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Infamous Second Son: Its Ugly Side

Recently I got into a debate (that's all I seem to do) on here about the visuals for Infamou... Comments(42)
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Love Thy Fellow Gamer

For my first post I talked about how all of the fans of gaming, no matter what their platfor... Comments(15)
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Star Citizen: How the biggest crowd-funded project ever could change the gaming landscape

When Chris Roberts, creator of renowned space-simulator series Wing Commander announced in O... Comments(18)
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Was There A Video Game Renaissance?

I am constantly thinking about the history of the video game industry. It seems like many ar... Comments(25)


So Apparently N4G Is Filled With Rabid Sony Fanboys?

12d ago ... You might be looking at the title and wondering why it's a question, and there are two reasons you'd be wondering that. The first reason is that you're an Xbox or otherwise non-Sony fan who actually believes this, and the second is that you don't believe it in general for whatever reason. The question is being asked because of the recent week of news. Take a look at the top news on the site...

Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

12d ago ... Episode 3 Every time you press the “pause” button, another Assassins Creed gets made. 1) In the latest game of musical chairs being played my Microsoft execs, Phil Spencer has emerged as the head of the Xbox division. Yes good old squinty eyes has gotten a promotion over Phil Harrison, who is apparently the Theon Greyjoy of the Xbox division. You should’ve stayed at Playstation Phil. So wha...

Kingdom Hearts III: The Possible Worlds

13d ago ... I'm fairly certain that this article has been done before on here, but I really and so desperately want to talk about this. With anticipation growing for Kingdom Hearts III, gamers are sharing their opinions on this final installment. What is also discussed constantly is how big this game is going to be. It's the final game in the series, but what else could be added to it aside from the main s...

Is Innovation in gaming dead?

13d ago ... There was a period in gaming history when developers consistently sought out new and fresh approaches to making games. Some games were so great it changed the face of gaming. Games such as: Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto 3, Gears of war, and 2K5 football not only pushed the boundaries of their perspective genres, but also became measuring sticks of sorts. When a new fresh game hits the scen...

Phil Can't do it alone!

13d ago ... Spencer can eventually be the saving grace of the XBOX brand but its going to take far more than just a guy dedicated and passionate for gaming to steer this sinking ship. The company has dug themselves so deep in sludge within the past year. There is only so much One man (Phil Spencer) can do in order to rectify the situation. I've come up with a few things they can work on to better help keep...

Amazon Fire TV: It's not a Gaming Console

14d ago ... Wanted to put this out there since I'm seeing more than a few submissions that seem to label Amazon's latest streaming device as a gaming console. Now, while the device does allow one to play games, it is not what we would categorize as a gaming console. Its primary goal, much like a PC, a smart phone, or a tablet, is not to play games. Sure, you can game on it, but that's not enough to be...

MEGA N4G GOTY Bundle & Contributor Contest Winners

14d ago ... Truth: I drew the winner for the bundle yesterday, but didn't dare announce it or tell them for fear they would think it was a cruel April Fools joke! Now that we're safely on the April 2 square of the calendar... March Contributors: http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/cat/526152 * $25 Amazon Gift Card Each Abriael Rashid Sayed Mega N4G GOTY Bundle: http://n4g.com/user/b...

Three Things Bravely Default Does Better Than Final Fantasy XIII

15d ago ... It’s almost a unanimously agreed-upon fact that Final Fantasy XIII is a terrible, terrible byproduct of a once-shining corporation now consumed with greed. It is because of this very game that many Final Fantasy loyalists thought Square Enix bit the dust. But in February of 2014, something amazing happened: The JRPG giant brought to life a fantastical masterpiece of epic proportions. This game,...

You never cancel a pre-order early.... especially over something as stupid as graphics.

16d ago ... Gamers have made me angry ALOT over the years. Here's a small list of the stuff I've dealt with. PS4 haters. Xbox One haters. Wii U haters. Cheaters in online multiplayer. People who try to "expose" you. People who want Ridley in Super Smash Bros 4. But THIS topic takes the cake. Some of you actually CANCELLED your Watch Dogs pre-orders because the graphics were "downgraded" from wh...

