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Ezz2013 4d ago

Should all linear games become Open World games ?!

*Before i type anything...this is just my opinion.* As we are in Ps4/Xboxone era it becam... Comments(32)
Christopher 5d ago

Contest: N4G Game of the Year Awards Nominations

Greetings fellow gamer and welcome to the first part in determining N4G's 2015 Game of the Y... Comments(185)
ABizzel1 8d ago

The Division Beta Preview/Review (It will leave gamers divided)

I think the Division is a decent game, but it has some glaring issues that need to be fixed... Comments(32)
darkpower 12d ago

TotalBiscuit's Social Media Quit A Sign For Many About LP Pressure

Sometimes, there are no words, and sometimes, there are many. This time, I’m not sure which... Comments(19)


5 things that could ruin Final Fantasy XV

88d ago ... The Final Fantasy series has certainly seen its heyday by creating RPGs that mastered every aspect of fantastic gaming; from memorable characters and storytelling to musical scores that would make a behemoth purr. But are we ever going to relive the glory days in next-gen gaming? Final Fantasy XV definitely looks promising and, with Square Enix's pedigree, there is a seemingly endless amo...

October Contest Winners

91d ago ... Winners winners, no chicken dinners! THE $50 COMMENTS: 7 winners, $50 Amazon Gift Card each! GamerGabs garrettbobbyferguson VER1ON jcnba28 fr0sty TheCommentator poppinslops BEST USER BLOG: 2 Winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! coolbeans - "The horror of losing gaming’s treasured history" Stringerbell - "Raiders of the Lost A...

A Broken System Part 3: Multiplayer Game Reviews

95d ago ... Part 3 of my video series taking on issues in our gaming industry, this time looking at multiplayer games and the complications that arise when reviewing them. Watch the video for the full piece. Full Script Multiplayer games have always existed, in fact some of the first video games in history were multiplayer. In the beginning games really just had to be fun and entertaining. It was...

Paris Games Week at a Glance

95d ago ... Hi everyone. These are my impressions of select games shown at Paris Games Week. Another version of this piece can be found at my website: As opposed to my post-E3 takeaways this past June, I will keep the focus here on titles which were demonstrated in-engine, in-game. I was intrigued by some of the teaser-trailer announcements, such as Housemarque's Matterfall, but I'll le...

The horror of losing gaming’s treasured history

98d ago ... After E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, and other pressers have concluded, we finally get a comfy holiday season to sit down and play games…for a short while. Then, it’s back to early PAX conferences, game developer’s conference, that tech-focused CES which sometimes has game news, you get the picture. The point: there’s a lot of focus being put into looking ahead into the future of where this i...

Raiders of the Lost Art

101d ago ... As a media junkie, I simply love the fact that I live in a time where any film and any song I want is at my fingertips. The usual suspects of YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon etc ensure all those films and songs that I cherish will be preserved till kingdom come, or till the internet goes kaput. When you think about it though, its quite a testament to these services that we have the ability to...

A Broken System Part 2: Review Embargoes

102d ago ... In this culture of pre-orders and broken games publishers are placing more stringent review embargoes on reviewers. What do you think, are review embargoes good or do they only serve to hurt consumers? How do we fix this issue? Check the video for the full piece. Full script In my last video I talked about how broken games don’t always stay broken and the conundrum that it presents for...

Confirmation Bias and Video Game Reviews

103d ago ... Throughout my years on N4G there is one thing that I have noticed. People tend to support reviews that reinforce what they believe and reject those that don’t. 10/10 reviews are filled with the praise and admiration of everything related to the game. 6/10 reviews are filled with questions and concerns about the reviewer and the validity of the site. Each of them generating a crap ton of heat t...

Does The Dialogue Wheel Dumb Down Fallout 4?

105d ago ... The storytelling in Fallouts largely relies on dialogue. There is little in the nature of cut-scenes, except some end-game sequences. Storytelling includes everything from the main story arc, to simple things like the context for a side-quest, or the story behind a town (Rivet city, Megaton). All of this information makes Fallout a compelling, and immersive experience. After one of my concer...

