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Turtle Beach's Beautiful Game Search is Turning Out to Be a Joke.

Turtle Beach recently started a "campaign" to crown the best game of all time. They've narr... Comments(0)
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At a Glance: Cowardly Creations

[b]Cowardly Creations[/b] is a four man indie group from Maribor, Slovenia and Sweden. They... Comments(32)
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Why Indie Games Matter

[b]By Tadej Kupčič, Project Director, Programmer[/b] A couple of days ago, I was getting... Comments(39)
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Interview with Cowardly Creations

[i]Christopher interviews Cowardly Creations Project Director and Programmer, Tadej Kupčič,... Comments(31)


The Eternal Debate of the Relevance of Story.

41d ago ... Ah, story. A major topic of debate in the continuously evolving videogame industry. As videogames continue to change through the advancement of technology, it seems that more and more games emphasize story as a key element. Of course, even now, many maintain that story isn't important, while others are adamant that it's the most important aspect of a game. I'm not here to put an end to...

Nintendo Now Has The Right Idea About YouTube

43d ago ... To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not really expecting a warm reception to this blog. In fact I expect a lot of people to take offense with my opinions this time. They're not popular and they're not common. But I feel it's something that ought to be said. Nintendo's new stance on YouTube Let's Play revenue is the right one in my opinion. Initially, Nintendo opted to eradicate revenue people...

Kingdom Hearts: Beginning, Impact, and Future

44d ago ... We have finally arrived to this point. It is time to look at Kingdom Hearts with its progress over the years. Welcome back to Beginning, Impact, and Future. As many of you have probably seen, I have been covering Kingdom Hearts III with my own speculation on what could possibly be awesome for the final entry to have. If you haven't seen them, please check them out from my blog section. For now,...

Part Two: Blood and Snow - Weapons, Loot and Platforms

44d ago ... As a teaser to this July's Month of Indies at N4G ( http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/cat/527238 ) we're taking a look at a new indie, Shadowforge, and their launch title, Blood and Snow. If you haven't already, you might want to check out the first feature where Ryan Lamb talks about the studio, game, and crowdfunding: http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/cat/527237...

Games are Being Revealed Too Early

45d ago ... I've noticed a worrying trend in games that has gotten much worse in the last few years. Games are being revealed way too early. From the publisher's point of view they probably think a game can't be revealed early enough. The earlier the game is revealed, the more hype and anticipation that can be generated which should translate to large pre-order numbers. But revealing a game a year or two b...

Q&A: Blood and Snow, a New Open-World RPG (Part One)

45d ago ... As a teaser to this July's Month of Indies at N4G ( http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/cat/527238 ) we're taking a look at a new indie, Shadowforge, and their launch title, Blood and Snow. If you haven't already, you might want to check out the first feature where Ryan Lamb talks about the studio, game, and crowdfunding: http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/cat/527237 An open-world...

Gaming's Blockbuster Obsession

45d ago ... At some point during the month of July 2013, almost one year ago, Tony Key, Ubisoft’s VP of sales and marketing made a bold statement concerning game development. "We won't even start if we don't think we can build a franchise out of it," Key told A-List Daily. "There's no more fire and forget - it's too expensive." It was confirmation of a philosophy that many had observed to have taken hold a...

Doom: Does it Hold Up?

46d ago ... In continuing my series on nostalgia and retro gaming, I've decided to create a line of articles entitled "Does It Hold Up?" Perhaps the best way to examine whether nostalgia is blind, or if there is sufficient reasoning behind it, is to examine specific games from my past, that I have gone back and played again, for the first time in years. Today, I will be talking about Doom, which I've b...

Why do gamers hate games?

47d ago ... Yes, I am being facetious in the title, but this is a trend I'm seeing more and more of with every new game reveal. People come out in full force to just totally tear these games apart, even if all they show is a little snippet of gameplay or literally just a picture of box art. At least wait until they actually show something significant or even better until people actually get their hands on...

Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

47d ago ... EPISODE 10 If you love something Love it deeply and completely Then, on your own terms, Destroy it And have comfort in the knowledge That you have cheated Life

Dear Mr. Sessler: An Open Letter From 'The Internet'

50d ago ... I'm not the type of person that could adequately structure a blog post as a letter, despite what the title would say. I'm simply not too good at coming up with fitting titles. I read your Guest Editorial on Kotaku today ( http://kotaku.com/memories-of-my-16-year-career-in-video-games-1580581507), and I thought that I would try to explain some things to you from my own personal perspecti...

Lesson Learned...the Hard Way

50d ago ... I had originally intended to write this blog with the title 'How Rockstar Managed to Lose a Loyal Customer," but I decided after some careful deliberation that ultimately, the context of this blog wouldn't exactly justify an entire company boycott. Some of you may disagree after reading onward, so feel free to - as always - share your opinions in the comments section. Rockstar Games has alwa...

Fettered by Fun

51d ago ... The word ‘fun’ is attached with gaming culture to a rather excessive degree. For roughly thirty years, the simple feeling of amusement or the quality of being enjoyable has been the key, oftentimes only, focus on the creative side of developing video games; even development books have been crafted into understanding and harnessing fun. Think about that: for as long as most of you, the audienc...

The Battle for E3: Valve & Steambox

52d ago ... Valve & Steambox The Steambox fad has come and gone, as most people have come to the realization that a Steam Machine is nothing more than a limited PC, running Steam OS, which in itself is a limited version of Steam for Linux. That being said, there still a good amount of games to be played on Steam Machines; however, most are older games or unknown indie titles that might not draw the mas...

Google needs Twitch more than you might think

52d ago ... It’s no secret that gaming has taken over YouTube and it has happened for a number of reasons. While Movie, Television and Music industries have grown increasingly contentious as to use of their content by users on the channel, gaming companies have taken the exact opposite stance. They have been encouraging users to use their material as a means of promotion and have even been actively defe...

I Might Feel a Little Bad For Microsoft.

52d ago ... I think the late nights, and the occasional early morning, are starting to get to me, because I'm actually starting to feel a little bit bad for Microsoft. Note, when I say a little bad, I only actually mean, a tiny bit bad, and nothing more. Allow me to explain. As we all know, when the Xbox One was first announced, there was a list of things people didn't like about it, from DRM, to alwa...

How to Avoid Annoying Your Gamer

53d ago ... Having to deal with customer support representatives is somewhere at the top of everyone's 'I'd rather lick the inside of a city bus than' list, so it is never truly a surprise when someone's experience with these seemingly mindless drones is worth penning. Whether it be a communication over the telephone, a live chat service or through e-mail, more often than not, a consumer is always either f...

Unreasonable Complaints:- May,19th, 2014 - Watch Dogs Protagonist

54d ago ... It just had to happen again didn't it? I hope, by the end of this blog, more of you will begin to understand why people like me take Social Justice Warriors, Professional Complainers, and the colloquially termed Sh*t Disturbers to task whenever we get a chance to. When apathy is the rule of the day, we only have ourselves to blame when an end result becomes unfavourable to us all. Today I'm...

Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

54d ago ... EPISODE 9 This Blog got tired of all the craziness on the internet and decided to move to a nice quiet bookstore outside of town

The XBOX One Just Lost Its ID Card ~ But is that a Bad Thing?

54d ago ... Microsoft has been doing 180s with the XBOX One practically from before the system was even released; so seeing their latest “reverse-maneuver” isn’t exactly surprising. While not a huge surprise – I have to give MS credit for doing this rather swiftly. It’s only been a little over 6 months from since the XBOX One first hit market. Therefore, this change can be considered a rather quick one....
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