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The Future of 007 in Gaming

185d ago ... "When is the next James Bond game being released?" my mother asked this evening during dinner. In seven months, it'll have been three years since 007 Legends launched, the last installment in the James Bond video game franchise. It was a question that I have been asking myself for two years, since Activision lost the Bond license after having acquired it from EA seven years prior. It's also a q...

007 Legends | A Bond Fan's Insight

1212d ago ... In mid-April, Activision unveiled their latest production: their fourth video game to add to the James Bond franchise, 007 Legends. With the announcement, it was revealed that the video game is planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. 007 Legends has been described as a greatest hits compilation, offering a retelling of six different film narratives with a...
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