strong isometric action-strategy RPG, in which a variety of chara... | 3DS

LEGO Jurassic World – Review | GamingLives

13d ago - GamingLives takes a look at the lastest LEGO endeavour. "Paying suitable homage to the series,... | PC
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