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Curiosity: 'Even Apple Doesn't Know What's In The Cube' - Molyneux

729d ago - NowGamer: Peter Molyneux doesn't want anybody to know what's at the centre of iOS experiment Curi... | PC

’22 Cans is only going to make one game’ – Molyneux

729d ago - Curiosity developer 22 Cans is only going to make one full game, studio founder Peter Molyneux ha... | Dev

Molyneux: “I’m on a quest to make a truly great game”

730d ago - Peter Molyneux has been talking about how he considers nothing he has worked on before to be the... | iPhone

Peter Molyneux: Keep it simple, keep it crazy

768d ago - GamesIndustry- Veteran UK designer opens Unite conference with first public demonstration of 22 C... | Industry

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Molydeux Asks: What's In The Cube?

804d ago - John Bedford (Modojo): Internet prankster Peter Molydeux has created a spoof trailer for the upco... | iPhone

“This is the most exciting time in this industry” says Peter Molyneux

812d ago - Peter Molyneux believes we’re currently going through the most exciting time there’s been in the... | PC

Molyneux: Now is the 'Most Exciting Time' in Gaming

813d ago - GamerZines writes: There are few developers that can captivate a crowd as effectively as Peter... | PC

New Molyneux game to hit iOS and PC 'in six weeks'

822d ago - Veteran British games developer Peter Molyneux has revealed his new project since departing from... | PC

Peter Molyneux to give developer session at Rezzed

825d ago - Peter Molyneux will host a developer session at PC and Indie gaming show Rezzed at 4pm on Friday... | PC

Peter Molyneux will be “shocked” if anyone buys “amazing cheat” £50,000 diamond chisel

839d ago - Peter Molyneux will be “shocked” if someone buys the £50,000 diamond chisel for his upcoming ‘exp... | PC

£50,000 DLC experiment ‘Curiosity’

845d ago - Peter Molyneux’s upcoming game has DLC that costs £50,000. The former Microsoft and Lionhead man... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux: “Let’s use AI to change the world”

860d ago - Peter Molyneux says he wants the games industry to “use AI to change the world,” creating stories... | PC

Peter Molyneux: "The greatest game I've ever made is still ahead of me"

890d ago - Industry legend Peter Molyneux departed Microsoft last month for a new outfit, 22 Cans. Here, he... | Industry

Can Peter Molyneux Make a Comeback?

900d ago - BNBGAMING: "Change the world. An enthusiastic follower of all things Molyneuxian might have ha... | Industry

Molyneux hopes to release first 22Cans game by the end of the year

902d ago - Peter Molyneux hopes to release the first game developed by his recently-formed startup indie stu... | PC

Molyneux's 22 Cans Begins Hiring, Developing 'New Form Of Digital Entertainment'

916d ago - NowGamer: First information reveals cloud, Facebook integration in the next game from development... | PC
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