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TeamXbox: 0 Day Attack on Earth Review

1660d ago - TeamXbox writes: "If we're to believe everything we see in movies and games, apparently Eart... | 2

1UP: 0 Day Attack on Earth Review

1661d ago - 0 Day Attack on Earth has a simple concept: huge aliens are invading metropolises around the worl... | 2

IGN: 0 Day Attack on Earth Review

1661d ago - 0 Day Attack on Earth does not need to be. When your best feature is a map, your game is either s... | 2

Kotaku: 0 Day: Attack on Earth Micro-Review: Where's Will Smith When You Need Him?

1666d ago - Square Enix unleashes an Earth-swallowing alien invasion over Xbox Live Arcade, guaranteeing twit... | 2

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Five Minute Taste: 0 Day Attack on Earth

1674d ago - 0 Day Attack on Earth is a dual-stick shooter that has players defending cities torn up by an ali... | 2

New releases for the week of Alien Invasions and Crystal Bearing

1675d ago - Icrontic's ruggedly handsome CB Droege takes on the pre-holiday video game releases. This week fe... | 2,3,4

Worthplaying: 0 Day Attack on Earth Preview

1677d ago - Alien invasions are perfect video game fodder. They provide a fantastic backdrop for amazing hero... | 2

Square Enix Dates 0 Day: Attack on Earth

1683d ago - Andriasang: Square Enix has somewhat of a surprise Christmas gift for Xbox 360 owners. The c... | 2

GameInformer: 0 Day Attack On Earth Preview

1755d ago - GameInformer writes: "Lacking the massive fanfare for Final Fantasy XIII or Kingdom Hearts:... | 2

Wired Hands On: Defend Real-Life Cities in 0 Day Attack on Earth

1761d ago - Wired: Last year, The Last Guy on PlayStation 3 took a very basic game idea and made it remarkabl... | 34,2

1UP: 0 Day Attack on Earth Preview

1763d ago - 0 Day Attack on Earth is an overhead 360-degree XBLA shoot-em-up from Square Enix, picture 0 Day... | 2

IGN: TGS 09: 0 Day Attack on Earth Hands-On

1765d ago - Square Enix is continuing its Xbox Live Arcade support with a twin-stick shooter called 0 Day Att... | 2

360 News from Tokyo Game Show 2009

1765d ago - Major Nelson has a few announcements from TGS: "TGS kicked off today and Xbox has just... | 2, 11, 13, 15, 14
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0 Day Attack on Earth

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Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 23 December 2009
EU 23 December 2009