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Q-Games’ focus is technology, originality and creativity. Founded in Kyoto, Japan by Dylan Cuthbert in 2001, Q-Games has since created 18 games acr...

3DS Interviews  

Why Square Enix Chose ryo To Be Bravely Second’s Composer

24m ago - “We decided that we wanted someone who can make music with melodies that stand out,” says Bravely... | 3DS

Forbidden Magna Producer Talks About Spirit Girls And More In His Latest Q&A

4h ago - Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto recently held a brief Q&A session. | 3DS

B-TEN Interviews Shovel Knight’s Nick Wozniak

1d 12h ago - B-TEN editor-in-chief Gabe Carey sits down for a discussion with the developer of retro-styled in... | PC

Electronook Talk About Talismatch & Their Big Twisted Project Victoria – Plus A 3DS Port

2d ago - Electronook announced that it had become an approved Wii U developer a couple weeks ago and that... | Wii U

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Interview with Matt Ellison of TT Games Discussing Lego Batman 3 at SDCC 2014

2d ago - New Gamer Nation sat down with Matt Ellison during this year's San Diego Comic Con to discuss Leg... | Xbox 360

Video Games: The Movie – The Jeremy Snead Interview

6d ago - "A few days ago I published my review for the new film Video Games: The Movie, put together by do... | GameCube

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gameplay Interview

9d ago - Capcom developer Tristen Corbett previews Monster Hunter 4 in this exclusive interview from E3 2014. | 3DS

VGU Interviews: Shovel Knight

12d ago - 'Hot on the heels of its success, Sam Foxall from VGU talks to Sean Velasco and Nick Wozniak over... | PC

Sonic Boom: "We're not taking over canon"

14d ago - GRTV interviewed Big Red Button's Bob Rafei about Sonic Boom. "I think you'll start to see mor... | Wii U

Dragon Quest Studio ArtePiazza On Original IP, Women In The Workplace And More

14d ago - CEO Shintaro Majima and Planning Director Sachiko Sugimura discuss the studio’s origins, plans fo... | Industry

Keiji Inafune: From Capcom to Kickstarter

16d ago - Ever since the early days of the Kickstarter boom, there has been a lingering doubt over how long... | PC

Interview with Syrenne McNulty of I've Got to Run! - The Gamers Lounge

19d ago - Ryan Johnson from The Gamers Lounge writes "A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to revie... | Wii U

Interview: Yoshifumi Hashimoto Tells a Story of Seasons and Harvest Moons

27d ago - NintendoLife: "As we touched on in our first impressions of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, 2014... | 3DS

Nintendo President on Amiibo Crossovers, the Software Drought, and More

29d ago - IGN: "At E3 2014, IGN caught up with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime to chat abou... | Wii U

Nintendo's Scott Moffitt talks about Nintendo being all about the games

32d ago - At E3 2014, Nintendo vp of marketing Scott Moffitt discusses the new line-up of Wii U and 3DS exc... | Wii U

Yacht Club Games Talks Development, Sequels and What's Next for Shovel Knight

32d ago - Yacht Club Games' debut title Shovel Knight recently released to widespread praise after a succes... | PC

Killatia at E3 2014 Harvest Moon 3D Lost Valley and End of Serenity Interview

34d ago - Killatia checks out the Natsume booth at E3 2014 and checks out Harvest Moon 3D Lost Valley for t... | PSP

Skylanders Trap Team Exclusive Interview with Jeff Poffenbarger at E3

34d ago - Connected Digital World writes: In this interview shot at E3, I sit down with Jeff Poffenbarger,... | Wii

Bit Boy!! ARCADE Dev Promises New IP For 2014, Sequel For 2015 In Exclusive Interview

36d ago - Bit Boy!! ARCADE released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop several weeks ago in both North America and E... | Wii U

Story of Seasons Interview with Yoshifumi Hashimoto

37d ago - NWR: "We sat down in a joint interview to learn more about what to expect. At E3 this year, N... | 3DS

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

E3 2014 Sonic Boom Interview with Bob Rafei

38d ago - NWR: "The co-founder and CEO of Big Red Button Bob Rafei discusses the Wii U version of Sonic Bo... | Wii U

Miyamoto Ponders Nintendo Making Games That Run On Handheld And Console

38d ago - Kotaku: "Could you imagine Nintendo making games that play on both their console and their handh... | Wii U

E3 2014: Story of Seasons interview with Yoshifumi Hashimoto

38d ago - From the interview, "During E3, [GamerTell] got an opportunity to talk with Story of Seasons prod... | 3DS

E3 2014: Sonic Boom Interview with Steven Frost

40d ago - As highly anticipated entries coming to the Wii U and 3DS, the Sonic Boom games are aiming to be... | Wii U

Exclusive interview: Co-op and combat will help redefine an icon in ‘Sonic Boom’

41d ago - spoke with the CEO of Big Red Button about Sonic Boom's gameplay, the new shift for... | Wii U
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