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At a Glance: Bifrost Entertainment

[b]Bifrost Entertainment[/b] is based in the cold harsh lands of Norway. The bridge connecti... Comments(7)
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Interview with Bifrost's Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder (Part One)

[i]Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder of Bifrost Entertainment, chatted with Cat about the semi-mys... Comments(6)
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Interview with Bifrost's Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder (Part Two)

[i]Erlend Grefsrud, Co-Founder of Bifrost Entertainment, chatted with Cat about the semi-mys... Comments(6)
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Win an Amazon Gift Card - and Enter to Win a PS4!

[i]From Cat, With Love[/i] [i]Myriad[/i] has not yet been released! That doesn’t mean we... Comments(7)


Playstation Moves Weightlessness

1583d ago ... Playstation Move: It Moves you!

Dragon and Weed : Origins, the begenning !

1584d ago ... Dragon and Weed: Origins, is a series between the manga and comics all in videos and scans. It takes place 8 years before the game Dragon and Weed: Black Ghost OPS (2.0 and earlier). We will discover the beginnings of the duo Dragon and Weed, and the events that led to Black Ghost OPS and more.

Top 5 Game Music Cover Bands

1590d ago ... If there's one thing I love more than gaming, it has to be music. The best kind of music is game music, we all know this. Donkey Kong Country 2, Tales of Legendia, Zelda: Link to the Past, Okami, the list goes on. This post is about the music that has inspired bands to rearrange this game music into their own compositions or just flat-out playing the same songs just with a full band accomp...

Classic FPS PC source ports for beginners

1591d ago ... First Person Shooters are rubbish these days. Of course, the classics such as Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and the like are somewhat laughable these days too. In this blog I'll give you hints and tips how you can make a classic FPS playable for the modern age thanks to the great user community of classic PC FPSes that REFUSE TO DIE. This is going to be the longest ever blog I submit to N4G.

Project Natal was not invented by Microsoft...Another case of MS buying technology

1591d ago ... Does Project Natal and Microsoft deserve credit if it succeeds?

In Fear But Not Hate of the PS3 Web Browser? Here's How - and Where - to Use it!

1591d ago ... A few suggestions and advice that might get PS3 owners using the web browser on their consoles? Maybe?

How Mass Effect 2 Can Be Improved *spoilers*

1593d ago ... This blog goes into detail on what can possibly be improved on the first and second Mass Effect game, which hopefully will lead to Mass Effect 3 to become the best of the series.

Don't always look for the latest "thing"...

1593d ago ... A very personal take on the current state of gaming

Why does everyone hate Sony - Move edition

1594d ago ... Damn this website is maddening at times. I want to start my own web site so that people with real opinions and better abilities to have open conversations about points of views can interact in stead of a pi..ing match.

I Suck At Everything

1596d ago ... I blame too many games in too little time for all my problems.

Playstation Move... a FAIR opinion

1596d ago ... Personal approach to Sony's new peripheral

Playstation Move, Natal, Wii: I'm not interested!!

1597d ago ... For those of you that don't know, Playstation Move, the new motion control mechanics for the PS3 was just unveiled officially at this year's GDC. It really looks like a similar (better) version of what the Wii is currently offering.

What Could (and Should) Be in Civilization V

1599d ago ... What should be expected from the new Civilization game, and what features should Firaxis and 2K possibly implement? The article discusses what could (and should) be in Civilization V.

Why Resistance 3 should be perfection, OR; A postmortem of Resistance PS3 to date

1600d ago ... Resistance 3 is happening, we've seen the logo which will be conveniently placed as product placement in a movie, we know, in a cryptic way Resistance 3 is happening and in plot the odds will be huge and it might be set in New York. To put it straight, Resistance and R2 have both been distinctly average games, it doesn't feel like the same amount of care as the Ratchet series has been put...

My Vision of Final Fantasy XV

1600d ago ... This is how I would make Final Fantasy XV, if I were its director.

Monster Hunter:Tri-Demo Impressions

1600d ago ... A Look at the Monster Hunter:TRI demo distributed from Gamestop.

How N4G is killing itself (and how to fix it)

1602d ago ... N4G is dying. Why and what can we do to fix that? This article will try to answer those questions.

PS3 Phat system glitch, not the 1st time not the last get over it or find a new hobby

1604d ago ... I don't know if this will see the light of day and before people start criticizing my journalism or whatever I have no formal training just irritated for the last time in people's reactions to things and thought I would voice my opinion. Please let me know if you do too.

PlayStation Bug has Mustered Mass Hyberbolism

1604d ago ... Just my little take on the recent PlayStation Bug.

The Biggest Problem with the Gaming Industry - the Hardcore Gamer

1606d ago ... What's the biggest problem with the gaming industry? It is the hardcore gamer.
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