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Donkey Kong Land Rated And Ready For North American 3DS Virtual Console Release

17h ago - NLife: "After a successful 3DS Virtual Console début in both Japan and Europe earlier this year,... | Retro

Screw Hatred’s nihilistic negativity, here are ten of the most joyous, life-affirming games around

17h ago - Dealspwn: "We'll deal with Hatred when we can actually play the damn thing and see if it's anythi... | PS2

The Koalition’s 2014 Game of the Year Winners

19h ago - The Koalition staff writes: Earlier this week, we released our detailed list of our 2014 game of... | PC

'Rare' Amiibos slowly return to select UK Retailers

20h ago - Parallax Play:"So, it's been a month since Amiibos were unleashed upon the world and some particu... | Wii U

Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

Media Create software sales (12/8 - 12/14)

21h ago - This week's Japanese software sales include the debuts of GTA PS4, Shining Resonance, and Assassi... | PS3

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D releases on Japanese eShop alongside 3DS theme

21h ago - Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, the Nintendo 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3, is available now... | 3DS

Tetris Ultimate review - ChristCenteredGamer

21h ago - Tetris has been around since 1984 and was the most popular game on Nintendo's Game Boy platform w... | PC

Media Create hardware sales (12/8 - 12/14)

21h ago - Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan, which includes big sales boosts. | PSP

An Enhanced Re-release Of ‘Dementium’ Is Coming To 3DS

22h ago - Dementium: The Ward is coming back next year with new bells and whistles. | 3DS

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Pokedex Entries

22h ago - Top 10 Most Ridiculous Pokedex Entries | Nintendo DS

Fire Emblem: Awakening, one of last year's best RPGs, is now just £18.99 in the UK

23h ago - Dealspwn writes: "Deals have been far and few between for this one, but this latest offer is by f... | 3DS

20 of the Best Falcon Punches In Smash Bros.

1d ago - Kotaku - Nailing a good Falcon Punch is probably one of the most satisfying things to do in Smash... | GameCube

Wait for a Sale for Xeodrifter

1d ago - Technology Tell writes, "I have good news and bad news about Renegade Kid’s Xeodrifter. The good... | PC

Pokémorphosis: From Red To Alpha Ruby

1d ago - DP:"What began as the aimless hobby of a young Satoshi Taijiri, tempting tadpoles and snaring hap... | Nintendo DS

Can Gaming Survive the Hype Machine?

1d ago - Advertising in the gaming industry is fickle beast. At one point it can be the driving factor in... | Xbox 360

The Cost of Console Gaming

1d ago - Gaming seems a costly luxury in our current climate, but is it as expensive as it seems? Perhaps... | Xbox 360

How to Get Every Mega Stone in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

1d ago - GamerU lists the location and requirements for obtaining every Mega Stone in Omega Ruby and Alpha... | 3DS

What are the Best 3DS Games?

1d 1h ago - USGamer: "For all the hoopla about next-gen consoles, for those looking for rock solid, traditio... | 3DS

Popzara Podcast E6.10 NPD November 2014 Sales Numbers and Analysis

1d 1h ago - A follow-up to their already spectacular post-Thanksgiving Black Friday Quarterback Special, Popz... | PS4

Yokai Watch 2: Shinuchi sales top 1.2 million in two days

1d 1h ago - Sales for Yokai Watch 2: Shinuchi, the third version of the July-launched ghost hunting sequel, r... | 3DS

Get paid to review products

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The Worst Video Games of 2014 – The Bad Year for Gamers

1d 2h ago - InfotainmentGuru: We entered 2014 with tremendous desires. Two new supports, a Wii U excited to m... | PC

Shigeru Miyamoto appears on Nerdy Nummies

1d 3h ago - On the latest episode of Nerdy Nummies, host Rosanna Pansino welcomed two surprise guests: Shiger... | Wii U

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS) Game Review on Popzara

1d 3h ago - Fan service that does what it sets out to do extremely well; there’s no reason for Persona fans n... | 3DS

Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (Steam, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS) Game Review on Popzara

1d 5h ago - Offers too little for the asking price; save your money for a full season of the show instead.... | PC

Atelier Rorona for 3DS – New Info and Japanese Release Date

1d 6h ago - Nintendo Enthusiast: "The Atelier series is known for its cutesy, lighthearted atmosphere, heavy... | 3DS
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