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Excave II: Wizard of the Underworld (3DS eShop) Review | Cubed3

6d ago - Cubed: The original Excave was boring, soul-crushing and tedious hack 'n slash dungeon-crawler w... | 3DS

Boxboy! review | Eurogamer

6d ago - EG: Sid Meier, who doesn't make puzzle games, has a saying that everyone who does make puzzle ga... | 3DS

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League of Heroes (3DS eShop) Review | Cubed3

6d ago - Cubed: There are certain things people expect and accept in a free-to-play title that they would... | 3DS

Donkey Kong Land III Review | NWR

6d ago - NWR: There are plenty of things to like about the third Donkey Kong Country game, and there are... | 3DS

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Review - GR

6d ago - A new "Simple Mode" takes out all use of the directional triggers, essentially turning Theatrhyth... | 3DS

Pokémon Rumble World Review – Ready To Rumble… In Thirty Minutes | Thejimquisition

6d ago - TJ: Nintendo’s recent creep into free-to-play territory has proven controversial, thanks in larg... | 3DS

Donkey Kong Land 2 Review | NWR

6d ago - NWR: It's hard to take a console game and cram shrink it down to pint-size for portable systems.... | 3DS

Fossil Fighters: Frontier Review | NWR

6d ago - NWR: While Fossil Fighters Frontier begins with a bang thanks to the super cheesy but catchy the... | 3DS

Story of Seasons 3DS-Vigilant Gamers

6d ago - STORY OF SEASONS is the beginning of a new chapter in the 'Bokujo Monogatari' series, a long-stan... | 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review: Deeper and Deeper | Gaming Illustrated

7d ago - GI: Crossovers can be a good way to create something new or breathe fresh life into a series. Th... | 3DS

Well Worth the Trip – Xenoblade Chronicles 3D review | Gaming Trend

7d ago - GT: There are games that you play, and then there are games, like Xenoblade Chronicles, that you... | 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Review | Hardcore Gamer

8d ago - As the first exclusive title on Nintendo’s latest and most powerful handheld, the New 3DS, Xenobl... | 3DS

Funassyi vs Dragons | AUTOMATON Review

8d ago - How often do we overlook the hero we all need and deserve simply because he grew from a tree? If... | Culture

Pokémon Rumble World review – couldn’t give it away | Metro

8d ago - Metro: What does the second free-to-play Pokémon game in as many months say about Nintendo’s sma... | 3DS

Review: Story of Seasons, the Harvest Moon series reborn with a new name | Best Buy Plug-in Blog

8d ago - Harvest Moon, the best-selling series is reborn as Story of Seasons. The farming and life-simulat... | 3DS

Review: Fantasy Life (DarkZero)

8d ago - Jake Hopper: "Despite this game having come out in Japan back in 2012, I had never heard of it un... | 3DS

Excave Review | Gamer's Palace

9d ago - Gamer's Palace: "The small price of 5€ already tells you that Excave is a small game. However, th... | 3DS

Story of Seasons (3DS) Game Review / Popzara

9d ago - A decent addition to the Harvest Moon franchise – even if it’s not going to admit it. Full rev... | 3DS

BOXBOY! Review – Cubic Hair | Thejimquisition

9d ago - TJ: BOXBOY! is the kind of game that makes me feel like a bad reviewer, because all I want to do... | 3DS

Review: Boxboy! (Nintendo 3DS) | Digitally Downloaded

9d ago - DD: Every so often Nintendo publishes an utterly oddball little downloadable title. They typical... | 3DS

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3DS Review - 'Etrian Mystery Dungeon' | Worthplaying

9d ago - WP: Etrian Mystery Dungeon is an example of two great ideas coming together like peanut butter a... | 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review | Digital Chumps

9d ago - DC: Combining the maddening and dedicated labyrinths of Etrian Odyssey with Mystery Dungeon's od... | 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review | Gaming Union

9d ago - GU: When one thinks of a mash-up game in the last couple years, generally it’s either made up of... | 3DS

Excave II: Wizard of the Underworld Review | 8WN

9d ago - The 3DS is home to many JRPGs, it’s a genre that’s been a staple for handheld devices throughout... | 3DS

Story of Seasons Review | Elder-Geek

9d ago - A lot of people find videogames about work enjoyable. It’s a strange phenomena, but games like An... | 3DS
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