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N4G V2 Open Beta

It’s been a while now since we last had a major update to the site, 5 years to be exact. We... Comments(65)
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Black Friday Contest - Win One of Five $100 Amazon Gift Cards

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Thanksgiving Contest! To keep things rolling,... Comments(139)
-Foxtrot 4d ago

Uncharted 4s Multiplayer - Support Classic Mode

As many of you have already seen, unless you’ve been living under rock for the past year or... Comments(15)

FOBs The Tumor of MGS V

Recently I got back into Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain after spending a couple weeks o... Comments(2)


Call of Duty Subscription

1757d ago ... Remember when there was all that talk about how big bad activision would start charging a subscription fee and everyone got scared... Everybody was saying, "Oh if that ever happens I'm not playing Cod ever again and activision; I can guarantee you that" Chances are you do remember that, but now I'm gonna ask you to look back on your black ops experience. The single player was awesome as e...

Less is better?

1758d ago ... A recent trend in games I've really been not a fan of is "stream lining" the experience. This seems to be the phrase developers drop in interviews when they remove features fans loved in their last iteration of a franchise. A perfect example is Mass Effect 2 removing a LARGE amount of the customization options with weapons and armor that ME1 had. Why? If Bioware really wanted to streamline t...

Black Ops .. Win or Fail ?

1758d ago ... So Call of Duty Black Ops has been out for a while now.. some people love it and some people hate it.. Me .. ? I'm on the fence so to speak .. why..? I don't know so maybe writing it down in Blog form may help .. and it may not either. So Black ops was released back In November 2010 .. I was one of those fools that headed out at the ungodly hour of 10 pm at night to try and secure a c...

Who do so many people buy a PS3, but end up playing nothing else but Call of Duty?

1758d ago ... This is something that is annoying me for quite some time now. And i just dont get it. "Who do people buy a PS3, with TONS of great exclusives, and only end up playing CoD?". Many friends on my PSN (including real-life friends) only play CoD. When i look at their trophies, the only trophies they have are the following: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is getting so an...

I like Kinect....but..

1758d ago ... Xbox 360 Kinect, the future of gaming, the saviour of the Nation and as luck would have it a cure for the common pot belly, sounds amazing!! It is amazing…..for a little while. In much the same way as my original wide grinned enthusiasm for the Nintendo Wii had morphed into my bored clock watching ‘can we do something else now?‘ face within two hours, Kinect did much the same. I should have see...

Killzone 3 MP Beta Impressions

1758d ago ... I'm going to level with you guys, I come into the KZ3 beta without being in any way hyped about the game and having not been entirely pleased with KZ2's campaign or online. What I had seen of this game from the close beta looked quite good to me, but certainly not ground breaking. As I intended to do a review of the OB, I decided to jot down some notes during the course of my time with it. This...

Accessibility in fighting games

1759d ago ... Recently I keep seeing the topic of accessibility come up within the fighting game community. Players who are hardcore invested in the scene being turned off by the idea of simple mode control schemes, short cut input controls such as Street Fighter 4's, and lowering the threshold for things like teching throws. Personally it seems like both a step in the right and the wrong direction. Yes f...

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Impressions

1759d ago ... The demo for this went up on Xbox Live last Tuesday I believe. It's only on 360 for the MP beta right now, so if you have the chance and shooters are your thing hit it up. My write up will be pretty quick here. The game is essentially Call of Duty meets Halo: Reach. It also has a bit of a Killzone vibe in the weight of guns and characters. So what does this mean for a FPS fan? Well if you li...

Most anticipated games of 2011

1759d ago ... This year is insane. No seriously, it's so insane that instead of a Top 10 list I had to make a top 20....and even that doesn't cover everything I'm super excited for in 2011. I'll make another link to my youtube channel at the bottom where hopefully you'll be able to find links to at least one trailer for each of the games. They are the best proof of why you should be excited. Here we go! 2...

