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DarXyde 1d 13h ago

Quantum Break on PC: Another Piece of Microsoft's Greater Angle?

By now, we can say Quantum Break coming to PC is well-known news (heck, at the time of me wr... Comments(8)
DarkOcelet 2d ago

Quantum Break Is Coming To PC, Eh? Excellent Move Microsoft!

Today when I read that MS announced a PC version of Quantum Break, I was so happy but unfort... Comments(22)
Christopher 5d ago

February Contest Details

Now that we've gotten almost to the end of selecting our Game of the Year Awards Nominations... Comments(34)
Ezz2013 11d ago

Should all linear games become Open World games ?!

*Before i type anything...this is just my opinion.* As we are in Ps4/Xboxone era it becam... Comments(45)


September Contest Winners

127d ago ... Here are you winners! THE LUCKY $100 TRIO: 3 Winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! iceman06 KingPin UKmilitia BEST USER BLOG: 2 Winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! Stringerbell - "Memoirs of a Senior Gamer: My Kingdom for a Manual" Concertoine - "Halo 3: Game of a Generation"

Top Mass Effect 3 Mods!

128d ago ... 1. Happy Ending Mod A big controversy erupted upon Mass Effect 3’s release, with many players and myself were disappointed with the game’s original endings as they killed the character that we have come to love. To address this uproar, BioWare went out of the line, and delivered a free DLC which didn’t change the ending, but gave a more detailed look at the whole affair. That’s when MEHEM came...

N4G Malware Notices: Don't Worry, You're Safe

129d ago ... Hello everyone! We are getting malware notices on our clickout URLs. This isn't because there is malware on N4G, but because Google has detected malware on sites that we have linked to in the past, likely from search results that people have recently used. If you read the report from Google at

My Top 3 Video Game Soundtracks

129d ago ... One of the many aspects that I enjoy about video gaming is the soundtrack, which if used correctly becomes an integral part in creating the atmosphere and setting, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. When well executed the soundtrack sits above the storyline like a puppeteer pulling at the strings of our emotions causing us to shed tears over the deaths of characters we...

The 10 Best Narrators in Gaming

129d ago ... It’s a special feeling when a videogame’s story speaks to us – especially when it really does. Literally. Narration is everything when you want a story to jump off the screen and into your head. A good narrator can make all the difference in making a world feel more alive and realer than it is. They are there to remind us why where we are, where we’re going and maybe even where they’ve been...

Paying Tribute to our Forgotten Heroes

131d ago ... "He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble. GI Joe is there. It's GI Joe against Cobra the enemy Fighting to save the day. He never gives up. He's always there, Fighting for freedom over land and air GI Joe- A real American hero GI Joe is there!" Everyone who watched Saturday Morning cartoons in 1985 knew these words signaled the incoming of one of the greatest cartoon/c...

October Contest Details

131d ago ... October. That month before November and keeps us going until some of the bigger releases of the year. Also, technically, not the scariest month of the year (just ask any tax payer who doesn't want to be audited). But, it's a new month, which means a new way to win some Amazon Gift Cards. THE $50 COMMENTS Each comment you make on N4G during October on any story, blog, user review, forums...

Battlefield 4: Wreck & Ruin

132d ago ... To enjoy modern Battlefield games is to enjoy systematically reshaping the landscape around you. Every round fired into a wall leaves a permanent mark, every detonated explosive minutely terraforms the ground it once laid upon. Wanton destruction in Battlefield is no mere fallacy. There’s certainly method to the madness. Cutting apart an office building with high-caliber machine gun fire is as...

Something I need to get off my chest N4G.

134d ago ... There's something lately that has been really bugging me concerning this site. Something that I have talked about with others in a PM or commented in many articles in the past. Something that I need to get off my chest regarding the many comments I read or replies I get. Something that I can’t stand when I read comments on here or how some people just don’t get it. My problem… There can't...

Official N4G Playstation Community Created

135d ago ... Hello everyone! Just a quick note that I have gone and created an "official" N4G Playstation Community titled "The N4G Community". If you look up my PSN id of Loki_d20, you'll find it pretty easily. The group is open to join, no approval required. There are only two rules in the Community: 1. No spamming. 2. Be nice. Fail at either of those, you'll be blocked. So, if you want...

