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League of Heroes Review | NWR

2h ago - NWR: "Gamelion has a track record of bringing mobile ports to the Nintendo 3DS. Some do better t... | 3DS

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Wii U) review

2h ago - NI: ''For a series that we now widely appreciate is steeped with a rich lineage, it’s still surpr... | Wii U

Citizens of Earth Review (3DS) | NWR

4h ago - NWR: "This RPG is essentially a parody of EarthBound that manages to hit most of the right notes... | 3DS

Kemonomix+ Review | NLife

4h ago - NL: "One of the quirkier titles to hit the 3DS eShop recently, Rocket Studios' Kemonomix+ is the... | 3DS

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Battleminer Review | NLife

6h ago - NL: "Mojang's Minecraft, a small indie title that has become a pop culture phenomenon, would see... | 3DS

Penguins of Madagascar Review | NLife

6h ago - NL: "Everybody loves penguins, right? Well, judging by the success of the Madagascar movie spin-... | 3DS

Space Lift Danger Panic! Review | NLife

6h ago - NLife: "If you're looking for a bizarrely named game that does interesting things with what litt... | 3DS

Nostalgia Can Go Spin: Tetris Ultimate | AUTOMATON Review

9h ago - Was it time for another Tetris remake? AUTOMATON's Matthew Coslett politely but firmly lets us kn... | PS4

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Review - PwnEm

10h ago - Persona finally has made its way to the 3DS but has the wait been worthwhile? Find out in this re... | 3DS

Review: Citizens of Earth | Nintendojo

1d 5h ago - Ndojo: "Whether it’s Nintendojo or our distinguished competition, a very particular game is goin... | PC

Citizens of Earth Review | Cubed3

1d 7h ago - THDR: "The SNES was home to some of the most important RPGs of all time; fans to this day still... | PC

Review: Citizens of Earth | PSNStores

1d 13h ago - PSNS: "Citizens of Earth begins with a synthesized version of “Hail to the Chief” playing as cit... | PC

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review | Senshudo TV

1d 13h ago - Following up on the successes of MH3U, Capcom have been careful not to fix what isn't broken, and... | 3DS

Citizens Of Earth Review | Game Over

1d 13h ago - GO: "Slice of life RPGs have never been a dominant sub-genre in JRPGs, but the popularity of gam... | PC

PC Review - 'Citizens of Earth' | WorthPlaying

1d 14h ago - WP: "Earthbound may be a niche game, but most folks who have played it have strong memories of i... | PC

New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episode One | NLife

1d 14h ago - NLife: "Not so long ago we ran a poll to find out what aspects of the New Nintendo 3DS you were... | 3DS

Citizens of Earth Review I Expansive

1d 15h ago - Variety is king in Citizens of Earth with a plethora of atypical RPG heroes to choose from includ... | PC

(WGB) Citizens of Earth Review – Being Vice President Of The Earth Is A Tough Job

2d ago - Baden of WGB: "You’ll be taking on the role of Vice President of Earth, a charming yet none-too-b... | PC

Citizens of Earth review | EGM

2d ago - EGM: "It’s an indisputable element of everything we read, watch, and play, yet it would be a foo... | PC

Citizens Of Earth Review – Citizen Campaign | Lazygamer

2d ago - Lazygamer: "Read my lips: No new taxes! Jobs for all! Free education! More babies kissed! Politi... | PC

Contests For N4G Members

Now - Prizes for members like YOU! | Promoted post

Citizens Of Earth Review | WGTC

2d ago - WGTC: "It’s rare that a game survives after failing to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter. He... | PC

Undead Storm Nightmare Review (Video Chums)

2d ago - Review for Undead Storm Nightmare on 3DS. Twin stick shooting with only one stick. Zombies and tw... | 3DS

Citizens of Earth Review | Actiontrip

2d ago - AT: "Atlus has made quite a name for themselves publishing obscure games. If it’s odd or controv... | PC

New 3DS XL Review | Gamespot

2d ago - Gamespot: "Nintendo's always given people choices when it comes to handhelds, so it comes as no... | 3DS

Gamerant | 'Shovel Knight' Review

2d ago - Gamerant Shovel Knight generally feels like a strong new IP, but there are occasional moments... | PC
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