Watchdogs... A Community Divided

17d ago ... From the second that Ubisoft released a subpar trailer of Watchdogs, the forums all over the internet have lit up with negative reactions, saying visuals have been severely downgraded over E3 2012s high end PC demo. No matter how much Ubisoft has tried to squash the rumors and remind gamers that the E3 2012 demo was never representative of next gen console visuals(only a target for high end PCs...

Is GTA V Coming to PS4 and XOne and would you buy it again?

17d ago ... Signs are pointing to it being very possible that we will indeed get this, especially since PS4 files were found in one of the DLC updates. So this seems more than likely but sadly it has not been announced so that kind of makes me a little worried that we may not see it. Rockstar is in a really tricky position. Of Course it seems like a no brainier to just bring this to nex-gen, I mean t...

The unceasing issue regarding real-world violence and videogames

17d ago ... It’s a murder sim, it’s a this-or-that destructive influence, and on and on and on. I’m sure you know how the accusations go by now. There’s no other topic that’s been done to death quite like videogame violence and its supposed link of playing a casual role in real-world violence. How could it not be when both those inside and outside the industry have continuously dissected mountains of re...

What Equals Equality in Our Games?

18d ago ... How far have video-games come in fostering equality? Or rather, is equality being approached the right way? The current state of diversity in video-games can hardly be talked about without first describing the nature of art-forms. The greatest quality that art can display is that it often doesn’t care not for what its viewers want, but what it needs. In principle, it expresses it for the l...

Bubl Draw: A Toddler Review

19d ago ... Some of you N4G detectives may have sussed out that I have a tiny person in my life, The Toddler. What this means for my gaming is that there’s a whole mess of iPad apps downloaded to my Mini, and I am not their target audience. Bubl Draw was sent my way for review, and I know I'm not an isolated case of parenthood on N4G, so consider this your app recommendation for the week! While I was oc...

The Adventures of Rocksteady and Wii U

20d ago ... I read the recent news article about why Rocksteady took the decision not to port to the Wii U. I already knew they weren't gonna release their game on the Wii u as well as the PS3, X360, and smart phones. But in this specific article the commenters reaction towards Rocksteady was highly negative specifically for the Wii u decision. On the other side of the coin, commenters were also highly neg...

Not Necessarily Necessary News Nor Necessarily Newsworthy

20d ago ... this blog self destructed after 5 seconds

Thanks Facebook, You Rifted the Oculus

21d ago ... It's a sad day in Game Land. The Oculus Rift looked keen to change the way we look at gaming - literally. While virtual-reality isn't exactly new; the O.R looked poised to revive the age-old idea, and turn this failed-fantasy into a brilliant reality. It soared up on KickStarter, with thousands of backers graciously donating to get the project up on its two feet - with the hope that an am...

Conquering the Uncanny Valley: An Uphill Battle in Vain?

21d ago ... Remember that googly eyed face staring you down, or your AI partner’s uncanny ventriloquist performance? Ever wonder where your character got their dental work done, or what skin lotion they're using? Maybe their mouth's just like that, or maybe they just don't get that much sun. If you do, then you’ve probably traveled down the “uncanny valley” one time too many. The next-generation of vide...

Magazine Nostalgia: An Interview With Guy Écrivain:

22d ago ... I recently had the opportunity to chat with Guy Ecrivain, the former editor and chief of Press Start Gaming Monthly. PSGM notable for breaking some of the biggest gaming stories in the 90’s was a forerunner on how the industry was to be covered. In my interview with Guy we talked about video game coverage of old, its present state, and possible future. PH: Pleasure to meet you Mr. Ecrivain,...

The Next Generation Console Dilemma

22d ago ... The new stationary console generation is finally here with all its excitement now that the three big players – Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft – are out on the market. Which console is to be chosen: PlayStation 4, Wii U or Xbox One? This is the first time in my life I have been very hesitant as to which console to choose. The only console that can be ruled out is Xbox One because I do not wa...
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