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1942: Joint Strike All Stories  

Gamers Universe: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2738d ago - Gamers Universe writes: "In a month that saw release of the risible Double D Dodgeball and G... | 1,2

PlayTM: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2739d ago - PlayTM writes: "For those greying gamers old enough to remember its arcade origins, Capcom's... | 1,2

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Gaming Trend Review: 1942 Joint Strike

2739d ago - Gaming Trend reports: ''The 1942 series has been around for a long time and has seen several ar... | 1,2
10° Reviews 1942: Joint Strike

2739d ago - A review of the vertical shoot 'em up from Capcom, a remake (or sequel) to the classic 1942 that... | 1,2

Gaming Ring: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2739d ago - While it's easy to see what the team behind this game had in mind, the classic arcade mechanics o... | 1,2

Wonderwallweb gives 1942 - Joint Strike - 9/10

2740d ago - Quote from site: "1942 has been an arcade favourite of mine since I was a wee nipper go... | 1,2

Addict Gaming: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2740d ago - Addict Gaming Writes "Nearly a Quarter of a century ago Capcom captured the hearts of gamers... | 1,2

ZTGD Review: 1942 Joint Strike

2740d ago - Killer Wolverine Writes: "I'm gonna be completely honest; when the rest of the staff be... | 1,2

GamesXtreme: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2741d ago - If you want a shooter to play online, just walk on by. If you want a single player old school sho... | 1,2

Game Vortex Reviews: 1942: Joint Strike

2741d ago - Game Vortex Writes: 1942: Joint Strike is a fun experience, at least if you're a fan of top-... | 2

Game Focus: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2741d ago - Game Focus writes: "I spent a lot of time in a lot of arcades when I was growing up (sorry M... | 1,2

Planet Xbox 360: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2741d ago - With Joint Strike, Capcom delivers another solid, but unspectacular, remake based on their back c... | 2

OXM: The Scoreboard #15

2741d ago - OXM has got a mean batch of Achievement reviews to toss your way this week, and it's headlined by... | 2

1942: Joint Strike Shoots It Up Good (Wired Review)

2741d ago - Review by Jean Snow: "1942: Joint Strike brings the classic arcade shoot'em-up series i... | 1,2

411Mania Reviews 1942: Joint Strike

2742d ago - 411Mania writes: "Those who have been looking for new games featuring their favorite coin-op... | 2

The Gamers Temple: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2742d ago - Review by Jason Nimer: "The original Capcom arcade game, simply titled 1942, was a top... | 1,2

NZGamer: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2742d ago - The original 1942 video game was a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up released by Capcom for the a... | 1,2

TGR Review: 1942: Joint Strike - "Not Worth It"

2743d ago - TGR - "1942: Joint Strike is a classic top-down shooter developed by Backbone Entertainment... | 1,2,11

Totally360 Review: 1942 - Joint Strike

2744d ago - Totally 360 writes: "1942: Joint Strike is a pretty faithful recreation of the arcade classi... | 2

BingeGamer Reviews: 1942: Joint Strike

2744d ago - 1942 Joint Strike, a new old shoot em up Capcom "remixed" arcade classic, reviewed. | 1,2

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Video Game Talk: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2744d ago - 1942: First Strike is highly entertaining… while it lasts. If the game were to cost 'less' for th... | 1,2

Loot Ninja Review: 1942: Joint Strike

2744d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "I remember pumping quarters into the arcade playing the 194x series. The... | 1,2

DCEmu Review: 1942: Joint Strike

2744d ago - No one will argue that top down shooters are one of the greatest classic game types ever made. St... | 1,2

UGO: 1942: Joint Strike Review

2746d ago - UGO writes: "Back in the golden age of arcade parlors, a time when the Nathan's Game Room st... | 1,2

GamesRadar Reviews 1942: Joint Strike

2748d ago - GamesRadar writes: You'll love * Classic vertical shooting * Bosses are big challenges... | 1,2

1942: Joint Strike

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