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Prismata — The Story of a Game That Shouldn’t Exist [Part 2]

[i]Continued from: http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/indiemonth/534724 [/i] [b]The Most Extr... Comments(0)
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At a Glance: Lunarch Studios

[b]Lunarch Studios[/b] is an independent studio formed in 2010 by MIT fellows who had a desi... Comments(0)
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An Interview with Elyot Grant

[i]Hello N4G! I am here today with Elyot, who will walk us through Prismata: a strategic and... Comments(0)
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Prismata — The Story of a Game That Shouldn’t Exist [Part 1]

[b]By Elyot Grant, Founder, Lunarch Studios[/b] Two years ago, I made an irreversible dec... Comments(0)


The era of "World of Warcraft" is coming to an end

1639d ago ... Surely, many of the almost 12 million players won't agree with me. But in a way, I sincerely hope that I am right. World of Warcraft is surely great for the beginner, it is great for those who want to relax and do things randomly. One instance here, an easy raid there. Gather some materials for that, and so on. World of Warcraft is great in many ways, but its biggest flaw is how repetiti...

The Perfect Game

1639d ago ... Does it exist? If not, then why not? Resources? Lack of technical skill? Laziness? Maybe its already here. What does it mean to you? We all have one. Usually one that someone else finds that couldn't be more imperfect. What does it even mean? Is it even definable? With a word thrown around so often as such, shouldn't it be? These questions and countless more, are amongst the firsts that should...

NGP no 3D-no worry.

1640d ago ... When thinking about Sony's NGP everyone seems to be somewhat concerned about the lack of announced 3D support, however, this decision not to include a 3d capable screen on Sony's new portable is not a mistake on Sony's part. Think about it for a second please, Sony must have made the decision not to include 3D within the NGP hardware itself along with all of the other features included in the c...

Catherine Demo Playthrough

1640d ago ... This game is a work of art. imagine if you will for those who can remember a mix between Inteligent Cube (I-CUBE), Sakura Wars Taisen, Nightmare on Elm Street and Lain for those of you who can remember this anime.. put all that into a blender and you get Catherine. This is an edited Version of the demo Play through to give you an idea of why this game is worth importing if they don't bring it...

Lack of Variety in Modern gaming.

1640d ago ... Take a look at todays games. Not much variety is there? Back when I was younger there were lot's of variety. Now it seems like all developers are making First person shooters. I don't understand why, they have so many options. So why so many shooters? To me it seems like the same experience over and over its like having the same thing for dinner every day. Developers need to change it up, ju...

NGP vs PS3 Price Point Speculation

1641d ago ... Although only rumored, and not officially announced as of yet, the most common supposed price point of the Sony's PSP2, dubbed NGP (Next Generation Portable) lies at $299. With a confirmed launch in at least one territory by holiday season 2011, could this possibly cause confusion for buyers new to Sony's line of gaming consoles? Currently the price of the least expensive PS3 model stands at...

N4G February Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

1641d ago ... The contests for February have a new one thrown in - Loyal Reader Lottery - which is why you're seeing this post before the first of the month. In order to be eligible for the Loyal Reader Lottery, you have to visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period in the month of February. More details below!* LOYAL READER LOTTERY: Visit N4G at least once during every 24 hour period during the...

On Gaming Consoles....

1641d ago ... Buying consoles is extremely expensive. But we love games a lot, so its a small price to pay.

Tales Of Grace F PS3 review

1641d ago ... This is my latest review of Tales of Grace F for the ps3. This game is a gem on the ps3, I really hope Namco Bandai bring this state side at some point. Let me know what you guys think of this game and whether or not you think Namco Bandai should bring it state side.


1641d ago ... This game is over the top. I wander what all of you think of this game. the action in this game reminds me a lot of Outtrigger for the dreamcast and Duke Nukem very fun game.. Anyway check out the video if you have not played the game yet..

