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What Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Launched Nov 15 - 21

2d ago - Greg Micek writes: "Every week we take a brief look at all of the Kickstarter campaigns that laun... | PC

Zelda Survey 2015 Results: Story and Exploration on Top, Twilight Princess Has Best Combat, and More

2d ago - Zelda Informer: "The survey was taken by 9,461 people (over 9000!), though not all of them saw it... | GameCube

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

A 3DS Mess – Rodea The Sky Soldier Review || BagoGames

2d ago - Johnny at BagoGames writes: "Rodea The Sky Soldier had a crazy development cycle. Yuji Naka finis... | 3DS

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations (PS4) Review: Mathematical | WASDuk

2d ago - Adventure Time: Jake & Finn Investigationsis a solid, albeit simple, adventure game that clocks i... | PC

Three Tips on How to Become the Ultimate Smasher

2d ago - Super Smash Bros. is a complex fighter with plenty of Nintendo-centric nuances to differentiate i... | Wii U

Details and images for the PowerA Skylanders Superchargers Garage Storage Case

2d ago - Details and images have been listed for the new PowerA Skylanders Superchargers Garage Storage Case. | Wii

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon CheatCC Review

3d ago - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon starts off slow, but don't let the hand-holding throw you off. Once... | 3DS

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 46: Varying Openness of World

3d ago - Jay, Frank and Adam suit up in power armor and take out the wastes of the Commonwealth in Fallout... | PC

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker Review - GamerKnights

3d ago - GamerKnights has done a full review of the new SRPG Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record B... | 3DS

Amazon Pre-Black Friday Deals Highlight 11/23

3d ago - "Amazon has begun adding new awesome deals on its video game section. Today's awesome deals inclu... | PC

Best Buy Weekly Video Game Sale (Evolve: Ultimate Edition $49.99, and More)

3d ago - BestBuy is offering a Weekend Video Game Sale. Free Shipping or Free In-Store Pickup. Tax in most... | Xbox 360

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon: Recruit All Legendary Pokemon Guide

3d ago - A detailed guide on how to recruit all Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. | 3DS

Amazon Gold Box: 40% Off Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Video Game Sets

3d ago - Gamerdeals: "Amazon Gold Box: 40% Off Disney Infinity Video Games Save big on the Amazon Ex... | Wii

Yo-Kai Watch: How To Get All Legendary Yo-Kai’s

3d ago - A detailed guide on how to get all the legendary Yo-kai's in Yo-kai Watch. | 3DS

The Best PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS Black Friday Deals 2015

3d ago - Thanksgiving is upon us which means two things. One- The Iron Bowl is only two Days away (War Eag... | Nintendo DS

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ports facing issues

3d ago - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, the recent DLC expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, look... | PC

Rodea the Sky Soldier – Review (3DS) | SnapThirty

3d ago - SnapThirty: It’s almost become customary to have a Wii U and 3DS edition of the same title launch... | 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS) - 411Mania

3d ago - 411Mania: For most, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords is a forgotten memory, a multiplayer attemp... | 3DS

2015 is Nintendo’s lowest reviewed year on Metacritic in 10 years

3d ago - 2015 has not been a good year for Nintendo games, according to review data. | Wii U

Top 10 Must Own 3DS Games

3d ago - A lot of great games exist for the Nintendo 3DS and if you’re buying one this holiday season, you... | 3DS

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Fun Co Op, Awful Single Player - The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Review - Morbid Play

3d ago - Finally remembered Link’s colour coded twins and brought them to the 3DS with three player Co Op... | 3DS

Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Final Fantasy XV, Star Fox Zero and other preorders discounted by 10%

3d ago - Amazon has dropped the price for several preorders by 10%, discounting $59.99 titles (like Unchar... | PS4

2015 Holiday Shopping Guide: Best 3DS Amiibo Games

3d ago - Game Idealist takes a look at the best 3DS Amiibo games to buy on Black Friday on anytime during... | 3DS

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival 3DS Theme Released in Japan

3d ago - Nintendo has released a new 3DS theme dedicated to the recently released Wii U title Animal Cross... | 3DS

Gunslugs 2 Review | GamersFTW

4d ago - Any fans out there of over the top and carnage filled 80’s and 90’s action flicks? How about clas... | PC
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