Killzone 3 beta impressions

1759d ago ... I bought my PS3 for Killzone 2, so my opinion should be pretty predictable when it comes to K3. I loved my hours with the beta today. The controls were improved, the map you can play on is so well thought out, and I don't think there was one time today where I got spawn killed. So many shooters today that's just a norm and something I've gotten accustomed to, so when it didn't occur once I was...

Battlefield 3 shows consoles age.

1759d ago ... With the new battlefield 3 being released Fall 2011, some information was given out to the public. We learn that the PC version has an impressive 64 player multiplayer, while the console version has a 12v12 mode. EA has stated that the current generation of consoles can not handle the Frostbite 2 engine they have incorporated with the game. The graphics are better, the destructible environment...

My first two weeks with DCUO.

1760d ago ... Two weeks ago I got DCUO as an early birthday gift, and decided to share some of the experiences I've encountered during these two weeks, and what you can expect from playing DCUO. First of all it is important that you do not play on a standard tv the text is too small, and bringing up the big chat window still cuts off text. In two days it's easy to get up to level 15, after that things get a...

How would you make a good Superman game?

1760d ago ... First and foremost you need a good story that can stand on its own, it shouldn't HAVE to be movie based game or tied in to the movies, and second you need a committed and willing group of developers that will take their time and do the game right. It needs to be open city. Fully destructable and intelligent environments. You need good, smooth flight and running mechanics. The fighti...

Move VS. Killzone 3: The first step

1760d ago ... 0 Kills, 12 Deaths 2 Kills, 9 Deaths 5 Kills, 20 Deaths And it went on, going from the dualshock 2 to the playstation move in a first person shooter like killzone 3 is not entirely the easiest thing i've done, in fact i expected to be able to play better with the move, having played MAG and Modern combat with it, i seriously thought i had it down, sadly that was not the case with this, hav...

Lets clear this whole thing up. My Destructoid comment.

1760d ago ... As you can see in the picture, Jim Sterling himself took the liberty to intellegently and constructively reply with great handwriting to my comment on twitter, the best damn website in the world. While my comment does make a lot of sense, the swearing and flamming in it does lower the quality of the comment so he was able to use that to his advantage to make it look bad. But since I have been t...

What's with all the bad reviews?

1761d ago ... **This blog was inspired by many reviews of games that've come out recently, though reading the reviews of Killzone 3 got me started. Call of Duty Black Ops is not really a good game. The campaign is decent and the multiplayer is more boring than MW2's, which is hacker-filled and annoying. Still, the game's better than MW2 even if multiplayer isn't as fun. However, what scores do you see for...

Resistance 3 Impressions--Am I the only one?

1761d ago ... Am I the only one who is a little upset about the recent gameplay footage floating around from Resistance 3? Hold on before you "WTFuXORS!", don't get me wrong, the game looked absolutely beautiful. It just didn't look like Resistance, it looked like Killzone with Chimera. And to all the people saying it does look like Killzone and liking this, are huge hypocrites. When it comes to Killzone,...

TRINITY: SOULS OF ZILL O'll PS3 Demo Playthrough

1762d ago ... Hey everyone this is the playthrough of Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll. It's an ok game. but definetly needs a bit of work. its a hack and slash with a few RPG elements. Anyway take a look and let me know how you feel about this game.

MAG: The Top 10 Things We Love and Hate About Snipers

1762d ago ... Being an effective sniper in any FPS is a defining characteristic of a gamer. Certainly we all have that one friend who is so good at sniping it boggles your mind. How they rack up 50+ kills and 0 deaths is completely beyond you. Maybe you're one of those lucky few exceptionally gifted at subtle, quick, and swift joystick motions, with the impeccable ability to lead your prey from extreme dista...

January Contest Winners

1762d ago ... Congratulations to the winners of the January CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST: 
1. BIoodmask, $250 
2. mezzo,
 $150 3. Kors, $50
 4. Nineball2112, $50
 5. kevco33, $50 

 Congratulations to the winner of the January USER REVIEW CONTEST: jidery! Prize: 

Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming Headset Congratulat...
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