I was right! NGP-PSP2

1642d ago ... This is a blog purely showing off I was right on quite a lot of the points I made with my blog on the PSP2's supposed features. http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/raendom/516210 I said it could possibly include Android, I said it wouldn't use TEGRA, I said it would focus on the hardcore market, I said it'd have console-esque power, I said they'd be going with their own Android-Store; I pretty m...

The silver age

1642d ago ... We're now settling into the midlife of the current console generation. Each generation seems to go slightly longer than the last as hz increase exponentially. Interactive gameplay has been the name of the game for the tail end of the last decade. Sony and microsoft were left far behind in the sales race compared to Nintendo’s wii. To make up for this both companies intend to keep their curre...

PS3 or 360... which is REALLY Better?

1643d ago ... With this blog post I'm going to attempt to answer.... SUCKERS!!! Now that I have your attention.... I own a PS3. I like my PS3. I have never played an Xbox 360. So, to be honest, I don't know what I'm missing. Therefore, I'm not missing anything. I'm fine with my PS3. Does that make me a "Fanboy?" I don't think so. From the Urban Dictionary: "An arrogant person who goes into an outburs...

Fanboy Rehab 101: How I learned to love Halo

1643d ago ... Halo:  You love it, or you hate it.  I used to hate it.  I hated it with an unfounded passion.  To me Halo was a figurehead of everything bad in the computer/gaming industry.  Halo was the game that fat-cat Microsoft stole from underdog Apple back in the days when no-one knew what an iPod was, when Steve Jobs was known more for being kicked out from Apple, and iMacs looked like fruit.  Yes, I w...

Captain Obvious vs the NGP

1643d ago ... So I missed the actual announcement and official reveal of the PSP2. Or the NGP as Sony's calling it. Regardless, thought I'd offer my initial reaction and get laughed at. Maybe make a few think "hm..." as you do. Anyway, my first thought is that the actual handheld should be called the PS3-nano. Launch titles for the bigger console were shown running on it with devs talking about how such w...

Crysis 2 Camping Innovation

1643d ago ... Short little blog here about an outstanding innovation I noticed in Crysis 2 which very strongly prohibits camping. So I am sure you are all very well aware that you can camp in any CoD game to get your kill streak just to get more kills. Crysis 2 has all but removed camping not only by faster gameplay and well made maps but also a very interesting underlying mechanic you may not have noticed....

PlayStation Portable 2

1643d ago ... Sony just announced the PSP2, current known as codename NGP (Next Gen Portable?). So if you missed it, then you suck at life. Excuse me, if you missed then I got you cover WITH ALL THE DETAILS. Alright here it is. First things first let’s get into the specs. A 5 inch OLED screen 960 x 544 (if you have an iPhone 4 that’s what this screen looks like), ARM Corte-A9 core (4 core CPU), SGX5...

Demo Showdown: Bulletstorm vs: Crysis 2

1644d ago ... Tuesday was a good day for demos... especially if you have a 360 with a Gold account. Two heavy hitting demos were released: Bulletstorm from Epic Games, and Crysis 2 from Crytek. But in a time where COD is king and shooters are a dime a dozen, can either of these titles stand out? I will start my mini comparison with Bulletstorm. Why? Because for the first 24 hours I was unable to actua...

GT5 made me see the truth

1646d ago ... I love my racing games and the main franchise I have been playing over the years has been Forza, the latest being Forza 3 and I used to think that game was a sim. But recently I bought GT5 and I wasnt expecting that much because I hated prologue to the exstent that I condemd the Gran Turismo franchise in general, don't get me wrong it looked great but to me everything elese didnt feel right. Th...

15 of PS3's Dirty Secrets: Shhhh... don't tell.

1646d ago ... The PS3 is a GREAT console. Great processor, strong exclusives, bluray, free online gaming, and more. But with all it's strengths, the road for the PS3 has been a rough one this generation. Here are some facts that Sony would rather consumers not know... #1: Sony lost A LOT of market share from last gen to this gen. The PS2 used to be king... by a long shot. But with a slow start, the...
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