Rocksteady Wants You to Choose Between Two Disc-Locked Skins

107d ago ... -Possible Spoiler- Early this morning, a community manager of the Arkham Knight forum at WB games' official website addressed the requests for two fan-favorite skins. The first one is the Arkham Knight skin for one of the playable characters which he is, quite obviously, already in the base game. The other is the Harley Quinn skin in the 'Matter of Family' DLC. Yes, I know, it is technically n...

A Broken System: Should Patched Games Be Re-scored?

108d ago ... Assassin’s Creed Unity, Batman Arkham Knight on the PC, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, what do these 3 games have in common? They are all recent examples of games that released full of bugs and glitches to the point of being almost unplayable in some cases. Years ago the only thing this meant was buy at your own risk. Nowadays however things are a bit more complicated. With the advent of online syst...

Truth: The Man Who Trolled The World

110d ago ... Since the release of Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain or perhaps it's better to say long before it came out there had been a series of controversies that followed it. From the removal of it's prologue to be sold for $30, the prologue being only 2 hours long at most, Kojima Productions closing down, Kojima leaving the company, Silent Hills cancellation, the inclusion of microtransactions and...

The Witcher III: Storm's End

110d ago ... WARNING: Heavy spoilers for the main narrative arc of The Witcher III throughout. If you haven't yet finished The Witcher, or are considering playing it in the future, DO NOT read this post. ---------- As the two-hundredth and final of my wonderfully enjoyable hours within the world of the Witcher III came to a close, the games protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is left standing alone within t...

Fallout 4's New Third Person Perspective Kills The Story? Perhaps not.

111d ago ... I stand corrected. I have been made aware of info which makes much of this post void. However, if you like, you could read this as a hypothetical piece. - The issue of perspectives in games are often argued over more then any other aspect. People seem content settling on the fact that some like platforming games, whereas you like RPG games. When we talk about First person vs. Third person...

The System That Changed Everything

115d ago ... I'm sorry, I'm going back in time here, but I feel like we should be sharing great video game memories together and what we had. The topic here I'm going to blab about is going to be taking us back in the old days. Now I'm sure we all had our own good old memories with a great epic game. Either if you played it at your friend's/relative's house for endless hours or just by yourself. On this blo...

PlayStation VR needs games.....and here they are.

115d ago ... By now I'm sure most of you have heard of PlayStation VR (formerly known as the much more cool Project Morpheus), bringing VR gaming exclusively to the PS4, and hopefully other VR experiences as well. While PSVR has been revealed at the Game's Developer Conference in 2014, so well over a year now. However, the device is still shrouded in mystery regarding what exact date it's going to launch,...

Why I love Fallout so much

118d ago ... Like a lot of people growing up in the 80's and 90's, my first experience with anything "post apocalyptic" was the Mad Max film series. I loved Westerns and I loved Sci-Fi but the marriage of those two genres seemed doomed to failure. But like so many things, it doesn't exist until it does - someone just needed to make it work. And Australian director George Miller finally made it work in a mas...

September Contest Winners

120d ago ... Here are you winners! THE LUCKY $100 TRIO: 3 Winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! iceman06 KingPin UKmilitia BEST USER BLOG: 2 Winners, a $100 Amazon Gift Card each! Stringerbell - "Memoirs of a Senior Gamer: My Kingdom for a Manual" Concertoine - "Halo 3: Game of a Generation"

Top Mass Effect 3 Mods!

121d ago ... 1. Happy Ending Mod A big controversy erupted upon Mass Effect 3’s release, with many players and myself were disappointed with the game’s original endings as they killed the character that we have come to love. To address this uproar, BioWare went out of the line, and delivered a free DLC which didn’t change the ending, but gave a more detailed look at the whole affair. That’s when MEHEM came...

N4G Malware Notices: Don't Worry, You're Safe

122d ago ... Hello everyone! We are getting malware notices on our clickout URLs. This isn't because there is malware on N4G, but because Google has detected malware on sites that we have linked to in the past, likely from search results that people have recently used. If you read the report from Google at
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