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At a Glance: Daniel Benmergui

[b]Daniel Benmergui[/b] is an independent videogame maker born on 1978 in Buenos Aires, Arge... Comments(18)
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Interview with Daniel Benmergui

[i]Daniel Benmergui is working on the much-anticipated [i]Storyteller[/i], a storytelling pu... Comments(17)
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A Tale of Two Games

Do you feel like dying today? Would it be best if you could die over and over again in a dun... Comments(18)
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Win an Amazon Gift Card - and Enter to Win a PS4!

[i]From Cat, With Love[/i] Both [i]Ernesto RPG[/i] and [i]Storyteller[/i] are unreleased... Comments(13)


Ryzom's user forums

1666d ago ... A blog about the user forums on Ryzom.

Saaking's Blog 9: Best Xbox 360 Games

1666d ago ... I haven't played as many 360 games as I have PS3 games; however, I still wanted to do a list of my favorites games so far. Contrary to what many people believe, I do not despise the 360's games (just the hardware for all the problems it's caused) and I do enjoy gaming on the 360. Maybe not as much as the PS3, but it's still games and it's still fun. Anyways, with that out of the way here are my...

Ryzom Ring

1667d ago ... About Ryzom Ring.

Do Children Love Games Too Much?

1667d ago ... A meditation on the news story 'Kid goes crazy after getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas.' Discussion follows:

My favorite Ryzom skills.

1668d ago ... A blog about my current favorite skills on Ryzom.

Ryzom stanza system for skill upgrades.

1669d ago ... A little about the stanza system of skill upgrading on Ryzom.

Zelda Community Needs to Come Together

1670d ago ... The state of the Legend of Zelda fan community. Put differences aside and come together

Let's talk weapons.

1670d ago ... A post about the different weapons I've encountered in-game on Ryzom.

I found the Ryzom soundtrack online!

1671d ago ... I found out I can access Ryzom's music online.

The Groans of 2009

1672d ago ... Although 2009 was a great year, there was some slight disappointment

I have been gaining Ryzom experience.

1672d ago ... Togetherness has let me gain experience.

Ryzom and the Christmas Spirit

1673d ago ... A blog about how Ryzom is bringing me closer to others in my gaming community.

I got killed by a yubohoho today.

1674d ago ... I got killed by the Christmas spirit in the form of a level five creature!

PSN Premium Service is a Smart Move for Sony

1675d ago ... PSN Premium service is a good thing...

Ryzom is not just for the English.

1675d ago ... Ryzom offers French and German as alternatives to English.

Ryzom is actually really family friendly.

1676d ago ... I was really shocked when I realized there was no blood or gore in the game. I think that's fantastic.

Saaking's Blog 8: Most Anticipated Games of 2010

1676d ago ... So I know a few other people have made their own lists and I just wanted to throw my own out there. 2010 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever. It's packed with games all year round (no summer drought this time) and many of them look amazing.

Ryzom's leveling is pretty tricky!

1677d ago ... This is a blog about trying to defeat elephant-sized creatures, Mektoubs, to level my melee attack.

About Locked Games Saves

1678d ago ... My feelings about protected saves to developers.
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