Ten Hut! Welcome to review boot camp, soldier!

135d ago ... “Metal Gear Solid V is so excellent in its overall quality that mere words couldn’t possibly begin to express how sublime it truly is…” carped in every worthless pre-release panegyric; not only because of how trite such phrases were, even on day one, but for the behind-the-scenes look in which said game was reviewed by critics that got early access to it. I had the naïveté to think such incons...

Welcome Back to Warframe

136d ago ... It's been awhile Tenno!!! I haven't posted a blog topic in a long time. But, I was prompted to do so by an article that was discussing whether or not Warframe is better than Destiny. I won't touch that topic at all in this blog. What I WILL do is explain the myriad of changes that the game has undergone since the beginning. It really IS quite a different game. For those that don't know Warfr...

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate has to be a gamechanger

136d ago ... Assassin's Creed should be a Metal Gear Solid or an Uncharted. But it's not. And how could it be? Its meteoric rise following the second and third installments (which were brilliant in their own right) has been marred by cruddy endings and cash grab attempts. It's one of the things that makes me ambivalent, because in the midst of being nostalgic about the dreamy soundtrack and immersion...

Halo 3: Game of a Generation

137d ago ... Let me start by saying that Halo 3 wasn't the best game of the 7th generation. In fact, it wasn't even my favorite game of that generation. But Halo 3 was a game that shaped the generation that grew up with it like no other, while also providing an unwavering vision into the near future of video games before we even dreamed of it. It's hard to believe that Halo 3 came out a whopping 8 years...

The First Fifa To Make Me Want Pro Evo

140d ago ... Here goes...Another Fifa rant. With Fifa being my game of choice for the last 17 years I couldn't imagine buying a Pro Evo game, to me they are an abomination, I need the licensing, the atmosphere, the immersion, there's an intensity with every game that feels real, and even the imperfections of the game add to the realism for me, Yeah the passing isn't perfect, But it isn't perfect in real...

No Future for Japanese AAA based on PS4 Sales in Japan, PS4 needs to go Mobile

141d ago ... There won't be any AAA Japanese PS4 Exclusive games, this generation. That's Bad, and I hope I'm totally wrong about this. Did I say there won't be any AAA Japanese PS4 Exclusive games in the future. Yes I did. 1 year old PS2, SONY sold 3 million PS2 Console 1 year old PS4, SONY sold 1 million Console. http://www.dualshockers.c...

Memoirs of a Senior Gamer: My Kingdom for a Manual

142d ago ... Well look who finally decided to visit their old pappy?!? Frick and Frack in the flesh and a lot more flesh might I add! I reckon the both of youse never met a cupcake you didn't like! Come to see this old timer before he bites the dust eh? Don't patronize me with your fake hugs and kisses, I see through your ruse! Here to sweeten an old man in hopes he'll change his will? How much cake and can...

Retro Video Game System -

142d ago ... If you don't know, the Retro Video Game System (Retro VGS or RVGS for short) is a new console concept whose major selling point in 2015 is that games will release on cartridge. Here's a little history to bring you up to speed: In late December, 2014, RVGS Co-Founder and President, Mike Kennedy, bought the injection mold tooling for the Atari Jaguar video game system and also cartridge cas...

A Dirge to the Delayed Games of 2015

144d ago ... Indecision and delays are the parents of failure. -George Canning Oh, so many Delays! Don't get me wrong, it's been an excellent year for gaming with such masterpieces of electronic joy like: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bloodbourne Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (even if it's unfinished) Pillars of Eternity Ori and the Blind Forest Splatoon! Kerbal Space Program Batman: Arkham...

Sequels To Old Franchises: Beautiful Evolutions or Horrible Mutations?

144d ago ... With the recent release of the long awaited Metal Gear Solid V, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid first released on the PS1 in 1998, I ended up coming away from my experience with the exact same summed up response I have after playing many sequels of old school franchises. “It’s a Good Game but it Should Have Been a New IP” This isn’t an article designed to talk about...
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